EnSpired: Whose To Blame!

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So, I would probably have never admitted this let’s sayyyyyy 4 or 5 years ago? but, I was a huge blamer. I blamed everybody for everything – I blamed my “out of the picture for all my life” dad on my poor relationship choices, chalking it up that because he wasn’t around; that’s the reason why I kept getting into one failed relationship after another.

While his “non-existence” did affect me, I never should have let that toxicity spill over into my adulthood life. I’m a firm believer and I have always told people that we as a people have to start putting “expiration dates” on our past – childhood included. We can’t go around constantly blaming our past or life for either the parents we were given or the lemons of life we were dealt.

At some point, we have to let it go – seek the necessary help we need to move forward and create our own version of what we want our life to be like, not the version of the past; but the version we want to have right now and in the future.

If you continue going through life or leave this earth without living life to the fullest; you can’t blame others, you must blame yourself.

My good friend Martha, recently sent me this video and while it was very amusing, it also had a good message to it, so I wanted to share that today with you. (warning: it does have a small curse word in it – only one)

So, who are you blaming today and ask yourself; does that person or thing really deserve that much of your energy, time and space? Either way,  It’s truly NOT WORTH IT!

Brene' Brown


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