Anyone Up for a Book Club? (Movie Review)

the photo above from Bing/courtesy of movie “Book Club”

‘Book Club’ is the latest movie I saw over the weekend that really surprised me. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical about looking at the movie as in the trailer, it looked as if these “seasoned” women were trying to get their groove back by reading “Fifty Shades of Grey” in which we all know (that is if you’ve seen it) is filled with whips, chains, and very exploratory sex scenes. Honestly, I couldn’t enjoy either the first nor the second without turning my head or cringing in my seat, needless to say – Fifty Shades Freed which is part 3 of the series did not make my movie watch list.

So, I honestly was turned off by the movie because if that, but who can pass up a movie with Diane Keaton, who happens to be one of my favorite actresses ever since I seen her in ‘First Wives Club.’ with also starred the incomparable Bette Midler and funny lady Goldie Hawn (both of which I love as well.  Jane Fonda is also a favorite – in which she killed it ‘Monster-in-Law’ – Which happens to be one of my favorite movies of all time. And let’s not forget Candice Bergen (Murphy Brown, Home Again) and Mary Steenburgen (Step Brothers, The Last Man on Earth)

'Book Club' film premiere, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 06 May 2018
From Right: Diane Keaton, Candice Bergen, Jane Fonda & Mary Steenburgen

As much as I wanted to pass up on this movie – This cast of phenomenal women had me thinking twice about my decision and I’m soooo glad that I didn’t pay attention to my thoughts or skepticism. This movie on a scale of 1-10, I’d give it a full ten. It was liberating, sweet, comical and thought-provoking. I’m not one to believe in Love, mainly because of my horrific experiences with it, but these ladies made me believe that love is not only possible but can still happen no matter what “age” you are. It made me realize that love is not dead and there are people out there who are looking for it, believe in it and want it – just as much as you.

The story follows four friends who’ve been a part of each other’s lives for over 30yrs. One is married, one is wealthy, one is run by her daughter’s who thinks their mom is old, fragile and honestly can’t function in life and the other is a federal judge (Can you guess who is which?). As busy as their lives are, they all come together once a month for their book club meeting and this time it was Vivian’s (played by Jane Fonda) turn to pick a book a boy oh boy did she pick one.

Diane Keaton – Book Club Movie

To little dismay, the hesitantly decide to accept Vivian’s book choice “Fifty Shades of Grey” in hopes that it will help them discover the women they once were all while adding a little spark to their sex lives as well as their love lives. The suttle instances that happen next for each of them is life changing and while the book was a start, these ladies soon find out that a book has a way of shaping your life more than anticipated.

Book Club is a feel-good comedy that’ll make you want to get together with your girlfriends and start your own book club.  It’s a movie, that will make you laugh, maybe cry and if you’re having second thoughts in regards to love, maybe this movie will change your mind.

Book Club is out now and you can rent at your local Redbox or if you have the firestick, look it up tonight and plan a movie night with your closest girlfriends or by yourself – either way, you’ll enjoy it. Do you enjoy movies? Wondering what other movies are good to look at? Check out my girl, Rakkelle – who has a list of other movie reviews that I’m sure you’ll want to add to your movie watch list!


My prayers are with everyone who is impending Hurricane Florence! Please be safe and Take Care of yourselves and your family. 

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8 thoughts on “Anyone Up for a Book Club? (Movie Review)

  1. Until I read this post, I never heard of this movie but
    “I’m not one to believe in Love, mainly because of my horrific experiences with it, but these ladies made me believe that love is not only possible but can still happen no matter what “age” you are.”
    after reading this in your blog, it does sounds interesting.

    Love comes at people
    at different times and different places.
    Love is light that make you shine
    and love is not racist.
    Love don’t lie,
    and your heart is forever sacred .
    Love does come by,
    but we search it in wrong places.
    Love at first is always blind
    since we can love the right or wrong faces.
    Love make people die
    when loving the wrong faces.
    Love gives life
    when loving the right faces.
    A question to think about at night,
    If love didn’t exist
    Would life ceased it’s existence?

    Lol good blog and this had me thinking


    1. LOL LOL, David – Well you go boy!! I see you got all types of inspirations from just the review alone…lol. I LOVE IT!! Honestly, your poem is on point because that’s about the way I felt about it when it was over. Oh, the feelings of Love – Thanks for the poem!!! Hey everyone, for more on the spot poetry, please go follow David a.k.a Understand546 at

      Love ya David! ❤


      1. Thank you for the shout out.
        I’m glad we can learn from each other.
        I was in the mood that day.
        My poetry is best when I write it instantly.
        I just let the words flow in my mind and have conversations with my mind and heart and I write the perfect poem 😁😁😁
        Buts it’s a pleasure to read your blogs.
        Looks professional, very well decorated and organized.
        Your topics feel like I’m watching a movie


      2. Yes, you know that’s when things are their best when it just flows without thinking about it. You did great! Thanks for the compliment, I really appreciate that and glad that someone is enjoying the content because as you know all to well, sometimes you wonder.


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