EnSpired: Shanae Artis Exposes Fear & Crushes Adversity In New Book “This is NOT my Life – 10 Steps To Overcoming Fear and Adversity”

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In life, most of us have suffered through many traumatic instances, such as the absence of a mother or father being absent during childhood and as you grew older, that anxiety has now turned into fear of others leaving you too. The sad thing about it, many of us rarely seek the attention or necessary outlets to help us deal with our past, less known the fear and anxiety offset by it.

Another Name1, author of “This is NOT My Life – 10 Steps to Overcoming Fear and Adversity” knows all about the pain and suffering of both, as they’ve been her constant companions for years. In her book, Shanae talks of her experiences with fear and anxiety and how alcohol played a tremendous role at the time, in helping her to cope – a mechanism that was on the verge of taking her life.

Sharing tips, tools, and processes in which were taken from her very own personal journal, Artis goes on to reveal how her mind became a constant tape recorder that was always on “play” mode; her thinking patterns made her constantly question her identity, her sanity, and her Life choices. “Was I good enough”, “Was I pretty enough” “Would I ruin my child’s life in the process? and more were all questions Artis battled daily.

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“My mind was extremely noisy and overloaded with years of fears, worries, insecurities, and what if’s. On the outside, I looked ok but inside fear was tormenting me and ruining my life.” – excerpt from her book ‘This is NOT my Life – 10 Steps to Overcoming Fear & Adversity’ 



Everyone has a breaking point in Life, while Artis was going through hers, she incredibly penned, 10 astounding steps of how you too can overcome fear phobia and burst through your own anxiety bubble. It’s a book that not only gives you proper steps but also coincides as your own personal journal as Shanae offers reflections after each chapter so you can get to work on tackling your own issues. Readers can count on Artis to be with them every step of the way in her book, acting as their coach, counselor, and friend throughout the process – even until the very end.

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Artis offers powerful insight by giving the reader a transparent look inside her own life of hurts, habits, hang-up and pitfalls and how God served as the main catalyst in getting her UP and ONWARD into her destiny. Readers will resonate with Artis’s story as she takes you through her PAIN, the PROCESS, and her POWERFUL TRANSFORMATION!

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Sunday’s Thought: Prayers, Conversations & Criticisms

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So, I’ll just hop right into this one – in case you hadn’t heard or maybe you’ve banned yourself from the news and social media altogether (in which I don’t blame you). Some of America’s most prominent Inner-City African-American pastors all met with President Donald Trump a.k.a #45 to some; on August 1, 2018, to discuss Criminal Justice Reform and how the church can play a role in helping non-violent offenders get back into the workforce.


President Donald Trump and Prominent African-American Inner City Pastors (R: Pastor John Gray)

I’m not sure what other in-depth conversations took place within that meeting as I’m really not a political person, I mean I do vote but I hate the political games of it – if that makes sense; however, this post is not so much about politics but instead, how we can look at a picture of something and run with it without getting the full details of what’s really going on. Now don’t get me wrong – I’m nobody’s saint because I surely have judged many conversations, pictures and etc based off of what I either saw at first glance or heard.


I’ve also been critical of others without giving them a shot to speak their peace. My point in saying all of that is while all these prominent pastors were at the roundtable – there was one pastor that seemed to suffer the biggest blow of being in the midst of the rhetoric and that was Pastor John Gray. If you don’t know Pastor Gray, he’s the pastor of Relentless Church’ in Greenville, South Carolina. Gray is a very inspiring, encouraging and uplifting preacher who basically tells it like it is but in such a way that it’ll make even a non-believer shout AMEN!

However, after the meeting with Trump; Gray traveled back home to find that his cool points with many churchgoers had gone out the window.  He received thousands of negative FB messages about his trip and while Gray may have thought to go was a message from God, church members, fellow Christians and other prominent leaders disagreed; including Pastor Jamal Bryant – who took to FB Live to call Gray out. To hear what he had to say as well as Gray’s rebuttal for his part in the meeting, you can view that here: Lailah Lynn TV via YouTube 

Picture courtesy of Lailah Lynn TV (YouTube)

Bryant, who proclaimed a great love and admiration for Gray went on to tell viewers that the bible says. “If you have an alt against your brother, you should go to him and tell him” (Matthew 5:23-24 & 18:15-17)  Bryant, stated that he felt as though he had done that by sending a text to Gray but when he didn’t get a response – that’s when he got on FB and decided to call Gray out. In my opinion, I felt like Bryant’s statements about Gray should’ve been kept secret until he was able to get him face to face behind closed doors. Now, if I read the Word right – it gives us four steps to do when you are disgruntled with your brother or sister or if you both have some sort of miscommunication issues:

  1. If a fellow believer hurts you, go and tell him—work it out between the two of you. If he listens, you’ve made a friend.
  2. If he won’t listen, take one or two others along so that the presence of witnesses will keep things honest, and try again.
  3. If he still won’t listen, tell the church.
  4. Then if he or she won’t accept the church’s decision, treat that person as a pagan or a corrupt tax collector.

Now, I’m unsure if Bryant followed those complete steps and I don’t want to judge and say he didn’t but from his conversation; it sounded like he didn’t give Gray an opportunity to explain his reasoning before taking to social media.

But out of all of this, I was pleased to hear what Willie Moore Jr. had to say about the situation and the thoughts he shared, including how he too had a couple of things to say about the issue (at first glance) but decided to take it to the Lord in prayer. In which he explains in the video below.


Are you finding yourself criticising a conversation or a picture before you find out the truth? It’s so easy to get caught up in the referendum of things because “he said” or “she said” or “they did” or “Gurrlllll, did you hear or see?” those conversations could easily get turned into something terribly wrong and lead to a serious miscommunications because we’re choosing to look from a half-full glass.

We should take everything to God in prayer – even the things we don’t understand. Before you talk about it or criticize it, take it to God and let him work it out – if that person or people are doing wrong? Let him handle it – Why?? Because, he’s ALL knowing, ALL powerful and handles EVERYTHING MISUNDERSTOOD.



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Back to School Money Safety – How your Credit Card Can Work for You & Not Against You

Recently, I was contacted by a site called Credit Cards (a.k.a creditcard.com) who reached out to me in lieu of a post, posted  a couple of weeks ago entitled “Back to School Savings” – since July was “BTS” (Back To School Prep) for me and every other parent in the U.S. I thought I’d offer a couple of saving tips, affirmations to get my and other kids (as well as parents) off to a good start and end it up by detailing some “family” time/fun outings that parents can do with the kiddos before school starts back (in which were suggestions by my own rambunctious two! =)

However; it’s one thing that credit card.com brought to my attention that I didn’t think of and that’s BTS Scams and frauds. Sadly, people; individuals as well as companies take advantage of times such as these to scam parents and/or lure them into “too good to be true” deals. And with parents scrambling to find the best deals (cheaper ones, I should say) to maximize their shopping experience; most of us don’t pay attention to the deceit that linger below these advertisements.

Fraud Torn Paper Concept

According to creditcards.com/Daniel Smith, head of security at Radware, this is a global cyber security company. Parents, teachers, and students are all potential targets for back-to-school scams and all three can be targeted in different ways. Knowing how to recognize scams is the first line of defense – Using a credit card is the second one.

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With millions of people using credit cards every day to do most of their shopping and who could blame them – with the convenience of not ever having to leave your house; it’s no wonder the credit card business is booming and consumers are enjoying every minute of it. Of course, paying for items with cash is also a great protection as well but with many “online” deals saying this and saying that – it’s easier to pull out the credit card and punch or swipe.

online purchases
photo source: bing/creditcardfraud

While you may feel hesitant about using your credit card a lot of times; I know I do…It’s actually not a bad thing and if you have the right “protection” features on your card. It actually can serve as a safety net for your life as well as your money. Listed below are a couple of things (if you don’t already) that you should have on your credit card in which serves as an added BONUS for being safe online as well as in store.

Basic Protection:

The basic protection plan is a basic feature given to all credit card holders. The plan protects the cardholder involving any dispute in regards to goods and services that were purchased using your credit card. For more info on this, please view the Fair Trade Credit Billing Act.

The FTC can also offer up some good advice when it comes to those ever so alluring “paid commercial ads” that promise you a 30-day free trial and the guarantee to not touch your card until 30days are up (all you have to do is call and cancel before that time) in which we all know is NOT that easy and next thing you know; you’re paying for a product that might don’t even work.  According to the FTC “free trials” aren’t always free and might come with hidden fees and other strings attached.

Purchase Protection:

Helps prevent against loss or theft, however – not all purchases qualify. It’s best practice to reach out to your credit card company to see what’s covered and not in case of a theft or loss. Items that may be covered include clothing, electronics, home and garden products and personal care items, but again – every credit card company is different and the items mentioned may not be one of the items a credit card company acknowledges. Do you have purchase protection? If so, do you know what it covers?

Return Protection:

Extends the life or adds life to an item purchased. Most stores have return policies on some items or offer very limited ones to others. Having a return protection on your card; gives you a little more extended time on a purchase, should the one at the store doesn’t. Most credit card companies do not offer this feature but for the ones that do such as (MasterCard & AMEX) they may or may not tack on shipping charges for your return. Check with your card company and see…

Zero Liability Guarantee:

Visa has this feature and gives the consumer its word that you won’t be charged or made responsible for unauthorized charges made with your credit card. You’re protected should your card is lost, stolen or fraudulently used (whether online or off). So, to sum it all up:


This time of year is most critical with parents trying to maximize the best deals and save loads of money in the process as we all Back to School shop. While getting the best deal is “keen” it’s also very important that you read and check out a company before you pull up, out or swipe your credit card – especially if you don’t have added protections in place. Knowledge is definitely POWER!

Speaking of knowledge – Please head over to credit cards.com and check out their blog post entitled “How cards can protect you against back-to-school scams” it’s filled with a plethora of other helpful financial safety tips and information for parents regarding fraud surrounding the back to school season.

I want to give a special thank you to Blake H. for reaching out to me in regards to this helpful info; in which help me to spread the word to you…

Safe Shopping



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