When the road we take is longer than the road God planned..

Gods way - My Way

Some months ago me and my son were riding in the car, while driving he began to ask me “Mama, are we going to Greenville?” I told him No, because we were going in the opposite direction – he then asked “Can we get to Greenville from here” – I told him we could, but then that means that we would have to make a couple of turns off the road we were on and get on another road. He said Ok, but I began to think (as always. Lol!) about the many directions that I have taken in my own life that have either lead me to the place that I needed to go or where I had to take several other turns to get to another destination because I was going the wrong way.

There have been many countless times in my life where the road God planned was not the road I initially had taken; when it came to money, when God was taking me down a road that would lead me to the knowledge of investing and saving – I took the “MY WAY” high road of spending until I had nothing left (because if I seen something I wanted, I bought it – Bill could be due, but if I saw it – it was in my closet, on my feet or in my ears…okay??) When it came to selecting an economical car on “God’s road”, that would be low in payments and that could have easily allowed me to save more money, I took my own road of I want a car that looks nice and that would make me look good, it didn’t matter about the sales price – at the dealership it’s easy to figure out what you would move around in order to obtain an expense and the sales people don’t care as they are just trying to make a sale and get commission; so they’re not interested in your bills, they are just concerned with the money that will be going in their pockets. The car “I” got on “MY WAY” ended up leaving me up late at night wondering how I was going to make the payments the next month and when it came to relationships (which were my pitfall) – Instead of seeking “Gods Way” about it, I ended up taking “MY WAY” – which started out good; but ended in disaster, the things I went through in those relationships on “MY WAY BLVD” would have to be one of the craziest rides that I ever allowed myself to go on….I will share those experiences one day…

But how many of us have taken MY WAY BLVD instead of GODS WAY – I’m sure a lot of us if we truly admit it. God’s way is not destined to be full of sunshine, flowers and good smelling perfumes – NO! But what it does is get you in line toward the goal and/or purpose that he has called you to do. It’s so easy to take our own way because we feel like we know what’s best but it all goes back to letting go of your WHEEL and picking up HIS WILL! For your life – You see when we take God’s path; there are no uncertainties there, you don’t have to worry about a missed direction, a wrong turn or a TOM TOM telling you where you should go, in which can still get you lost. The only sure way of UP! Is in Christ…

jesus is the wayWhen you allow God to take your WHEEL and turn it into HIS WILL you will see a major difference in the road you are traveling on as God promises to never leave us nor forsake us (Hebrews 13:5). I have made many pit stops in my life due to the road that I followed, thinking that I knew what was best – it wasn’t that I didn’t seek God for direction, it was just that I felt like he was taking too long and while he was stagnated in giving me “a right now” answer, I immediately took MY WAY BLVD just to test the road with my own directions. I can tell you that my way lead to stress, anxiety, depression, suicidal tendencies, greed, brokenness, jealousy, pride and so much more. I had tangled my own web and didn’t know how to get out of it, In which if I had just waited on GODS WAY – not to say that it would have been easy but his road would have brought me farther than where I feel like I am today. You see when we venture off into our own paths, we cause delays in our own processes – something that might have taken us two months to accomplish will now take 6 months to see any results – this is because when we took our own way, we caused our purpose, goals and/or destiny to come to a complete stop. I still struggle from time to time about “MY WAY” VS. “GODS WAY” but trust me, it’s a thought that leaves as easily as it comes, I have become determined not to let anything keep me from fulfilling the path and destiny that God has laid out for me; while MY WAY BLVD may seem like the right way to go – I know that GODS WAY is the best route to take without a delay to my journey.

Which road are you taking today?




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