Video: My Favorite Childhood Memory…Was…

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Well, here it is Ya’ll – my last topic of the Q&A series “So, How “MAY” I Help You?” This was a very fun ride as I enjoyed getting topics from fellow bloggers and writing about them! Some topics were a challenge and caused me to really pull from deep within, such as the one you’ll see today but I was grateful for the challenge and hopefully to those that submitted your topics, I’m hoping that I did them justice.

Most of all I pray that they were an inspiration to those that read them. Please feel free to give me a topic at any time of things that YOU would like for me to talk about or discuss right here on the blog – I don’t talk about politics or Scientology but everything else is cool. I’m not an expert but I’ve had many hurts, habits and hang-up as well as made a slew of mistakes – so my goal for my page has always been to be transparent about those processes by writing about my shortcomings so that I may help those who may be suffering or experiencing the same hurt/pain – by spreading my light so that they may spark their own.

Any-who, I thought I’d take this last topic to video to close out this topic session with a BANG! It’s my first YTUBE video on my regular page. PLEASE BEWARE! I’m not good at the editing, special lighting and all that – It’s just my phone, however; I did look up a couple of editing apps, some I incorporated in the video above, in which you’ll see throughout – but please forgive any errors. So, without further ado, above is my story of: My Favorite Childhood Memory – topic submitted by poetic blogger Understand546.

See ya in the next Post!!-1

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5 thoughts on “Video: My Favorite Childhood Memory…Was…

  1. I know I took long enough to comment.
    I been busy but I will be back to uploading blogs really soon.

    I finally saw your video
    Just want to say thank you for your posting this 😎😎
    Like your hairstyle btw
    Very interesting to have a sister your age.
    I hope one day you find more info on your father.
    I really admire you mothers courage as far as having you as a teenager.
    Also admire you aunt as well ☺☺

    I wonder if you dad’s side of the family is tall
    Also wonder if your dad played any sports


    1. Hey, Hey, Hey My Friend! Can you see me smiling BIG!! glad you’re back or I guess I should say almost (wink). I appreciate you for continuing to watch the video and for commenting on my hairstyle (I know how my hair works so a sista had to milk it while I could, it was down the next day…lol) Yes, having a sister my age is very interesting indeed…I would hope to find out more info on him myself – just out of curiosity. Yessss – my mother was the bomb, I miss her so so so much and my aunt was the glue…she spoke up…lol. I heard my dads mom and dad were very tall (I remember my mom telling me that one day) – Not sure about sports but he got or had the height to do so – just wondered what did he really want out of his life, you know? Anywho – I appreciate you for listening and commenting, you’re truly a person of your word. xoxo


      1. No doubt this was a fantastic story you told ☺☺
        Thank you for telling me about Soundcloud.
        You said your dad was 6ft 4 right?
        Maybe your grandkids will be tall ☺☺☺


      2. Don’t know….maybe they will – because it definitely skipped my two, but they’re not through growing so I can’t count them out just yet but I don’t think they’ll be that tall. You’re so welcome about the soundcloud; it looked like something you’d be interested in. Hope you’re having a good day!


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