EnSpired: Science Says “Curvy Women Make Men Happier in Marriage. FOR REAL!?!


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Okayyyyy….so I got just a little wee bit excited when my friend Deborah sent me a link to a post entitled “Science Says That Men Who Marry Curvy, Plus Size Women Are Happier!” I wanted to put the WHOLE title out there so you can see for yourself that I’m not “making this up”. While I wonder about science sometimes and their other questionable predictions. I was quite taken back by this statement, so you know I couldn’t wait to read it as my curiosity heightened and I instantly went into Gary Coleman mode asking —- “What you talking bout Science!”

photo: Gary Coleman/Different Strokes/”What You Talkin bout Willis”

Being a single, pronounced “curvy” girl myself, I often wonder if maybe the reason I get passed up by guys is because perhaps I do have a little extra weight around the midsection and thigh area. As a curvie (a cuter term I like to use), I’ve always been obsessed with trying to lose weight, either by taking every diet pill known to man  or literally killing myself in the gym for months (only to lose 2pds!!). While some of those “fixes” worked for a “season” – the weight always seemed to come back with a vengeance as if to say “Girlfriend?, I know you ain’t trying to get rid of us!! and magically threw an extra 15-20pds my way as a parting gift”

So, when I saw this article – I have to admit, it gave a girl a little hope.

photo: bing/curvy

You may be wondering, how in the world did science come up with this “men are happier in marriage with a curvy girl” analogy. Well, let me break it down for you. The results came by way of a study conducted by Dr. Filemon Alvarado and Dr. Edgardo Morales of the National Autonomous University of Mexico’s Department of Psychology. Their study found that men that were in relationships with plus-sized women not only smiled a lot more but also found it easier to work through problems compared to men in relationships with slender women.

They went on to diagnose that curvy women are more positive and less aggressive which had a major impact on their partner. Per the findings of the study, the curvy women involved were less strict and very open-minded towards relationship goals.

Listed below are a few points from men who are or were in relationships with curvy women on why they were or are happier.

  • They’re funnier and tend to laugh more.
  • They’re foodies (Gosh knows, they got me here) – Men want to chow down on their food and tend to want a woman that wants to eat.
  • The women are sweeter.
  • The women don’t put more pressure on their partners to lose weight.

These were just a few statements, but I have to say – while I was very elated by the title of the article. In reality, we live in a world where curvy girls are not the “norm” for a relationship and we struggle daily with loving ourselves as well as our bodies. While we may seem confident about our natural “curves”, deep down we hurt because no matter how cute we are (in which we’re always told, we have a pretty face) we still get scrutinized for being “curvie”, “fuller” or downright “heavy”

While the article may have been a boost to our self-esteem; my fellow curvies; let’s not use the “science” prediction in this article to let ourselves go or put our guards down for the sake of a relationship/marriage proposal. I mean, who wouldn’t want to marry us – we’re FABULOUS! and it doesn’t take an article such as this to tell us that! It doesn’t matter what science says or doesn’t say. Know who you are, Love who you are and delight in being AWESOMELY, YOU.

So, to all my CURVIES in the world – LOVE YOU, BE YOU AND DO YOU BOO! 





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3 thoughts on “EnSpired: Science Says “Curvy Women Make Men Happier in Marriage. FOR REAL!?!

  1. I’ve heard people say that if we don’t fit into conventional beauty standards, we learn to develop other attractive things about us instead of relying on your looks. I think I agree with that. Makes me wonder if that’s an explanation for the study results?

    All Def and SoulPancake both have interesting videos on the way we judge people based on looks. Interestingly, in the All Def video where unconventionally attractive men and conventionally attractive men both try to impress a blindfolded woman, the unconventionally attractive men won almost every time!


    1. Wow! Now that’s something and says alot. I agree, I’ve always found other interesting things about myself to focus on than my size and it works. Thanks Sis for commenting and reading. xoxo


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