Have you Graduated?


Last week I was faced with a situation, the situation in the past and much of the present was a common mistake that I had always made, This mistake had taken over my life so much so to the point where every time I was presented with this particular one, I gave in; felt bad afterwards, so bad to the point where I didn’t feel worthy enough to go before God’s throne, I distanced myself from God & the church as if I had the ability or the power to punish myself for God from my own sinful, disgusting self and once I felt as though I was okay again, I came out of my own darkness; after the beating, the bruising and the punishing of my own fault…..I now felt worthy enough to go before God’s presence, to go back to church, to mingle around people again.

How many times do we diagnose our own problems with our own solutions, we prescribe our own self-induced medication. The bible says “For ALL have sinned and come short of God’s glory (Romans 3:23). So no matter how good you think you are, mistakes are still present in our life and will be until we are changed over from Flesh to Spirit.

But as many mistakes as we do and/or experience daily there are certain mistakes that we should have graduated from a long time ago, Have you ever found yourself repeating the same things over and over again? You consistently make the same mistakes. Those mistakes honestly are test, tests that we can’t seem to pass. When we take a test in school, we study and study but for some reason when you take the test, you still fail it in which makes you have to take the same test over and over again until you pass. Mistakes are the same way…

When we continue to make the same mistakes, it can cause us to be stagnated in the same place, you don’t move forward in God and/or life because if you keep failing, you will not graduate, ultimately making you to have to re-do that mistake again in which leaves for a season only to return when you least expect it. Have you noticed that when a mistake comes around again, it’s usually presented differently; it never comes back the same way as it did before. It’s kind of like taking a driver’s test for the first time, most pass the very first one; while others have to repeat it. If you are one that has failed your driver’s test the first time, you leave disappointed and defeated but you tend to study the questions/answers that you missed only to go back and find out that you are not given the same test that you had taken before but a totally different test that may have some of the same questions as before but a totally different test in which you did not study for because you were focused on the previous test and its questions and answers.

Until we actually pass and/or graduate from a mistake we will find ourselves always at some time or another presented with the same ordeal. But I can tell you from personal experience that you have the ability to graduate, but just because you graduate from this mistake doesn’t mean you won’t be presented with other mistakes, hurts, habits or hang-ups because remember what was said earlier, as long as we’re in this flesh we will continue to suffer trials, tribulations and greater mistakes but in order to fully move forward in God you’re going to have to not only pass the bigger trials and tribulations – which is easy, because we see them coming a lot of times a mile away and we humanly know how to deal with the bigger tasks, but the smaller things like little mistakes that we’re faced with daily…..The bible says “The small foxes destroy the vine” (Song of Solomon 2:15)

Sometimes we’re so focused on the BIGGER DEALS and try to steer clear of them, But it’s the simplest things in which could range from loving your brothers and sisters like God would love them, a grudge, or judging others and the list goes on and on in this category that could possibly be keeping us from graduating onto the next chapter and/or purpose that God has for us.

Don’t miss the mark of Christ over a simple mistake, as they will happen but graduate with honors from it so you can continue to move upward and not backwards.

So now ask yourself a question, Have you truly Graduated?

mistake quote 2

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