Sunday’s Thought: The Plan Pusher

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As I was lying in my bed early Tuesday morning – I began to talk to God about a couple of things. As I laid there, my mind went to the many things that I’ve come up with in regards to the plans that I have for my life. I mean we all have plans, dreams and things that we would like to accomplish but what if those plans don’t align with the plans that God has for us. Most times in my life, when it’s come to the small details concerning my present and future – I’d draw my own blueprint for how I want my life to be orchestrated, not one time consulting God about his thoughts towards my “so-called” ideas.

man pushing rock
How many of “your” plans do you push off on God.

I recently experienced a situation in which my blueprints were all mapped out and I was all geared up into moving forward to start the building process, but no matter which way I tried to go with making those blueprints work; it just didn’t seem to come together in the way “I” wanted them. I mean, I erased and re-wrote them every which way – still, nothing made sense and every mark made seemed to take me right back to square one. As I laid in bed contemplating, it was then that it fell in my spirit “We have to be careful about pushing our plans onto God” – It was obvious the blueprint that I had so diligently put together wasn’t working because it wasn’t what God had intended for me to do or have.

No matter what plans we may have for our lives, we have to realize that in the end – God has the last say and if it’s not apart of his will, then it will not be apart of your life unless you PUSH it to be, in which in that case whatever misfortune you experience from that PUSH, will be on you – not him. The bible says “The blessings of God maketh rich and add no sorrow.” Prov 10:22. We have to have faith and trust the blueprints that God has already drawn out for us, we have to believe God and know that whatever HIS PLANS are, they’ll work out for our good and best interest in the end. Gods plans won’t keep us up at night wondering how we’re going to pay for it and his decisions for our lives will not make us worse off but better in the end.

So, put your blueprints or any orchestrated things you have for your life aside and ask God to give you the blueprints/plans he has for your life. You’ll be very surprised about the layout because FATHER DEFINITELY KNOWS BEST!


Lord, bless me to pay attention so that I’m not pushing my plans and/or blueprints for my life onto yours and forgive me, if I’ve not stayed still long enough to hear the plans you have for my life. I’m listening now God, It’s your will – not my wants.


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Sunday’s Thought: A $20 Bill and A Spot in the Shade…

I’m the type of person that believe in miracles, I believe in the unexpected. I’m very optimistic, I believe that anything is possible. However; I usually have this type of belief when it comes to other people, never for myself…lol. When unexpected miracles and blessings happen for people, I get SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited, I act as if what they’ve just experienced has also just happened to me as well. I’ve never been the type of person that gets jealous or become envious when nice things happen to people, I guess deep down inside of me, I feel as though being happy for them will in someway improve the…for lack of a better word – “karma” in my own life, but I guess the happier you are doesn’t always necessarily mean that, that same fortune will follow you or at least that’s what I thought, until last Wednesday happened….

Last Wednesday (29th), made one year that my mom has been deceased. I have to say, I really wasn’t looking forward to that day although I knew it was coming, no matter what I felt or thought – that time last year, I was at work when I got the news from my sister that my mom had slipped peacefully away from us. She had been in the hospital for well over a month and the doctors were coming in like every other day, not to give us good news concerning her condition – but worse news. First they told us, she had 6 months, in which quickly turned into 2 weeks and before we could try to adjust ourselves to that news, they announced “We don’t think she’ll make it to Thanksgiving” talk in which at that time was less than a week away; needless to say, she lived 5 days after Thanksgiving. So this year has been a really tough first year without her; getting through mother’s day was the hardest day of my life. But, here I was now facing the one year mark and thinking of how I was going to spend the day. I wanted to do something simple – yet – carefree for the day. I didn’t want to do social media and I didn’t, I sort of unplugged that day to reflect.


It was such a beautiful day last Wednesday, the weather was so perfect, it was almost like one of those days that the movies could only create, I remember thanking God for such a beautiful day, as last year it was rainy and cold on the very same day. I wanted to stay home but then I thought, what good would that do (an idle mind is the devil’s workshop). So I packed my lunch, went to New Bern and spent time with a dear friend. We walked and looked at shops and suddenly decided to go to the park to eat our lunch. Upon parking and getting out of the car to find a place to sit, I noticed two benches; one looked as if the sun was shining right on it and the other which was further away, looked a little shadier, as it was located near a tree. “Let’s go over there” I stated, once we walked over we began to eat our lunch and talk, when all of a sudden out the corner of my right eye, I noticed this lady fastly approaching us. As she came closer, I began to get a little paranoid; people just randomly walking up to you is not as innocent as it used to be and with so much going on now, you have to be careful. As she approached, I heard her say “Hi, I know you don’t know me and I don’t know you” I have to be honest, the first thing I thought was – “Okay, is she going to ask for cash?” – “What story is she coming over here with.” I mean, it is closer to the holidays and people are trying to get something for their children or themselves; I mean, it is the season of giving, right?

Now she was standing on the side of the table repeating her earlier sentence “I know you don’t know me and I don’t know you, but God just blessed me and I wanted to pass that blessing on to someone else” Immediately, I was stunned…mainly because I had already put up a defense guard but when she said that, I felt that guard slowly letting down. “I just want to bless you,” she said and she put a twenty-dollar bill in my hand and my good friends hand. “I just wanted to be a blessing to someone,” she said. I was so shocked and stunned by what she did and her act of “receive a blessing, pass a blessing” until I almost let her walk off without giving her a huge hug, in which I did when I snapped out of my trance. I thanked her again and again and again….”You’re welcome, Be Blessed” was all she said as she quickly walked to her car, I watched her as she drove away. WOWWWW!!!! was the only word all me and my friend could say. I suddenly raised my hands to God and gave him a big thank you!


Her act of kindness was something that I seen happen many times over to other people, but never thought that it would ever happen to me. Now I know you must be saying “Well, it was just $20.00, but it was a true blessing to me as I went to my mom’s home town with little to no gas and was wondering how I was going to get back home, but didn’t really think about it much – so it was a right on time blessing and she didn’t even know about it, she just felt compelled to bless someone that day because she had been blessed and what a tremendous blessing it was!

Have you ever been compelled to do something out of the extraordinary and did it?



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Sunday’s Thought: Okay, So Why Are You Still There?

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Long ago, I had a job that I hated – for most of you I bet you’re saying “Join the club, Girl,” while this job was a dream come true in the beginning; the longer I stayed there the crazier, wackier and more dysfunctional it had become. I found myself hating to get up in the morning to take the long commute to get there, most days I cried before I got out of the car to enter the building – Yes, it was just that bad. I mean, I was (in my opinion) a good worker, I did my job and caught on quickly to any new tasks that were given to me, but no matter what I seemed to do, I still wasn’t liked or favored by upper management. They were the type of boss that showed favoritism to the people that didn’t do their jobs, they took glory in the gossipers whom sat in the corner and talked about everyone else; I mean, they joined them and talked about people too including the ones that were doing the gossiping; but here I was, trying to put out good work and still couldn’t get ahead with them, everything I did was wrong and even if it was right – they would always find a piece of the puzzle that just wasn’t put in securely.

I couldn’t win for always loosing – but I persevered on and kept doing what I was supposed to do. Suddenly one day the job that I had always wanted came up for grabs – thinking that I would be first choice for this job (since I was working closely with the person that was already doing it) I put in my application – to my surprise, quite a few people put in their applications as well for the same job – which was ridiculous to me because why would they do that and they hadn’t lifted a finger in the job that I was currently doing; but I kept my hopes up – when it came time for me to have my interview, I was excited – I was asked questions about the job that I had already known but……things turned when I was asked, “So, how much time are you willing to put into this position because it’s a lot more work than what you are doing now.” I stated – “I’m going to give it 100%.” 100%?, they asked. “I mean – you can’t commit 100% to anything, you’ll burn out.” Suddenly, I began to think about my current job and how I submitted this big report, a report that had all these mathematical numbers to it which involved budgets and accounting – no one had submitted that report and passed it error free, not even the predecessor that was once in that job – but, I had done it with flying colors – THE FIRST TIME! then I was asked the question, “Are you married?” by another interviewer, a friend of the boss in whom they felt like was knowledgeable about the job. I said No, and they both looked at each other like it was a crime to be a single mother and have a demanding job. All in all when the interview was over, they said decisions would be made tomorrow and that was it.

Tomorrow came and I was asked to come into the office, I was told later that a deputy was called in (just in case I got upset, in which is so out of my character but that was the way the authority figure was in that job – they would make hasty decisions and then call security, because they loved drama) once I sat down – I was told that I didn’t get the job and that they were sorry, they found someone else more qualified. I took a deep breath and said “Ok, is that all?” They said yes and I got up from my seat and walked out. I was told later that they were nervous because they didn’t know what I was going to do – but I had no intentions of doing anything. That was one incident out of many, many, many more incidents that happened while I was there but I continued to stay, in hopes that maybe they would see me differently and see that I really was a good worker, I worked with people whom came in the door one day and watched them take the job that I so desired, seems like the next – but I kept a good attitude through it all. So, you might say – well why did you stay? And my answer for that is “I wanted to see that authority figure fail” I wanted to see them get what they deserved because they had not only mistreated me but many other people in the process – everyone was tired of it, but no one had the power or the guts to stand up to them. I wanted God to allow me to stay so I can see them get payback for every wrong thing that they had done……what I failed to realize was this famous scripture “Vengeance is mine saith the Lord, I will repay” Romans 12:19 KJV you see, while I was sitting and waiting on them to “get theirs” I was  holding my own self back from moving forwards. Suddenly, years had passed by and I was still holding on to seeing them get their “revenge”

Staying there to see the “action” unfold had literally kept me in bondage – I had applied for other jobs and had good leads but didn’t take them, I just couldn’t let go. We can’t make someone pay for the things or the wrong doing that they’ve inflicted on us, we truly have to leave that to God. I felt the urge from God to move many times, but I had grown so accustomed to what my mind wanted to do – I ignored his voice. When God says move, we have to move or we’ll waste unnecessary energy and time in the dry place and not our new place which is flowing with milk, honey and less headaches.

I don’t know what place you’re in right now or what situation you’re facing that may be causing you to stay in the same place but let me tell you  – God left a long time ago and if you want the “new” blessings he has for you – then you have to leave the place that’s got you stuck. God can’t and won’t bless us if we continue to stay in the same situation, especially when he has provided a way of escape for us to get out.

After years of being waste deep in swamp land, I finally put my faith into action; I brought some boxes to work, went into my office and began to take my things off the walls and box them up; I then told the lord that I was finally ready to move on. While it hurt me deeply to leave, I knew that it was the best move and I have to say, while moving forward has had it’s ups and downs – God has given me more than what I had before and has put me in places and in front of people that I wouldn’t have met or experienced had I had stayed in that dry place. And when I finally left?, God did exactly what he wanted to do, Vengeance really was his, I just had to get out of his way and let him pick up the tab.


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Sunday’s Thoughts: What is The Meaning of Life?


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I recently had someone to ask me out of the blue. “Hey, Roshonda – What is the Meaning of Life? and honestly, I was mute….Okay, so I’m the type of person where I can’t answer questions like that off of a whim, I mean it works for some people but for me, I’m a thinker, so I have to think about the question being asked, ponder on it for about 10min and get back to you. It’s sort of like the instances when people say something to you and you give them the first answer that pops off in your head but later on you think….Wow, I should have said this or that. But when the moment is gone, it’s gone and I knew I didn’t have 10min to ponder on a response so I asked them, “What do you think the meaning of your life is?”

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You see, life in itself has so many different meanings and it’s easy to look at life and try to compile a list of meanings based on what life throws our way. It’s not our job to try to figure out the meaning of life but, what the meaning of life is and how does it pertain to our current life – “US” and not someone else. So the question we should ask is – What is the meaning of my life? It’s easy to look at someone else’s life and determine what their meaning is. Whether it’s by what they do, say or act, we know what their life could mean. But the most important question of the day is … What does my life mean? God gave us life, but he didn’t just give us life to just exist, he gave us life to live it fully and on purpose. Life has no meaning whatsoever if you’re only existing. Are you walking in your purpose? Are you living out the things that God wants you to do?

We were all put on this earth to fulfill our main job and that’s our purpose. Outside of your regular 7am-3pm, 8am-5pm or 9am-5pm we have another job that we’re supposed to fulfill and that’s our purpose. Life was not just created for us to be born, go to school, fulfill our career goals, get married, have children, work hard, enjoy the pleasures of the above, get old and die. Our lives were created to do so much more and be greater than where we are; you’ll be surprised at the people whom feel as though getting married, is their main purpose in life but once that’s done, then what??? Life can seem meaningless if that’s all you feel you were put on earth to do. There has to be much more, right?

There’s a quote that says:

“Life has no meaning, each of us has meaning and we bring it to life. It’s a waste to be asking the question when you are the answer.” Joseph Campbell

So, from this day forward – don’t ask the question, what’s the meaning of life, instead look inside yourself and ask God what is the meaning of MY LIFE! Because it’s then and only then will you discover what the true question to that riddle really means but just in case you still haven’t figured it out? Let me give you a little hint – The answer is YOU.

The meaning of life

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Sunday’s Thought: Following Peace Is Not Easy Peasy…

A little over a year ago I left a church. It was a church that I truly loved, it wasn’t big, it wasn’t too small but as Goldilocks said as she said ate, sat, slept and finagled her way into baby bear’s things “It was just right” – I mean I’ve been to other churches before but this one allowed me to really express myself and use the gifting that God gave me. I mean, while there’s no perfect church. I felt as if this one was the perfect fit for me. Well as you know anytime you get comfortable with someone or some-thing –  the enemy has to come in and play his dirty card hands to make sure “your perfect sunshine” turns into doom and rain and that is exactly what happened in this case.

All I will say is, there was something heard, a whole lot of wrong communication said, my emotions took over and went into overdrive and I became very sarcastic, distant and said a bunch of things I didn’t mean (I never said I was an angel). I ended up leaving that church as fast as I had become a part of it, I vowed that I would never step foot into that place again. While I didn’t share what happened with anyone outside of the people in whom were involved; the incident left me very bitter towards them and a silent grudge within my heart.

So what does the bible mean when in Hebrews 12:14 (NLT) when it says:

Work at living in peace with everyone, and work at living a holy life, for those who are not holy will not see the Lord.


You see?, following peace is really about maintaining relationships with people, because as funny as life is, we never know whom we might need to reach out to in order to ask for a favor, we also never know whom may need us, so we must maintain a peaceful spirit and character as well, I mean think about it, if you say you’re a Christian (and most people have their different meanings as to what this means to them) and you’re supposed to be repping Christ, do you really think you should not have a good, peaceful, approachable attitude? I mean how would Jesus look if every time someone approached him with a question, he gave you the Ice Cube look…..

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Not only would you not want to approach him but you’ll be afraid to ask him for anything. You should think about that the next time someone steps to you, are you giving them the Ice Cube look? (nothing against Ice Cube by any means =)

But following peace with all men is not an easy thing to do as they definitely wouldn’t care if you have peace concerning them. My mom used to tell me often, “Roshonda, it’s not what they do but what you do that matters.” And while I couldn’t understand what mama was saying at that time; as I became older, her words of wisdom became perfectly clear. When you’re representing a higher power it really does matter how you carry yourself. When we took the charge to be a Christian, we took an oath to not only be a follower but also a doer of his word, which means we have to represent him no matter what others do or don’t do.

Don’t get me wrong, this “following peace” way of handling things sometimes is not the most popular stance to take as I want to get my Ice Cube look on and break some necks and dare somebody to say something but I took an oath to follow Christ and with that, that means that I must follow peace. That also means that I have to apologize, even when I don’t want too – even if it wasn’t my fault. I have to forgive people, even when they laugh in my face and I know they talking about me behind my back. I have to do good to the people that just last week, threw me under the bus just to cover their tracks and I have to pray for the ones that I don’t want to pray for because I feel like they’re evil and don’t deserve God’s mercy, but then again, None of us do….

In prayer the other morning – God laid that church strongly on my heart and I reached out to the pastor….not expecting a response because it had been over a year, I imagined all the things they could have said to me, but what I got in return was love and a warm welcome. I was so elated and grateful that God put on my heart to go back and make amends and I was glad that I was still in the land of the living to do it. A lot of times we don’t want to admit when we’re wrong because we want to shift blame and refuse to humble ourselves, but if Jesus can forgive the people that done him wrong and still die for their sins inspite of their attitudes toward him, What about you? What about Me? Are we any different or above the law? NO, we’re not.

Listed below are a couple of tips to help you follow Peace more Easily…


Forgive and Move Forward, Literally

I can’t tell you how much time we lose trying to get people to respond to our plea for forgiveness. Listen, they’re not God and their opinion of whether your forgiveness was real or fake will not put you in heaven or hell. It’s not what they do or don’t do, it’s what you took the courage to do in spite of. The only person you should ever worry about is God himself, you know the one who actually created you? Yeah, him. Don’t waste no more time on people – whether they forgive you or not is their business and between their God, do what you were asked to do and Move On…

Expect Nothing In Return

Just because you had a come to Jesus moment with yourself doesn’t mean others have taken out the time to have that same conversation with him. God dealt with you about what you needed to do – don’t expect anything more from them. If they are true believers, they’ll come around otherwise again, do you and move boo.


So, What is a Christian Again?

Being a Christian means doing things as Christ would have and you have to ask yourself, would Christ hold a grudge, would he be upset at someone for years and not speak to them or bless them? Just as he wouldn’t, you shouldn’t either. Being a Christian means being Christlike even when we don’t want too.

Sometimes Peace Is Hard – Forgive yourself for your actions

Romans 12:18 (NIV) says, If it is possible as much as depends on you live peaceably with all men. When the Apostle Paul wrote that scripture he was referencing that the believers aim should be to live peaceably, but knew that sometimes peace would not be within our control. People will be people, while some will forgive – others will not but you’re not responsible for their actions and can’t help the feelings that they may have toward you, just know that God forgives you and once you’ve forgiven yourself? Feel free to move forward. When you’ve done your part, then you have to step back, let go and let God do his.


See ya in the next Post!!-1

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