Mystery Blogger, Who Me? Thanks Alexis Chateau!

Hi Everyone!

Well, since this week is a holiday week and most people are either away from work or barely working (wink, wink) I thought this would be a great “down-time” to complete the Mystery Blogger Award nom I received from Alexis Chateau,  Alexis is an adventurer, writer and novelist who’ll take you to places you’ve never been or always dreamed of going right from your own home! Visit her blog and FB page to see where her next adventure lies! I’m very humbled to have been given this award as well as well as the sunshine and top 30 award. When I came into blogging, I would’ve never imagined being at this place and as I was telling a fellow blogger the other day, the road has been challenging but yet fulfilling and awarding, all of which I’m very grateful.

If you don’t know much about the mystery blogger award or just think it was created by a group of people whom had nothing better to do, then you’re wrong. The Mystery Blogger award was uniquely created and started by Okoto! – who wanted to shine a bright light on amazing bloggers with ingenious posts who not only captivate but motivate and inspire as well.  It’s also meant to build community within the bloggersverse. Check out the full story here!

So, before I get into the questions Alexis asked; let me display THE RULES of this award:

  • List the rules.
  • Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Answer the questions given to you.
  • Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.
  • Share a link to your best post(s).
  • Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choice; with one weird/funny question (specify)
  • Nominate other people to receive this award.
  • Notify your nominees by commenting on their blogs.

Now, let’s get into THE QUESTIONS!

If you could choose anywhere in the world to call home, where would it be, and Why?

Let’s see, I’m a HUGE Paris, France fan and if I could live anywhere in the world, it would either be Paris or Italy. They just seem like really good places to live, learn a language, eat good food and who knows – maybe fall in love (hopeless romantic here!). I have no real motives for wanting to live there; those are just the first places that come to mind when I think about traveling or living. Although Paris has had some really bad misfortunes within the last couple of years, I would still want to live there (I mean, there’s bad no matter where you go, right?)

How did you meet your Best Friend.

Well, I have a couple of best friends and if they’re reading this – it would be hard for me to talk about one without the other. I met them all over the place; some at work, some on social media (yes, people aren’t just finding mates on social media – you can find a bestie for life there too ; ) – I met one at the gym, I met a couple of others through other people and we just connected, soooooo – I can’t name just ONE! that would be an injustice…Lol. However, I can say that I love them all and have special connections with each one of them.

Do you plan on getting my book when it comes out?  

Ha Ha! In case you all haven’t heard, Alexis has a book entitled “The Moreau Witches – Hell Hath No Fury, Like Witches Scorned” you can find out more about this intriguing novel on her website. And yes, I will purchase – will you? I’m gonna have to ask that question myself, lol – that was a good one.

If you could ask me any one thing, what would it be?

What’s your next adventure! Do you plan them or do you just follow your heart and go where the wind takes you.

Weird/funny question: Yanny or Laurel?

Okay, I don’t know about you all and I know this was a MAJOR debate weeks ago on social media – but I hear YANNY all day long, I have no idea how people are hearing LAUREL, I don’t hear that at all. It’s YANNY and that’s my final answer!! LOL!

3 Random Things About Myself that Maybe No One Knows!

Well, if you’ve been around me and we played Two Lies and a Truth together then you already know one or maybe all of these!

  1. When I was younger, I wanted to be a Nun when I got older – I literally wanted to practice it; I just always felt this unimaginable connection with God ever since I was a small child and felt like that was the only way I could be close to him. I know, it probably doesn’t make sense, but I really wanted to be one and sometimes I still think about it – although, I’ve broken like every rule known to man in the beloved Nun book, soooooooo yeah, that’s OUT! BA HA HA HA – LOL!!!
  2. When I was 7 or 8 years old; my mother bought me a cabbage patch doll – her name was Annette April, she even had the same b-day as me. It was my first real doll and I adored her so much. My step dad took her one night while I was sleeping and did something with her, I never saw her again, to this day it makes me sad and I often find myself searching e-bay, amazon and other retailers looking for a cabbage patch doll that looks just like her. #AnnetteApril💗
  3. I’ve always had a vivid imagination – sometimes when I write, things just come to life in my head; it’s like I can hear and see it talking – such as displayed in this post  (yeah, I was always different but guess what – I LOVE IT!!!)

The Blogs Best Posts to Date!

The posts below are in no random order, these are the posts that received the most views/likes, have you read them?

Listed below are my questions and my nominees

  1. What simple things fill you with Joy!
  2. What do you do for a living, Is blogging your main job?
  3. What’s the one thing you would change about the world, if you could.
  4. What’s the one thing that keeps you moving forward; when you want to give up.
  5. Weird/funny question: Is a hotdog a sandwich?


My Nominees:

(These are blogs that I follow or have recently discovered and love their posts)


And as Porky Pig says so happily at the end of Looney Tunes:



“Th-Th-The, Th-Th-The, Th-Th… That’s all, folks!” 




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9 thoughts on “Mystery Blogger, Who Me? Thanks Alexis Chateau!

  1. Buahahha! Sorry, I’m late to the party! Client work kept me away from the blogosphere for a bit. My next adventure will be to Alaska this month, which is why I have been so busy. I’m trying to finish work now, so I can focus on playing all that week. When I return, I’ll be going to the final Vans Warped Tour. On my trips, I always have at least two or three things I am dead-set on doing (usually trails I want to hike), and then everything else on the trip depends on where the wind blows. I am glad you plan on getting my book, heheheh! I am just about to finish up my last read-through and send it off to the editor.

    If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be on my own private island somewhere in the tropics. Care to buy me an island? All I need is a hut and a paddleboard! I’ll give you a discount on my novel, if you do! xD


    1. LOL LOL! Alexis you are so funny & I truly understand about the work, you def don’t won’t to be thinking about that, there. Alaska, huh? Interesting – I heard a lot about Alaska, like it’s dark 6 months out of the year. Don’t know how true that is; but yep – you’re quite the adventurer, I like that especially when you said, or wherever the wind blows. The tropics sound nice and I could definitely see you living somewhere like that. Girl Bye! I’m trying to get someone to buy me a plane ticket to Paris!!! lol lol lol lol lol…..if I find someone as such, then maybe I can convince them to get you an island too – win, win for both of us right?, lol lol. I’m still going to buy your book either way. Glad you’re almost done!!

      Happy Travels Lady!! xoxo


      1. Hahaha, Alaska does have 6 months of dark and light. It will be in the six months of light when we get there. I already bought my sleeping mask to block out the sun.

        Could you see me living in the tropics? Haha. I hope so, seeing as though I’m Jamaican! 😅 Unfortunately, the government had the audacity not to give me a free island so I left.

        I hope you find someone to sponsor our Paris and tropical island desires. I might be going to Greece at the end of this year. It will be my first time in Europe!


      2. Oh Alexis, I wish I could be your backpack – girl you be on the move. Really?, Greece? Okay, so I know you’re going to write about that as well as provide awesome pics, I’ll definitely be on the lookout. I don’t blame you, if the government can’t give you what you want….just leave (lol). Yessss, girl, I’m working on that 2 for 1 deal for us, I’ll let you know if I get any leads. Glad it’s going to be the 6 months of light. Didn’t know you were Jamaican, but you travel quite often and from reading your posts, you just sounded like you would be the type of person to want to live or own you own island. Safe Travels Gurly! xoxo


      3. Hahahaha, I most definitely will be writing about it, if I go. I’m really excited to see Europe with my own eyes! Andalucia, Spain is pretty high up on my list, too. Maybe another time.


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