EnSpired: A Failed Shot On Purpose, For A Sentimental Reason…

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Missed Shot

Usually when a shot is missed in basketball, it can either go two ways in which will either be leave one team disappointed and the other rejoicing – depending on how important the shot is and whom is in the lead at the time.

However, in this case the University of Iowa Hawkeye’s men’s basketball team was ahead after a lead, so no harm for a miss right? – but that missed shot had a more “intentional” meaning for Iowa guard Jordan Bohannon who had already determined in his mind to miss the shot “on purpose”

But Why??? You must say….

According to Bohannon, he didn’t want to mess up the all time “free throw” record of former University of Iowa Hawkeye player Chris Street whom died in a car accident January 19, 1993 at the age of 20, three days after his final game. Since that time, no one had broken Street’s record of 34 free throws, until Jordan Bohannon stepped on the court. With a record of 34 free throws himself, Bohannon would have shattered Streets record if he had made the shot during the basketball game in which would have put him at 35 consecutive free throws.

While breaking a record of that magnitude would have been an honor for someone else, but according to Bohannon, he just couldn’t bring himself to do it.

Missed Shot1

“That’s not my record to have. That record deserves to stay in his name.” Jordan Bohannon

Street’s parents, whom were also at the game last Sunday night – were honored at the gesture.

“What a good kid. He’s so kind,”  “That was so special that he thought of Christopher and that record.” Patty Street

Street’s father while honored, did say that he hopes Bohannon gets another shot in the future as will be able to break the record.

Both parents embraced Bohannon after the game. Iowa went on to win the game that night against Northwestern 77-70.

Now that’s what I call not putting an “I” in T.E.A.M. Bohannon and Chris Street, both hold the most consecutive free throws “together”


What do you think?, Would you have missed a record breaking shot to honor someone whose record has never been beaten? Sound off in the comments!!


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EnSpired: Hey Beautiful, Hey Handsome – Can I take Your Picture?

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Okay, so call me a little cheesy but this story or experiment, I should say – brought tears to my eyes but it usually don’t take much to make me cry; I cry when I see stories of military men and women being re-united with their families or the expression people have when they get a puppy as a gift……yes, there really is such a video; honestly….as Kevin Hart said “I can’t make it up” it was circulating around Facebook about 2 weeks ago, I clicked the video and about 2 minutes in, there went the water works…lol. I just love seeing good things happen for people, it does something to me – so, while I try to get some help for my water works problem – let me explain what’s going on in the two videos below.

A high school student by the name of Shea Glover conducted a social experiment at  school in where she convinced the teachers there to let her take pictures of random students as a project, her experiment which I called “Project Beautiful” involved her taking pictures of students; in which according to the video; some she knew and others she didn’t. Before Shay snapped their picture, she revealed to them that she wanted to take a picture of things she found beautiful and Oh My Gosh, the look on some of their faces were priceless. It really made me think about the power of our words and how a simple word such as “Beautiful” can have a major impact on someone’s life or their day; you can almost see the confidence these students gained when she said “I’m taking pictures of things I find beautiful”

I honestly thought the video was amazing, so amazing that someone in Eldorado, Arkansas decided to do the same experiment, this time it was the teachers whom got involved to take pictures of students. Before they snapped the picture, the teacher revealed to the student that they wanted to take a picture of someone whom made their day, someone whom made them want to come to school everyday, someone in whom they thought was important to them and again, there went my water works! each student was surprised and shocked to not only hear those encouraging words but the smiles that crossed their faces again, were priceless.

There’s a saying that says “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Both of the videos above goes to show that everyone involved will definitely remember what was said and how wonderful they felt, even for just that moment.

Oh, what a wonderful world it would be if everyone took out the time to let someone know just how special they truly are. Way to go Shay for starting such a “Beautiful” movement!!


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