Are you on the “A” List?

A List

In the world today, we have what we call “A” Lister’s; these people in the world’s terms are known to generally be above society due to their lucrative incomes, social statuses, how many cars they may or may not drive, how many homes they may or may not stay in and how much money they spend on elaborate shoes, suits, jewelry, alcohol and so forth..

Then you have the B Lister’s whom may not have as much money as the “A” Lister’s; but they are not bad off and still recognizable to society. After wards you have the C & D Lister’s whom are known but their status in life is not worth mentioning or recognizing and depending which you are – Your bank account is nowhere close in the rankings of even getting you into the lavish hot spots that the higher elites have access to…

Those are the lists for the celebrities, in reality we as individuals place each other on our own list of must haves, must do, must go and must see of life. We tend to place each other higher than the other solely based on if we feel you have money, what prestigious church you attend, what type of house you live in, what kind of car you drive even to the clothes you may wear and we take those things and place them on our own A, B, C & D list.

ListOh but there’s going to come a day when we won’t be judged by the amount of money in the bank, But rather, what you chose to do with the wealth God placed in your possession, nor will we be judged by how many people we may know But rather, how many people did you help. We won’t be judged by the car we all currently drive, But rather, how many people you picked up, how many nursing homes – hospitals and shelters you visited with it. We won’t be judged by the lavish homes that some of us may or may not have – But rather, how many people did you open up your door too to give them a place to sleep, God will not be concerned about how many clothes you have and the name brands that’s so graciously stitched into the collar, But rather, how many people you clothed, how many people did you give shoes too in the abundance of things that you may not even wear.

When we all come before God, we are and will be of one body, one spirit, one mind and one voice. God doesn’t have social ladders of success, there are no “A” Lister’s, “B” Lister’s, “C” Lister’s nor “D” Lister’s when he looks at us. He sees us all the same (For he is a God of no respecter of persons – Romans 2:11)

No religion will be greater than the other, as a matter of fact there will be no religion preferences (There will be no Baptist, Pentecostal, AME, Methodist, Catholic, Presbyterian, Christian Churches and etc.) Oh, what a day that will be where all races, all religions, social classes, rich, poor and whatever list you may be a part of in this life, will all answer and bow down to ONE KING, ONE JUDGE, ONE RULER & ONE FATHER of ALL!

We may not all be on the same ladder of success nor possess the ranks of an “A” Lister and so forth, right now, but take JOY! In knowing that one day, if we live righteous and holy, we’ll all be ONE in him and that’s better than any “LIST” the world will ever have the opportunity to put you on.

Remember, this life is not built on making the Worlds List (For what profits a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul. Mark 8:36); But rather, on making the “List” that will officially put you in the Lambs Book of “Eternal Life”

lamb book of life2The Only “List” that will ever matter…


3 thoughts on “Are you on the “A” List?

    1. That’s right! If we can all catch on to that concept; the trivial things in life really wouldn’t matter. Because our focus will be on ONE thing and ONE thing only….making HIS list.


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