Video: Wednesday’s Word! – Invest in YOU BOO!

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I’m sure we’ve all heard the saying “Investing is Wealth” or maybe something like that, however; Investing goes far beyond you and your business – investing has a lot to do with YOU BOO! What do you want to accomplish, what do you want to do and what’s your mindset in getting it done.

I hate to admit this, but I was bad at taking time out to invest in me “especially my business” we’ll be so surprised at how lightly we take things when it comes to ourselves, our business, our health, our mind and our overall life.


You know, we put so much of our time into other things and other people; sometimes so much so, we forget about our own dreams and goals. How do you feel about your business? Are you taking out time to “invest” in it? I talk about this and about the time how I felt like I didn’t think “investing” money into my business was really for me to do.

So here’s today’s video – this is the last one so I hope it inspires and motivates you to invest in you. Let’s get Inspired together!


If you liked the Wednesday Word videos,  I said I was only going to do them for the month of July but I can do two a month if you’d like! Let me know below…


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Roshonda N. Blackmon


6 thoughts on “Video: Wednesday’s Word! – Invest in YOU BOO!

  1. This was excellent!
    You can be a preacher
    You also think business minded I like that.
    I’m still learning to invest in myself
    You dropped alot of knowledge and I love the background music


    1. Uh-Preacher NOT!! LOL LOL. Not with all my baggage and mistakes and remakes of mistakes and crazyyyy lifeline…oh my! I’m sure God gets a real kick out of me…lol. Thanks so much my friend – I do thank God as that was on my heart to talk about. Yes, PLEASE!! investing in YOU! is the most important step any of us can take – it’s a life changer. And thanks, because I was wondering about the music – it was so much better than he last time. I think I may continue to do Wednesday Word vids, maybe once a month so I won’t lose the knowledge of how to do the video edits…lol. I always appreciate when you respond. Much Love, xoxo


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