Parents, Let’s Not Be Weary – Shall We?

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“And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not”

This is the all so famous bible quote located in Galatians 6:9, this is also the scripture God brought to my mind one day when I deliberately told myself “I GIVE UP!!!” literally wanting to throw in the towel on parenting one day as I became frustrated with repeating the “same” thing over and over and over and over and over again, to my two children. I heard God speak so calmly in my spirit “Don’t be weary in well doing”

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Like, Really God – You’re Punking Me Right?? How many times do I have to ask them to clean their rooms and wash the dishes and take out the trash and wash their clothes and to keep their mouths closed at school when they want to abruptly speak out of turn – because if I get one more note from the teacher, I’m going to SCREAM!

But on the later end of “Don’t be weary, is ——– you will reap, if you faint not! Well, something tells me I better reap something because this sista is on her last fuse…


As a parent you’ll have a rainbow face by the time your child reaches 18.

You’ll Have WHITE moments, RED moments,  BLUE moments, YELLOW moments and GREEN moments. You’ll also have ORANGE moments in which you’re confused and trying to figure out if you’re doing the right thing or not, you’ll question yourself many, many, many times. You’ll make mistakes, you’ll say things you don’t mean. You’ll become too overprotective and you’ll learn to let go when you need too. Letting Go, doesn’t mean you’re giving up on them, it just means you’re giving them room to grow, room to plant their own seeds based on the decisions “they chose” to make.

About a month or so ago, my teenage daughter made a decision that totally blew me away. After all the talking and grinding and trying to push her in the right direction from silly mishaps, I get a call from the principal stating “Ms. Blackmon, I need to talk to you – your daughter is suspended off the bus for three days because she was caught kissing a boy.” I was totally confused….are you talking about my daughter?, surely he dialed the wrong number..


But NOPE! he really did mean to call me and YES, he was talking about my daughter – I have to say, I heard him talking but soon his voice became a murmur; sort of like those Charlie Brown episodes, because all I could see was black. When I got off the phone with him; I was sooooo hurt, I had to take a time-out and get myself together – being called on your job for something like that doesn’t make for a good rest of the day. As I left my desk, with tears flowing down my face – the only thing I could see was me wringing her neck, slapping her and locking her up to never come out of her room again….I MEAN NEVER! As my mind went back and forward about the fussing and cussing and beating I wanted to do to her (mind you, I do not curse – but I can’t say words weren’t’ coming to my mind during that time) I realized that I needed to talk to someone and not just anyone – I had to talk to her creator – God.

Luckily, I didn’t have to stay at work all day that day as I had a doctors appt. previously scheduled; so I was leaving early anyway…Thank God for small favors…

When I left my appointment, It was still early….the only thing I could think of was calling everyone and let them know what she had done, but before I could pick up the phone and make one call, I heard God’s voice say “Before you talk to anyone, Talk to me first.” So, wanting to be obedient, I went to Taco Bell – ordered something small to eat and sat down “Okay, God; I said…what do I do, how do I handle this. While I proceeded to eat my food and once I finished, God began to download things within me of how I should punish her and what she needed to do during the punishment; even the things that I needed to talk to her about.

After all, what I had to realize was that my daughter – while I birthed her; was not really “my” daughter, she’s God’s child whom is on loan to me. God entrusted me with her and therefore when it comes to the challenges of dealing with such circumstances, he’s the first person we should go to and seek in regards to their life – because, father knows best.


Tip 1: As parents, its our job to make sure we tell our children the truth with transparency; hey, if you got caught kissing a boy or making out with a girl in school, tell them that as well as what you learned from it and how the affects of such can lead to other unwanted things and/or actions. At the end of the day, when it comes to our children, it’s what we DID say as opposed to what we DIDN’T.

Tip 2: No matter how “good” our intentions are for our kids – giving them God’s word regarding certain issues such as sex, lying, bad behavior and so forth in their life is all we can do. While we don’t want them to suffer, experience or go down the same road we did – we have to realize that they’re going to do life the way they want, sometimes it’s not going to work until they experience it for themselves.

It’s just like if you keep telling a baby to not touch the stove because it’s hot, you can make all types of noises to distract that baby from going near that stove, but it’s something about curiosity that gets people in trouble. Soon, one day while you’re not around; that baby crawls over to the stove and touches it anyway….they cry in pain because you were right, the stove really was hot. Now, they know for themselves not to touch that object anymore because they have experienced the effects behind it, that’s why the word says “Warning before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall” (Prov 16:18) 

So, to sum up the tips – We have to make sure we’re warning our children about everything – punish when needed, squeeze those hands tight in prayer and hope for the best.

The main thing is letting our children know that every bad decision, leads to a consequence. The bible says, “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he’s old, they won’t depart from it.” Prov 22:6.  Not to say they won’t stray, but the seeds you planted in them will begin to sprout at the right time when they need it the most. Parenting is no easy feat. but if we know whom to give them over too, we shouldn’t be weary because not only will we get valuable instructions, but if we stay the course – no matter how hard or trivial – the water of your words will water those seeds and produce a great harvest that’ll pay off greatly one day – my fingers and toes are crossed, but my hands are definitely closed tightly in prayer for that PAYOFF!

Cheers and Best Wishes to all parents whom are desperately waiting for that day as well! DON’T BE WEARY – YOU GOT THIS!!

You Get My Drift!!! #PayDay!


Do you have teens or any parenting tips that has helped you? Leave them in the comment section below, you never know whom you may be helping. 


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17 thoughts on “Parents, Let’s Not Be Weary – Shall We?

  1. Being a parent is hard that’s why I think I rather just not have kids.
    This might be my favorite post so far.
    I always wonder what goes through a parents head when a child does wrong.
    As a child, I use to hate when the school would call my parents.
    You definitely must of been upset to receive that call.
    It seems like your open with your children and that’s good becuase kids now are much more mature as far as kissing and other things.

    I’m not a parent so Idk anything about kids but I think when child does wrong like drugs, cutting class, sex, alot of times it comes from peer pressure and peer pressure is not easy to turn down.
    But still I’m not saying to let kids do whatever but sometimes parents overreact and harshly displince their kids and this make their kids worst usually.
    I love the way you handle this situation ☺
    Fantastic post!


    1. Yes, parenting is definitely a challenge – there’s no rules books or timeouts – once you get that bundle of joy and leave the hospital, you’re on your own. It’s sort of scary but it’s also a wonderful opportunity to help create and steer someone in the right direction. Peer pressure is tough and you’re right – the kids these days are different. Nowadays us parents are competing with T.V. and ads that tell them what they should look like and who they should be and other kids whispering in their ears because maybe their parents have bad habits or is bringing them up differently or the way they were brought up. Yes, we gotta give them back to God; he’s the source we should seek when it comes to them. If I didn’t have God in my life – this situation would have turned out differently…lol. Thanks for your comment and for reading!


    1. Yes it is honey, one in which’ll drive you crazy if you let Thanks so, so, so much for reading and commenting – Made my Day! X❤X❤


  2. I can definitely relate to this as my daughter (though much younger than yours) had a problem at school this last week that shocked me. I had to take a step back and remember she is still learning to figure things out and she is human. We all make mistakes and it is not about my disappointment, but supporting her in making better choices for next time.

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    1. Girl, A BIG high five to you honey….YESSSS! I love what you said, “We all make mistakes and it’s not about my disappointment but supporting her in making better choices” Honey, the church can collect the offering, say Amen and go home on that one…lol… I feel as parents we do internalize the hurt and most times punish our kids based on our internalization and emotions, but really it is about getting out of our feelings – taking a step back and looking at the situation from a different angle. I know you gave your daughter some sound/good advice – in this day in time, that’s all we can do outside of praying for them. Blessings to you and your family and thanks for reading and commenting. xoxo

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  3. One of the things that has helped me in burying any bodies 🙂 😉 is to remember that my children belong to the Lord first. They are a gift from Him, but they belong to Him. Secondly, how many times have the Lord spoken to me about the same things over and over and over again? Yet He forgives, and forgives and forgives. That does NOT mean there are not consequences to my actions, there are; but even that is tapered with grace.

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    1. LOL (Burying the, I feel ya Sis!) Yessss!!!! I love that and you’re right; he’s our father too and yes, how many time has he told us not to do that and we did it anyway or not to go there and we went anyway…lol…I know he’s told me on numerous occasions and I still ran right out in front of the train. Yes, that’s what we have to realize, our children don’t belong to us, but they belong to God. Thanks so much for reading, commenting and leaving your tips – I really appreciate it and you! xoxo

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  4. Parenting is so hard!! Mine are so little and it’s already a daily challenge what with the questions they ask and so forth. I do think the school was harsh to suspend her for that long for kissing a boy. That seems a little overboard. I feel like I was a teenager yesterday and my mom was always so open and communicative about those things. And it really kept me from being an idiot. I didn’t feel like I had to hide or lie. I had my first kiss at 16 when I was allowed to date and I waited to “go all the way” until I was 18. I think it’s so important to keep they open communication with your teens because in reality we can’t keep them from doing anything. We can only teach them and show them the right way; at the end of the day it’s up to them what they do. I’m always so grateful that my mom talked to me openly and gave me boundaries. My friends were all running around sleeping with every thing they saw and so many of my classmates were pregnant at graduation. Try not to be too hard on her mama! You got this!!!!

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    1. Hi Rudymariee! Girllllll….pray for ya sister, lol!!! Parenting is definitely a hard pill and yes, when they’re young they do ask soooo many questions and you wonder and pray that you tell them the right things. My mom was like your mom, she was very open with us and began to talk to us about sex and so forth at an early age. She would always tell us “At any time you can be like them, but at no given time will they ever be like you again” because as you stated, alot of the girls around us were either pregnant, had a baby, was having sex or talking about it, I had my first kiss at 16 too but didn’t go all the way until 21. I do try to be as open as possible with my daughter, even before that incident in which she admitted that she only kissed him on the cheek and he kissed her on the cheek, to be honest that bus driver is a piece of work – my blog post would’ve been ten times long if I had gotten into that situation…lol. I thought 3 days wasn’t fair either, but the principal stated that she had been warned multiple times about sitting with him, soooo…yeah, I guess. Girl, I tried to do more talking than anything else – that’s why I had to take that God break…lol, because the things in my mind…oh lord, lol. I appreciate you for reading, sharing your truths and your tips. We got this girl…we just got keep watering those seeds. xoxo

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