Mindsets & Mental Stress

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Recently, as me and my brother-in-law were talking, he began to tell me how he was mentally tired. He works all the time it seems like and really never gets a break or have a “down” time and when he is off (which is sometimes only for a day) it’s filled with other things to do, such as take the children to the doctor; mowing the lawn; taking care of things around the house that was pushed on the agenda for his next off day or meeting with his own doctors, he and my sister are both the same way when it comes down to some much needed R&R, they just don’t have the time for it!

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EnSPIRED: So, What Are You Doing With Your Tax Money This Year?

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I featured this story last year in a newsletter I created called EL-SPIRED (God Spired). It was also featured in a magazine that I wrote for. Since tax season is in heavy rotation, I thought I’d share it again. This was a very inspirational and thought provoking story….check it out!

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#Sunday’s Thought: What’s Up with 1022?

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