Sunday’s Thought: Bruh, Really?

photo source: Samuel L. Jackson/Bing/Really 

I thought the video below was so funny and yet, so true! Since my last couple of posts have been about online dating and dating as a christian to singleness and what to give up to find the man of your dreams! I thought this video that my friend Martha sent to me, would be a great addition to those post!!

Ladies, have you experienced this? Guys, while this is not a bashing about you…It just goes to show that when we date or court, whichever you decide. Communication is KEY!!! for us gals as well as you guys. I can’t tell you how many guys I passed up because while they looked good on the outside, their communication garnered a big fat NEXT!!! So, if you can’t communicate properly? Then that’s a deal breaker for me…


Your degree of ability to communicate will either evoke trust or distrust in those you lead. It will instill either confidence or fear. It will determine to a large extent how eagerly your followers will follow you. skills


This video was created by Junt Land – you can find her on Facebook, she posts quite a few videos about relationships such as the one below. Junt Land is an eclectic mix of satirical, anecdotal and introspective visuals from creator Munirah Safiyah Jones. Come along, but don’t come alone.

You can also follow her on YTUBE – for vids that may not be posted on her website.


After watching the video, tell me – what are some of your deal breakers when it comes to dating and/or communication. If you’re married, I would love to hear your thoughts as well as to what was a deal breaker for you when you were dating/courting and what attracted you to your spouse.

Share them in the comment section below. 


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4 thoughts on “Sunday’s Thought: Bruh, Really?

  1. This was so humorous 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Sad part is it’s commom to meet men like that in this generation and yet a select few of women will settle for men like this.
    Commuincation is probably the most important thing in a relationship.


  2. That video made me laugh! It’s so relatable! If a guy makes me feel like I have to carry the conversation or pull teeth to talk to him, I’m done. Dating requires TWO people to make an effort!


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