Monthly Series: An Attitude of Gratitude – Challenge #5

Happy Monday! and welcome to the third week of our Monthly series – Attitude of Gratitude. Just in case you missed the November Vibes post, Every Monday and Wednesday for the month of November, I will be posting questions in regards to being grateful. I will answer these questions myself but my hope is that you will answer them too and leave those answers in the comment section.

Some questions may have us digging a little deeper within ourselves to answer them, but in the end – my hope is that you will feel more empowered and begin to see yourself and even your life differently and not just for the month of November – but for every month of the year. You can choose to start a journal if you want but this challenge as you may say, is not just about us writing things out and leaving it in a little book to store it away and go back to it when we’re reflecting on our life but the challenge is to show it!! so as an extra bonus after every question regarding yourself will be a question in which will relate to the world around you, it’ll be called “Our End of the Day Question” – you don’t have to write about it here, but it’ll be something that you’ll just ask yourself everyday at the end of your day. While writing out what we’re “grateful” for is half the battle, showing gratitude for and towards others is the KEY!

So, let’s do both – reflecting and showing….(by the way, the passage above will be in every challenge post to start off, however; a new question will be at the bottom of each post).

Today's Challenge Question is.... (4)

Describe the last time your heart was overflowing with JOY! (My response)

Last year about this time, I had just gotten a new car – BUT! it was a frustrating experience prior to that point, while the beginning was frustrating and had me crying a many nights, the ending was so sweet and I knew that in the end GOD definitely DID IT! so here’s a short version of the story: I was living in a very nice place, probably one of the best places I’d ever lived in since being out on my own. The rooms were huge and there was enough room to move around without bumping into someone; however, those good times came to an end when I got a letter on the door stating that I had to move out, unfortunately the landlord didn’t take the money I paid him, to pay the mortgage on the place (this had been going on for quite some time without me knowing it) and the house was getting foreclosed on; I was devastated, hurt and wondering where in the world were me and my kids going to go?? In the process of moving, I got behind on my car payments although I did try to call and make arrangements but that went unnoticed; I woke up that Saturday morning to find my car gone, it had been repossessed and the kicker in all of that was – I was going to start a new job that following Monday!

How was I going to get to work?? Thank God for cool friends and a wonderful sister whom let me use her car for 2 weeks, putting her active family down to one car. I went everywhere trying to get a car and everyone denied me, I was so hurt and had reached my wits end until my mom mentioned a car dealership that I had not tried; thinking things were going to be the same verbatim conversation as the other dealers, I didn’t put much hope nor thought into the gentlemen that was asking me for the same exact information I had given everyone else. “I can get you a car,” he said….But that’s what everyone else had said too and to no avail, I had to get a ride back home. So as I waited impatiently on him to add up the numbers and submit the information, that feeling of defeat turned into a praise when I heard him come back and say, “Ma’am, YOU’RE APPROVED!!!!

Now It's Your Turn

– Describe the last time your heart was filled with Joy!; Comment Below –

Your End of the Day Question:

What resources do you have in your life right now, that you know someone else doesn’t have. You can’t save the whole world; but think of how you could help give at least one of those resources to someone in need. (food, warmth etc.)


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14 thoughts on “Monthly Series: An Attitude of Gratitude – Challenge #5

    1. Wow! Thank you Understand546. And hey, that’s a good one – my heart was definitely filled with joy when I graduated…lol. It doesn’t have to be big, it’s the small things and to me that was some good JOY!! Thanks for reading and commenting, means a lot!

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  1. Writing things like this down is really good. I have read somewhere that when we habe a lot of thoughts circling our head, we tend to get confused. But if we write it down somewhere and then take a read through it, it does’nt seem that confusing anymore. Great post btw!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s true anjalisk96! Writing it down gives us something to reflect on, if we go back and read what we wrote down…lol. Sometimes we forget but I noticed that it seems to come back around when we need it the most or at least that’s been my story. I apologize for the late reply to your message and thank you for reading the blog. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! xoxo


      1. Yeah thats true. I have been keeping a diary ever since I was six years old so I know how good it is to write it all down. You really don’t need to apologize Roshonda! We don’t have Thanksgiving here, but nevertheless thank you for your wishes and I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving as well!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Wow!!! 6yrs old?, I only wish to have had the mindset to have done that – I could have 4 or 5 bestsellers by now…lol. I commend you for doing that, that’s awesome! Oh Really?, Where are you from? and Thanks for the wishes, I appreciate that!


      3. Well, Keep reading and writing; I got a feeling you have some beautiful stories to tell. India! Oh Wow!! that’s great!! I’ve heard a lot about India and have collaborated with some wonderfully, amazing people from there. I hope you’re having a good day, Talk Soon = )


  2. This is a hard one. I think the last time I felt some much joy was when I was working for a mortgage company and they treated me very unfairly. I had already been looking for another job already. I had gone to a business trip to another state and landed late. I couldn’t get up so I called in that I couldn’t. go. The next day they tried to write me up because I didn’t go to work. I was never compensated for my travel time but they expected me to go to work with only four hours of sleep. I didn’t give them the luxury to write me or I gave them my two weeks notice. Seeing their face was priceless. I was interviewing for another job and I was just going with my guts. A week later, the mortgage company announced that they were laying off people due to a big scandal with mortgages. That same week I did my last interview and they gave me an offer minutes after leaving my interview. I was so excited that I played my cards right and didn’t let a company take advantage of me.

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    1. Oh Wow!!!!! Yes, darling as they say “You played those cards very, very well” I’m so glad God had you to get out of that and go into something much, much better. When one door closes, theirs always another one open. I appreciate you for reading and for taking out the time to comment, made my day! xoxo

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