Struggling but Thriving through COVID-19 (Announcement)

Hey, You! Are you struggling or thriving through COVID-19. Well, I pray you’re thriving even through these times, but I have an announcement just in case you’re not.

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A School ‘Without’ Teachers – A Nigerian Education Innovation

“Our Education system is looking like a mess. We pour in a lot of money to put our kids through school and what they sometimes make out of it is little compared to our investments.

Now imagine, what if there is a way to get educated for free and pay later when you have made something out of the knowledge?

What if we don’t need schools with teachers and specific uniform curriculum for all children?

What if students don’t need classwork or homework and all they need is to be able to use anything they learn to solve problems?

While you are thinking about the what ifs above, some phenomenal people in Nigeria already started – they are defying the norm and ‘hacking’ the education system…

How? Read more >>”

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Bleed – How To Write For The Heart

Ever felt like you have something to say, but find it hard to express in ways that others can’t resist? Do you wish you can write in a way that people will always be thirsty for more? Have you been thinking of how to write a compelling letter, congratulatory message, email, or about your business? This article is written for you. It will put you on the road to writing from your heart and getting people to engage with your words.

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