Sunday’s Thought: Sometimes, You Only Get One SHOT!

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I totally cringe when I look at shows such as ‘The Voice’, ‘World of Dance’ and ‘America’s Got Talent.’ No, No – it’s not because I dislike shows like that because, in actuality, I’m a huge fan of them. But what gets me is when you have a person that’s so FULL of talent – bomb on a song or don’t bring their very best to the stage.

Yes, their first audition was AWE-DROPPING amazing – CHILLS even. But what actually happens to that awesome talent once they come back around and we see them again makes you look at them like, WHAT IN THE WORLD HAPPENED???? 


And that’s what makes me upset because I sit there and think – YOU ONLY GET ONE SHOT! to impress, make a name for yourself, make a difference and etc and they come out singing or performing BELOW the belt of what they actually could do – did they get too comfortable? You have to BRING IT every chance you get. I mean when the opportunity’s gone – like that’s it, you get no more chances, at least for that platform that is. Of course in shows such as these; In the end, America decides who they want and let me just say, sometimes America gets it totally WRONG. Now, for some people that have gotten axed from these sort of shows, they’ve actually gotten picked up by other industries and that’s great, but unfortunately, that opportunity doesn’t’ happen for everyone.

So you may be asking – Roshonda, what in the heck does that have to do with a Sunday’s Thought, well I’m glad you asked – so let’s get some good music started (feel free to push the play button below – thanks to my friend Red, she posted something like this on her blog and I thought it was so cool – Like I really thought I was at the movies as she was talking about the new movie Mission Impossible – Fallout – Y’all should really go, take a listen and read her review – there are no spoilers for those that haven’t watched it but she gives you a front-row seat to her cinema of “Before you see this” in which you’ll want to go get a ticket today)

Okay, so push play  upside-down-arrow-hi and let’s get into this…I need your minds focused…lol

Song: This Is The Air I Breathe Hillsong

I was talking to a friend of mine last week and we were on the subject of how people think they have all the time in the world – they feel they have all the time in the world to forgive, ask for forgiveness and get themselves right. But just like those contestants on those popular shows, what people fail to realize is that – They Too Only Get One SHOT! to do the right thing, to make a difference, to tell the truth, and get themselves together.

Life is very short and yes I know that’s cliche’ because we hear it all the time – but really my friends, life is TRULY SHORT! whose to say that we’ll have time to ask for forgiveness, whose to say that we’ll have time to do the right thing, who’s to say that we’ll have time to get ourselves together – WHOSE TO SAY ANYTHING. Life comes out of the blue and unexpectedly for a whole lot of people, as quick as you blink – Life has taken someone out of here.

I often wonder, Did that person forgive? – Did they say I’m sorry to a person they wronged? Did they live their best life now? Did they really know Christ? And if so, were they doing everything in their power to live FULLY for him? Life came so fast, they weren’t able to do the things that they thought they would have TIME to do, it came in mere seconds – not giving them a chance to prepare. As I was telling my friend, that’s why it’s very important that we make the MOST of every little time we have, if you’ve wronged someone ask for forgiveness NOW! If you’ve cheated someone, PAYBACK what you owe them NOW! If you know you haven’t been the best parent to your kids or the best husband or wife to your spouse be the best NOW. Maybe you haven’t been the bestest friend you know you should be. Maybe you haven’t been the best YOU period…

giphy (3)

It’s okay, we’re all works in progress – I’ll be the first to admit, so am I!

But, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel we can start by making those necessary changes NOW, do it NOW, be the best you NOW – Because if life should come at us in a second and take us away. There’s no asking for forgiveness or repentance on the other side, by that time our one SHOT would be final.

We should enjoy every day of our lives and live the way God intended for you to live or as my friend, Lakerfiona stated in her post “LEGACY -How do you want to be remembered” she made a statement that was so empowering and it was:

Legacies are more about what you leave in people, rather than what you leave to them.

And on that note, I ask you and myself. How are we really living and will that “living” take us out of here regretful, knowing that we had a whole lot of loose ends to tie up and didn’t get a chance to do it? Or will that ONE SHOT we were given be well worth the life we lived, knowing that we gave our VERY BEST PERFORMANCE – every….single….time.



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9 thoughts on “Sunday’s Thought: Sometimes, You Only Get One SHOT!

  1. How are we getting all this wisdom at no cost 🙌😭
    Great post this
    Also thank you for the mention
    My heart is out here beaming

    The idea of getting only one shot a lone. I am a victim of having “all the time in the world”. Some days I don’t take my shot at things because I am lazy and I know there is always tomorrow.
    This post got me thinking a whole lot about my life and living in the now


    1. Hey Sis! No problem!! I was glad to do it. Yesssss, when we think about that one shot – in which sometimes in life, that’s all some of us get. That’s why it’s important to live each day like our last, now that I’m a little older I truly understand that verbiage now. I’m sure we’ve all been there in thinking we have all the time in the world – it’s common thinking. Thanks for your comment and for sharing!! Much Love. xoxo


    1. You’re so welcome girl, ain’t no way I was going to use that and not give you a shout-out. I don’t mind saying where I got something from and besides, we’re helpers one to the other. Happy Sunday to you 2! xoxo


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