EnSpired: Shanae Artis Exposes Fear & Crushes Adversity In New Book “This is NOT my Life – 10 Steps To Overcoming Fear and Adversity”

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In life, most of us have suffered through many traumatic instances, such as the absence of a mother or father being absent during childhood and as you grew older, that anxiety has now turned into fear of others leaving you too. The sad thing about it, many of us rarely seek the attention or necessary outlets to help us deal with our past, less known the fear and anxiety offset by it.

Another Name1, author of “This is NOT My Life – 10 Steps to Overcoming Fear and Adversity” knows all about the pain and suffering of both, as they’ve been her constant companions for years. In her book, Shanae talks of her experiences with fear and anxiety and how alcohol played a tremendous role at the time, in helping her to cope – a mechanism that was on the verge of taking her life.

Sharing tips, tools, and processes in which were taken from her very own personal journal, Artis goes on to reveal how her mind became a constant tape recorder that was always on “play” mode; her thinking patterns made her constantly question her identity, her sanity, and her Life choices. “Was I good enough”, “Was I pretty enough” “Would I ruin my child’s life in the process? and more were all questions Artis battled daily.

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“My mind was extremely noisy and overloaded with years of fears, worries, insecurities, and what if’s. On the outside, I looked ok but inside fear was tormenting me and ruining my life.” – excerpt from her book ‘This is NOT my Life – 10 Steps to Overcoming Fear & Adversity’ 



Everyone has a breaking point in Life, while Artis was going through hers, she incredibly penned, 10 astounding steps of how you too can overcome fear phobia and burst through your own anxiety bubble. It’s a book that not only gives you proper steps but also coincides as your own personal journal as Shanae offers reflections after each chapter so you can get to work on tackling your own issues. Readers can count on Artis to be with them every step of the way in her book, acting as their coach, counselor, and friend throughout the process – even until the very end.

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Artis offers powerful insight by giving the reader a transparent look inside her own life of hurts, habits, hang-up and pitfalls and how God served as the main catalyst in getting her UP and ONWARD into her destiny. Readers will resonate with Artis’s story as she takes you through her PAIN, the PROCESS, and her POWERFUL TRANSFORMATION!

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