Oh Darling – What a Beautiful Smile You Have

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You know, I had someone to say to me last week that no matter what picture I sent to them; I was always smiling and they thought it was GREAT! but what they didn’t know is that those glorious 32’s weren’t always so eager to smile at one time – I hid that smile because it wasn’t a smile I wanted people to see – I wanted them to see how beautiful “I WAS”, NOT HOW BEAUTIFUL MY SMILE WAS. And the reasoning why goes a little something like this:

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It’s Time for a RESET!!!

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You might be wondering, okay so what’s going on and what is she talking about now! Before I answer that question, let me ask you a couple of my own…

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Sunday’s Thought: Sometimes, You Only Get One SHOT!

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I totally cringe when I look at shows such as ‘The Voice’, ‘World of Dance’ and ‘America’s Got Talent.’ No, No – it’s not because I dislike shows like that because, in actuality, I’m a huge fan of them. But what gets me is when you have a person that’s so FULL of talent – bomb on a song or don’t bring their very best to the stage.

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T.A.T: Thank A Teacher – I Appreciate You, Mrs. Anita Bell!

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As the kiddos are getting anxious, nervous and prepared to go back to school; my mind went back to the days in which I felt all of those emotions going back. Now that I think about it, I was really scared. It was like each new grade was even scarier than the last one. I didn’t really know what to expect, all I knew was that I wanted it to rush by so I could graduate and be DONE with it.

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Video: Wednesday Word – BLAME IT ON ME!! IT’S MY FAULT…

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BLAME IT ON ME – Chrisette Michele 

Sometimes you can work it out
Sometimes you can’t
Sometimes you’re forced to watch everything fall apart, it’s out of your hands.
Sometimes leaving is easy
Sometimes it ain’t
Sometimes it hurts to know the loving you had was slowly fading away

You can say whatever you like
As long as we just say goodbye

Blame it on me
Say it’s my fault
Say that I left you outside in the cold with a broken heart
I really don’t care
I ain’t crying no more
Say I’m a liar a cheater
Say anything that you want
As long as it’s over

Those song lyrics provided by the multi-talented, singer, songwriter, poet and Grammy award winner Chrisette Michele in 2009 was my jam! I can’t tell you how many times I listened to it over and over and over again. I’m a word person, so lyrics are everything to me and when they have meaning? Oh Yes, now that’s a good song. As a matter of fact, that whole ‘Epiphany” album gave me confidence and power as a woman, to be okay with certain decisions I had made in regards to relationships. Those lyrics were also powerful when I went thru a couple of not-so-good relationships that ended in the blame, being shifted to ME!

Now don’t get me wrong, no one’s perfect but sometimes when things end badly and when your name is attached to it, it doesn’t feel good AT ALL! Sometimes you have to kick your own self under the bus orrrr, take one for the team as the old saying goes, which is not easy when our name is attached.

But, if that means getting out of that relationship (whether personal, social or work related) will guarantee me a “peace” of mind to be away from toxicity? Then bring on the BLAME! In this video, I talk about a previous relationship I was in that brought on the Blame Game, how it made me feel and the attitude I had moving forward from it.

*I have some music playing but please excuse any extra noise you may hear, it was raining that day and didn’t know how bad that noise affected the sound =(

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