How To Remain “Positive” In A Negative Environment

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In Lieu of October – I thought I’d write about “Positivity” – did you know that October was Positive Attitude Month? Uh, Yeah – it really is….in which is something we should all have regardless of the month, correct?

But not so, sometimes it’s extremely hard to keep up a “positive” image and smile in the midst of chaos or adversity and it’s even harder to always try to search for that glimmer of light in the midst of so much darkness – but guess what! You really can…

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When you go into a dark room and cut on the light, it makes everything within that room visible. Light has a way of shining on the darkest situations and circumstances especially if someone is having a bad day or if things aren’t quite looking UP as we sometimes would hope or think. Darkness is allowed in some cases such as when nightfall comes, that’s a darkness that is a must because after the sun has done it’s days work and sets in the evening, darkness comes to take over its shift, to allow people to retire for the night and rest but that’s how our solar system works.

So, what about the light and darkness we hold on the inside of us? You see, we all carry a light bulb within us and no matter how our day may go or play out, we have a sure responsibility to handle that day appropriately. We have the ability to turn our light on or leave it dark; it’s a choice that can only be made by you, whether to let positive rule the day or allow negativity to destroy it.


I’ve been told that I’m a very positive person and have had people to come to me when they either want to smile, talk or need to be uplifted from a dreadful day. So I share the light that’s on the inside of me with them. But, sometimes after I’ve given out so much light, there comes a time when my light gets dim and even dark sometimes.

That’s one of the downfalls to being an encourager – you’re the one that people call when they need to be lifted or consoled or just want to vent. But when it’s your time, you hear crickets! I guess that’s just the way the cookie crumbles…..

However; Listed below are a couple of strategies that help me and maybe can help you too when your positive light suddenly stop working or begin to go dim.



Now, I don’t know your religious affiliation and that’s okay, but when people are mean or have said something to me or about me that’s untrue and has totally shifted my light from bright to dark – Prayer is the first step I take. It’s a meditation route that not only relaxes your mind but calms your spirit; it brings you back into focus and allows you to think before you speak and say something that will dim someone else’s light.



Another way to stay positive is by talking with someone else who has a positive mindset. I can’t tell you how many times, I’ve felt down in the dumps only to talk to someone to vent and they start talking about their negativity. Choose your circle of friends wisely, because if you don’t have anyone that is able to listen to you or be there when you need a re-charge, then you might need to regroup and think about your circle. You’re there for everyone else, make sure you have someone that can be there for you too.



I almost can’t tell you how dreadful it is to turn on the news and see negative things – It’s not only depressing but discouraging. Not to be naïve’ to the news or the things that are currently going on in the world today but there are times when you need a break. That’s when I turn on some positive tunes on the radio or pop in a CD and sing. Reading positive things and/or positive quotes are also re-chargers to having a positive day.



If you are a naturally positive person, don’t change who you are all because someone else chose to not turn their light on and have a bad day. Everyone is not going to be positive and smile like you do, but that shouldn’t stop you from being who you are when you change to accommodate a negative energy it makes you negative. People are People and everyone is definitely different – But don’t allow their difference to keep you from making a positive difference in your life and the world.

8iEbknAyTIt’s not easy sometimes to maintain a positive disposition in a negative world; but if you keep your focus and remain true to yourself, you will have a light that will continue to shine inside of you and just may serve as the source for helping to turn someone else’s on too.



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EnSpired: I AM NOT STUPID! By Guest blogger – Amy Temple

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Please help me welcome Amy Temple!. Amy reached out to me about a week ago inquiring about doing guest posting, and after a couple of exchanges – I said YES! I’m so glad I did; she’s phenomenal and I encourage you to listen and be inspired by her story as well as her journey. So let’s give a warm welcome to Amy and please show your love and support by leaving her a comment below!



I mean it can’t stand to even look at me!  It sees me coming and it does all it can do to hide from me.

I don’t know why. I haven’t done anything to it.

I want us to be friends.  I want us to hang out but it turns its nose up at me.

I tried to make it understand that this is how I was made but no dice.


You see, I learn differently.  There are some things that I can pick up instantly and there are things that take me just a little bit longer to pick up.

After I was diagnosed, professionals told my parents that I would never amount to much.  I would never be able to live independently…and on and on, it went.

My first experience of society flipping me “the bird”. 

After high school graduation, I spent the next couple of years making numerous phone calls and going on endless job interviews… but all to no avail.  I am blessed to have very supportive and encouraging parents who never treated me differently because of my learning difficulties.  I have always been open about having them… to me, they are what they are.

However, my “condition” prevented me from finding a job… fast food restaurants and the like would not even hire me! I even signed up with a temp agency but nothing.  All I got was a couple of internships with the promise of possible permanent employment… which never materialized.

It was not like I was lacking in any kind of skill.  I have two secretarial certifications from a vocational training center. That should be good enough but just say the words;

“I have learning difficulties”

And you can almost hear the buzzer from Wheel of Fortune when a wrong letter is picked. Then…came an opportunity that was thought to be – dare I say – the Holy Grail!

I had applied for a medical secretarial position at the medical center of the retirement community I was volunteering for.  I received notification that I was one of three final candidates.  We were to each do a paid two-week internship.  I felt SO confident that this was it!  I had the most experience.  I was the only one who had an actual certification in medical secretarial work.


Another strikeout!  I went to talk to the hiring manager afterward and discovered that the two medical secretaries I had been working under lied about my performance so that their friend would be hired (she was one of the final candidates).


I was furious!  What got me was that the one other candidate was a single mother who really needed the money!  I remember thinking, “What kind of lies did they say about her!?”

I had enough after that! I got sick and tired of all the BS I kept getting for having learning difficulties as I had done something wrong!

I have been self-employed in the dog care field for 12 years.  My specialties are walking, feeding and playing.

I am also pursuing a writing career.  My focus is inspirational and humor.

A couple of years ago, I decided to write a memoir about what life really is like with learning difficulties, entitled:

I am not stupid
Amy’s first book available now on Amazon – Click Book for Purchase!

It’s a quote I must have said hundreds of times when I was being rejected and discriminated against.

And it’s true… I’m not.

I have an above average IQ.

I have a life to live and I simply don’t have time to be worried about what others think of me.

I KNOW what they think!

They want me gone.

Out of here!


I’m not going anywhere…

Society may just as well get used to it. 





Amy is a resident of Florida.  Since 2006, she has been self-employed in the dog care field.  In May 2017, she self-published a memoir titled “I Am Not Stupid” which is available through Amazon.  She writes for seethegoodinfo, an inspirational website and the Learning Disabilities Association’s newsletter LD Source.


If you would like to know more about Amy and hear so much more of her powerful story, please click the link above (her book title) and show her some support by purchasing her book. I purchased mine! – Let’s support one another!!




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It’s Storytime! – Love, Wealth & Success

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I thought I’d end September off with a little story, this isn’t just any story – it just happens to be one of my favorite ones. In speaking with a good friend last week, I shared this story with them and thought “Hey!, why don’t I post this” and here it is. Just a little background on me, because I don’t just want to slap a story in your face that’s seemingly coming out of the blue…HA!!

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