Barber Goes Beyond the Chair to Lay Down on Floor for 6yr Old with Autism…

photo above courtesy of Good News Network

If you have children or son’s that is and have experienced a trip to the local barbershop, you’ll know that it’s not a fun experience for the parent, child or the barber, given your child’s hair needs and their reaction to the clippers or scissors near their head; I know my experience with taking my son to the barbershop has not been good, the barbers always seem to be in some sort of hurry and the atmosphere sometimes can feel a little – let’s just say, not kid friendly but I bear through it as all parents dreadfully do.

While I hate barbershop trips, Franz Jacob has restored my hope that their are not only good barbershops but good, kind, friendly and PATIENT barbers as well. Known as the “good-natured” barber, Jacobs makes getting a haircut a breeze, even if the child wants to sit on the floor – just as Wyatt does, a 6yr old client of Jacobs whom has autism. According to Fauve Lafrenier, Wyatt’s mom, the 6yr old is both hypo-sensitive and hypersensitive so a day at the barber shop can be not only uncomfortable but very unbearable having his hair constantly touched, but that’s not a problem for Canadian Franz Jacobs who patiently gets the job done, even if it’s on the floor.

According to the Good News Network, Jacob’s Salon Authentischen Barbier is the only shop in Quebec where Wyatt’s mom can take him in which not only gives him a warm welcome but aids to her sons sensitive care needs. A place where Wyatt knows his barber will go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure he gets the best hair cut.

See the amazing video below courtesy of Inside Edition of how Jacob uses his tools and kind nature to cut Wyatt’s hair…

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Bride Brings Tears of Joy to her Grandma, Wearing her Gown from 1962


Is the famous quote that many eager brides try to obtain for the most important and special day of their lives – marriage, and one brides garment clearly fit the bill of “something old and borrowed.”

For Jordyn Jensen-Cleverly‘s wedding day, her dress wasn’t something new as most brides dresses usually are, Cleverly, however wanted her something borrowed and old to come from someone she truly adored, her grandmother. 23yr old Jordyn decided to wear her grandmothers wedding gown down the aisle, the same one her grandmother wore when she married her sweetheart back in 1962. The dress had not been worn in 55 years until now.

Penny Jensen, Jordyn’s grandmother had no idea that her grand-daughter had chosen to revive the gown she wore many years ago until the bride’s “first look” photo shoot in which Jordyn and her photographer Kortney Peterson surprised Penny.

Bride and Grandma2
Photo courtesy of Kourtney J. Photography & HuffPost

“I didn’t want her to see the dress for the first time walking down the aisle and just start sobbing and have all those memories come back to her,” Jordyn Jensen

In memories, Jordyn was referring to Penny’s own wedding and her husband, whom passed away before Jordyn was born. According to the HUFFPOST, Jordyn stated that she blacked out for a moment due to the emotional excitement of seeing her grandmother face as she wore her gown, the only words she remembered her grandmother saying was “Wow, Wow, Wow”. The photo shoot was quiet as everyone stood in silence and tears began to express the emotion of how everyone felt that beautiful day.

Bride and Grandma3
Photo courtesy of Kourtney J. Photography & HuffPost

And as the tears flowed, so did the rain as the once clear skies began to open up in expression as well. Photographer Kortney Peterson stated that it was as if Jordyn’s grandfather, Penny’s late husband also sealed the day with his approval as well. Such a beautiful occasion. And when Penny was finally able to speak, her words to her granddaughter became the cherry that topped off the day as she whispered in her ear:

“I married my high school sweetheart in this dress and so will you.” – Penny Jensen

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