It’s Time for a RESET!!!

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You might be wondering, okay so what’s going on and what is she talking about now! Before I answer that question, let me ask you a couple of my own…

  1. Did you have a great summer?
  2. Did you get a chance to get out and explore?
  3. Did you eat well?
  4. Did you eat whatever you wanted?
  5. Were you able to try some new delicacies, restaurants, and foods?

So, you might be asking or noticed that my last 3 questions were pertaining to food; so yeah, to answer your question; that’s what this post is all about, RESETTING from summers heydays of fun and adventures, BUT MOSTLY……

Food, Food – I Gotta Have FOOOOODDDD!!! I’m such a Foodie!

Therefore, it’s time for a RESET! and what better time to make that move forward – than the present, especially as the summer winds down and fall make it’s way slowly up to home plate. I know recently, I decided to do a reset anddddd surprisingly – my son and daughter decided they wanted to join me! Which is amazing, because they NEVER want to do anything I want to do, so I guess for a split second – I felt cool (If you don’t have teens or pre-teens now or yet, this is a HUGE deal…just warning you now…lol)

Yep, Whose the Coolest MOM in the Neighborhood!! – That’s ME…

We’re all doing the JJ-Smith 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse. If you don’t know who JJ Smith is, she’s the lady (see below) that busted on the scene in 2014 with the book entitled “10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse.” In the book, JJ details and breaks down how to detoxify your body by incorporating “greens” into your diet. You can either do the full version (in which you’ll do 3 smoothies a day with snacks, in which she details which ones are better) or you can do the modified version of having 2 smoothies and a sensible meal. People have praised about loosing anywhere from 10-15 pounds or more within the 10 day period. Whether you do the full or the modified version, you’re still guaranteed to lose weight (if you do as the book instructs, which is with anything – right?)

JJ Smith, Author of the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse

This book sold like hotcakes when it hit the scene as everyone was interested in what they needed to do to lose those stubborn pounds and anything that states you will lose a significant amount weight within any 1 to 10 day period is guaranteed to be a WINNER. Now, I have to be honest – I’ve tried this system before and yes, it really does work – BUT truth be told, I only got through the first 5 days. However; you will lose weight and will feel refreshed once you go through it – TOTALLY!

That’s the reason why I’m writing this post in which as you’re reading – I’m on DAY 3! if you can get through the first three days you’re good, it’s the weekends that kill it for me but I shall persevere plus, I need to be held accountable so writing about it will help me feel somewhat accountable. I know that probably doesn’t make sense, but it’s a “my mind” thing.  It’s great that we give our bodies a reset every 3 or 4 months I would say because we put so much in it and take it through so many different eating arenas – it’s no wonder it gets clogged up and can’t perform like it should. We have to push out those toxins! and while going to the bathroom to do the doo is good, sometimes that’s not enough as we still could be impacted, in which is why this cleanse and maybe others you’ve tried is beneficial to get to the root of the matter.

So, wish us luck – 3 down and 7 more days to Go!! We Can Do This, In which is the mantra I’ve been having with the kids ever since day one. We get in a circle, with all of our hands in and shout “WE CAN DO THIS!!” In which in turn they gave me blank stares when we got done as if to say, Really Mom? as I was smiling cheesily – Yeahhh, I think my cool card was pulled – And I had just gotten IT!!


Anywho – Hey, are you looking for a restart? Maybe for your family or yourself. Well, no worries – I took the liberty of typing out ALL of the 10 smoothie recipes for YOU! (see below). Feel free to print it out to get delicious recipes as well as follow JJ Smith and find out other “health” books she has available. I also provided the link to join her FB Group. If you would like the grocery list, you can find that on Pinterest. Although I’m a little way along, you can start to push that reset button too! Your mind, body and overall well-being will thank you later…If you do take the initiative to start – let me know how it goes for you!

Oh and Don’t forget to Drink plennnntyyyyy of W.A.T.E.R!!!

And an ONE & a TWO. We Got This!!

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Smoothie List Here RedArrowPoma   Nutritionist_JJ_Smith_Green_Smoothie_Recipes

Oh, and by the way (I had to get dressed up for this one) – Just in case you don’t follow me on social media, just wanted to inform you of my first Christian children’s book release date!! 

Billy Wolf Book PROMObitmoji-20180822010613


















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27 thoughts on “It’s Time for a RESET!!!

    1. Aww! Don’t tell her that girl – she subject to show up again next week….lol lol lol. Thanks Sis!! XOXO


      1. She got so excited – she’s making an appearance in this upcoming Thursday’s blog post…lol lol. (just once though…lol, you can’t give her too much attention)


  1. First, let me say CONGRATS on your book!!! I’ve been absent from the blogosphere and social media for a while and I can’t believe I missed it! I remember your post on having some publishing challenges because your book talked about God. I love that you pushed ahead anyway! I’m so happy for you! How amazing is it to say that you’ve got a book coming out?

    Now onto the post: I gained more weight than I’d like this year (or was it last year?) and those pounds are sooooooo STUBBORN!! I think my eating habits have changed, so I essentially have to make a lifestyle change before I can lose anything and keep it off. That’s hard because I do love my chips, chocolate, and cookies. Drinking smoothies for 10 days straight seems pretty challenging, but I’m curious about the recipes. I bet your skin is going to be glowing after the 10 days are up!


    1. Hey Little Sis!!!!!! OH MY GOSH!!! First let me say, I like really missed you. So much so, I sent you a message through your contact form on your blog – don’t know if you got it. You were on my mind, I checked IG and your Blog in which I do anyway – but I was like, did I miss something? God knew my heart and had you to reach out to me, I’m so grateful. How are you? In which you just stated you’ve been absent – I’m going to be honest, lately I’ve been feeling like doing the same thing – I not only need a reset body wise but from social media, blogging and etc – just to refocus and put my energy on other things, I love writing – like totally, but sometimes….well, anywho. I’m glad you reached out, it’s so nice to hear from you sis. Yes girl, there’s so much I could say about that first time – I’m actually glad God allowed me to fall down, I learned so much in this second go round and I really do believe it was God’s timing that it be released now than then. Thanks for the Congrats, I’m nervous about people reading it….lol. But prayerfully it brings healing to those whom have been a victim of bullying.

      Yesssssss – Girl, those smoothies are life and I’ve already noticed a major change and difference in my body. I can tell when I’ve packed on the extra pounds – my feet starts swelling up and I feel bloated ALL of the time; drinking those smoothies have helped alleviate that – I do the modified version because I have to eat… – but I’ve been doing meat and veggies only (no starches). Give it a try for a day and see how it goes for you. I love you sooooooooo much. Hope you’re having a wonderful day!!! xoxo


      1. Thank you for checking up on me, that is so kind of you. It means a lot that I’m missed – you’re making me smile yet again. Seriously, thank you. I guess it’s not the best idea to write about being overwhelmed and then disappear LOL. I’m okay, though – hope I didn’t worry you too much.

        My phone doesn’t send me notifications when I get an email, so I actually didn’t see it until I read this comment. A response is coming soon!

        If you’re feeling the need to take a break, do it! I think being a blogger is kind of strange because there’s no real expectation for us to take vacations. But sometimes we need one to recharge our creativity or attend to our offline lives, especially if our blog doesn’t pay our bills (yet). I find that social media especially just sucks the life out of me!

        There are kids out there who really need that book, I’m sure of it. Are you able to get it into libraries? Regardless, thank you for making something for them. It might even save a kid’s life.

        I looked at the recipes and noped out of there once I saw the ingredient list LOL! Not for me, but I’m glad it’s helping you.

        Thanks for always being so wonderful. Sometimes I have to ask what I did to deserve you!


      2. Hey Sissssss!!! Yes Girl – Not cool to say that and vanish…LOL LOL. I was indeed worried but so glad that you’re doing well – my heart is happy now. Yes you’re right – blogging doesn’t pay the bills (wish it but I do it because I feel like it’s what God wants me to do – it really isnt’t about the traffic or the likes or even having a successful blog – I’d be lying to say that, those things weren’t my original plans in the beginning – because they were. But I realized, if I don’t get one like – it’s about what God wants me to do. Hey, his word says where two or three are gathered there he’ll be in the midst, sooooo in that case I’m always good…lol. But I do need a break, going to take one – just don’t know when.

        Yessss, my prayer is that someone will get something out of it – our kids need it. No, for some reason I couldn’t get it into libraries, but I did reach out to my library on yesterday to see if I could do a reading – so I’ll let you know how that goes.

        The question is, what did I do to deserve you. I believe God allows people’s paths to cross for a reason and everyone has a season in our life. I just pray yours is for a lifetime, wink wink. Take Care Sis! Hope you’re having a wonderful day. Much Love xoxo


      3. I love that you are allowing God into this. Blogging allows you to reach people you might not have, and the way you write about God might really get people curious about Him, or at least plant some seeds. That’s pretty wonderful.

        Doing a book reading sounds so official! That’s so exciting – you’re an author!

        You really made me smile with that last paragraph. Thanks for being so caring. Hope you’re having a wonderful day too!


    1. Oh my! I heard about intermittent fasting and some people have had some great results with it. I just know for me, I like to eat…lol. So even though I’m doing the smoothies, I still feel like I’m eating something – if that makes sense. Well, I’m rooting for you Sis – let me know how it goes. xoxo


  2. Roshonda, I thought about you this week and was wondering where you were. I now see that you’ve been busy juicing. I was looking out for your Blog all week because I thought you were one of those Bloggers who post several times per week or daily. I missed reading you.

    I, myself, only blog once a week. I wish I could do more but just don’t have the time. It’s funny you’d blog about hitting the reset button this week because just a few days ago I hit the reset button myself. My birthday is coming up next month and I want to welcome it 5 lbs thinner. I know 5lbs isn’t a lot but my metabolism has come to a screeching halt…LOL…So you know I have to try harder than everyone else. In fact, I just spoke about that in my most recent blog post this past weekend. Girrrrrlll, it gets harder as you get older.

    The detox smoothie thing is not for me though. I tried it once and had hella headaches. By Day 2 I had to stop. I have to have my solids. So as part o my reset project I’m eating more greens and fruits, less carbs and working out daily in the hope that’s I’ll be at least 5 lbs lighter on my birthday. I started this reset business on Tuesday mornig. Today is Thursday and I already gained a pound. Hahahaha….I’m not mad though because I refust to quit.


    1. Rekkelle, Girl – you give me life. You had me totally laughing today. I feel you on that reset in which it’s funny because I started mine on Tuesday morning as well!…lol. Guess we both had the same thing in mind. Girl, I totally feel you though – I’ll be 40 next year (OMGosh, did I just say that????) Well….lol. So yes, you’re so right – fighting stubborn pounds/weight is DEFINITELY harder the older you get. I remember when I was 21 and if I drink nothing but water for two days, I’d shed Girl, let me try that trick today and be up in the hospital somewhere…lol. I wish you well on your journey and happy early, early birthday to YOU!! Wish I was around to celebrate with ya – I always wanted to do one of the epic girl nights out! Yessss, I need to go and tak a look at what you posted. When do you post, is there a particular day?

      Because I would love to keep up with you, I really try to keep up and like and/or comment to the people I follow but sometimes, it’s hard to know when someone posts and most times I’m late to the party but I still try to support. Aww, were you really looking for me?

      I feel special =) and am very humbled by your comment. I usually post on Tuesdays (which are EnSpired Tuesdays, If I got something good) and every Thursday. Sometimes I struggle with what to talk about, just like now I’m thinkiing – okay, so what’s next weeks topic…lol.

      Yes, I understand about the smoothies giving you a headache, it surely has been a very uncomfortble 4 days now – but when I think how nice and good I desire to feel in my clothes – I keep on chugging…lol.

      I hope you’re having a great day and I do apologize for this post is extremely long. I love good conversations…lol. xoxo


      1. Roshonda, girl! Don’t you ever dare apologize for your long responses and commentaries? I truly enjoy them.

        Yes, Honey, I was looking for you. I was like, “Where is she this week? I hope everything is alright.”

        There are certain people I enjoy reading so I look for them daily, you, no doubt, are one of them. This WordPress thing has got me hooked. 😂

        So funny, I just responded on your commentary to my recent post and said the same thing – you had me laughing so hard – and I didn’t even see this response to my comment yet. Girl, I think we are kindred sisters.

        That girls’ night birthday plan is sounding kind of off da hook already. What City are you in? If you say NYC I’m just gonna fall over right now on this hardwood floor. 😂

        Yes, Sis, I post on a particular day. I usually start writing on a Friday night (that’s tonight) and hit publish at the wee hours of Saturday morning. That has been the general trend so far and I hope to keep that going. Like you, I’m always thinking about what to write next and even if I’m not really sure once I sit down at my keyboard it usually comes to me.

        I’m rooting for you on this detox diet, girl! You know you got this. I bet you’re already down about 5 lbs….I weighed myself this morning and I still have that extra pound I gained yesterday.😂😂😂


      2. I believe we are kindred sisters…like for real, for real. Girl, I started to prank you and say yes, I do live in NYC….LOL LOL LOL, Then I said naw, I better not – I don’t want you to unfollow me…lol. No, I live in NC but I don’t think I’m far from NYC, I’ve never been there but heard it was nice. Yesssss – I read your commentary and was thinking, hmmm….I just said the same thing, HA! Okay great, glad to know your posting times – so I’ll be on the lookout, sometimes the weekends are crazy, but trust – even if it’s a day late and a dollar short; I’ll like and/or comment. Yes, it’s nothing like a girl night and thinking about movies such as Bridesmaids and those other ones similar to that (brain is farting right now) it makes me want to have one even more, anywho. Thanks Sis for the encouragement, I’m going to need it as these days go on. What??!! The pound is still there? He say, he ain’t budging – You should drink some detox tea, that might help him pack his bags…lol.


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