FUN Activities to Do Before Kids Go BTS!! (Per my Kids =)

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Well, if you’re a parent anddddd if your kids were home this summer like mine was; then I know for a fact that you’re more than ready – you and your refrigerator that is; for the kids to GO BACK TO SCHOOLLLLLLLLLL!!!! Please!! – I mean I honestly feel like starting a protest at each one of my kid’s schools to demand that they not only stay open ALL. YEAR. ROUND. but that they’ll also provide breakfast, lunch and a snack while they’re at it. The reasoning for their “at home stay” is really my fault because I literally feel as though, I’m always the last parent on earth to try and get my kids into a camp every year – well, not really…’s just that they’re either:

  1. Too Expensive (one week for $1000 dollars) NO WAY! Now I know that’s a bit of an exaggeration but it’s really expensive and most don’t even offer lunch!
  2. Too Far Away (I mean, I’m not traveling all the way to Ghana for my kids to stay for only 4 hours) – that’s ridiculous and my gas hand says “NOPE, NOT TODAY!”
  3. Waitlisted – (Really??????, I mean can they build more centers??? And did I mention that I’m always the one that’s the 100th person on the waitlist? (uh, yeah -not cool)

Or….And this is my Favorite! Wait for It…

They offer FREE camps and it either falls into number 2 and 3 above – SHEESHHH! Give a girl a break why don’t cha!! So, I’ve decided that in order for me to get my kids on any list for the summer; I have to start RIGHT NOW!! – Now, that’s what I really need to PROTEST! but then again, it won’t be any use – by the time next year rolls around, my son will be aged out for most camps….smh – slowwwwlyyyyy…

Sometimes, there’s no break for us parents – So instead; we have to subject to paying “massively expensive” weekly grocery bills and gasping up the car…because you know they want to go EVERYWHERE KNOWN TO MAN! The struggle is really real people…

Back to School4
Summers are a nightmare for some parents, when they don’t have anywhere for the kiddos to go.

But before we can throw a party of our own and rejoice that they’re headed back to school; If you’re anything like me – while I don’t take glory in them being at home all day, I feel totally bad that I’m working during that time and not able to fully spend “a real summer” with them doing FUN stuff. Growing up, I was the kid that never had anything exciting to share when I went back to school. I didn’t climb mountains, go camping, go to Disney World or Disneyland (yes, it’s a difference) or go to my grandparent’s house for the summer and do cool stuff. Those just weren’t my exciting stories. So, with that being said – now that I have kids; I’ve always wanted them to have those amazing stories to share with their friends, but whomp, whomp unfortunately they don’t. *sigh*

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Speaking of kids, so In preparation for this blog – I thought it would be nice to actually get their opinion about what fun things they wanted to do before going back to school. I could come up with some things but I really wanted their opinion, because if you’re doing what they initially want to do – then it’s a surefire guarantee that they’ll be truly having FUN, the way they want too and maybe it’ll take the edge off of me feeling “guilty” for another bummed summer.

Without further ado, Listed below are suggestions that the kids gave me that they wanted to do before school starts back. Who knows,  maybe you can plan to do these inexpensive things with your kids too.

LET’S HIT THE BEACH! 🏄‍♀️ 🏄‍♀️ 🏄‍♂️ 🏄‍♂️ 

Give me some good weather, a nice breeze and BEACH, here we come! The beach is also very inexpensive. You can pack your lunches, sunscreen, towels, chairs and umbrellas (if you have those) and head out to get some much needed sun and relaxation. It’s something about closing your eyes and listening to the waves that gets my beach vibes into motion. Let the kids build sandcastles, play in the water (close to the shore, unless they’re good swimmers or accompanied by an adult) and it’s a great time for the whole family and since you packed your lunch – you’re saving money, in which could be used to stop by the ice cream shop and get some desert on your way back.


I’m not a professional bowler, but I do like doing it and so does the kids. Since it’s the summer time, most places such as bowling and skating rinks offer great deals on certain days of the week for the whole family. It’s a possibility that you might be able to bowl for as little as $5 a person or LESS! While you’re saving money on your bowling – that’ll be a little extra to get some snacks from the concession stand; in which you should check that out as well because they may even offer a deal for the food and bowling, which in my book is a WIN-WIN.


Yes, the movies can be quite expensive – especially when you purchase food from the concession stand. I remember when me and the kids went to the movies a couple months ago, I easily spent a good 50 bucks for three tickets and concessions!! BUTTTT if you hit those movies before a certain time and if you’re a rewards member with your local theater (depending on how much you go) you can save BIG time on those tickets as well as the concession stand. Check your local theater to see when the best deals are happening and make it a movie night. I have to say, I’m a Redbox baby myself but we’re talking about getting OUT of the house, right?

SPENDING TIME WITH FRIENDS…🤸‍♀️ 🤸‍♀️ 🤸‍♂️ 🤸‍♂️ 

Of course this was my teenage daughters idea…smh! You know when they get teenagers, they don’t want to hang out with you as much as EVERYTHING is about their beloved “friends” So, before you take that deep breathe in and out….I see ya….This could actually be a good thing. I mean once school is out for the summer; how many times do they really get to spend time with their friends (unless they live in the same neighborhood) when school is out, so are they….literally. While I wanted to huff when she said this, I thought to myself – well, I guess it’s a good idea because when school starts back it’s going to be homework, going to bed early and sport activities. So it’ll be good to get them and their friends together for either a sleepover or meet up at a local event and just hang out for a couple of hours without the pressure of homework and deadlines – before BTS goes into full effect.

Well, this was it – this was their summer fun activity list and I’m going to make sure that we and/or they get a chance to get it all in before the alarm clock, buses and school mania starts up again. So, have you asked your kids what they would like to do before school starts up again? Go ahead, Ask them…

You might be shocked at just how inexpensive, low-key and FUN it might be!

Cheers to the Rest of Your Summer!

Enjoy It! (1)



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