EnSpired: Movie, The Miracle Season Teaches Us To “LIVE LIKE LINE”

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This past weekend I had the privilege of watching a movie entitled “The Miracle Season” this movie was inspired and about Caroline “Line” Found, a 17yr old West High School Trojans Volleyball player from Iowa, City. Line was the teams “setter” a.k.a captain. Caroline was the teams most valuable, popular, loved and an inspirational player who lead her volleyball mates to win two state championships in a row.

Caroline “Line” Found

Line was a senior, who loved to have a good time and spread positivity no matter where she went or whom she met. She was one of those types of friends that everyone needs in their circle – that one that could bring “sunshine” to any rainy or cloudy day. The movie “The Miracle Season” details the true story of Line’s life and how her volleyball team conquered or you might say “weathered” the storm of going into the second season without their beloved star player.

The charismatic Line, whom unfortunately would not get the opportunity to start that season with them. Caroline passed away in a moped accident on her way to the hospital to visit her mother, Ellyn Found who was battling cancer. Caroline never made it to the hospital. As word spread the following day of Found’s passing – her teammates were distraught and wanted to give up on moving forward without Line.

With the help and perseverance of their coach Kathy Bresnahan, played by actress Helen Hunt in the movie. The girls do their best to push through their storm and not just “WIN FOR LINE” but “LIVE LIKE LINE” – in a way that only she would have done.  It’s a feel-good movie for the whole family to watch. It teaches us to not take ONE DAY for granted but LIVE every day as if it was our last!

Surrounded by family as well as friends A “Live Like Line” bench was placed in Iowa City in remembrance of Caroline “Line” Found 

I have to say, you will need about 3 boxes of tissues for this one but it’ll be well worth it. Check out the video trailer below…


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