EnSpired: I AM NOT STUPID! By Guest blogger – Amy Temple

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Please help me welcome Amy Temple!. Amy reached out to me about a week ago inquiring about doing guest posting, and after a couple of exchanges – I said YES! I’m so glad I did; she’s phenomenal and I encourage you to listen and be inspired by her story as well as her journey. So let’s give a warm welcome to Amy and please show your love and support by leaving her a comment below!



I mean it can’t stand to even look at me!  It sees me coming and it does all it can do to hide from me.

I don’t know why. I haven’t done anything to it.

I want us to be friends.  I want us to hang out but it turns its nose up at me.

I tried to make it understand that this is how I was made but no dice.


You see, I learn differently.  There are some things that I can pick up instantly and there are things that take me just a little bit longer to pick up.

After I was diagnosed, professionals told my parents that I would never amount to much.  I would never be able to live independently…and on and on, it went.

My first experience of society flipping me “the bird”. 

After high school graduation, I spent the next couple of years making numerous phone calls and going on endless job interviews… but all to no avail.  I am blessed to have very supportive and encouraging parents who never treated me differently because of my learning difficulties.  I have always been open about having them… to me, they are what they are.

However, my “condition” prevented me from finding a job… fast food restaurants and the like would not even hire me! I even signed up with a temp agency but nothing.  All I got was a couple of internships with the promise of possible permanent employment… which never materialized.

It was not like I was lacking in any kind of skill.  I have two secretarial certifications from a vocational training center. That should be good enough but just say the words;

“I have learning difficulties”

And you can almost hear the buzzer from Wheel of Fortune when a wrong letter is picked. Then…came an opportunity that was thought to be – dare I say – the Holy Grail!

I had applied for a medical secretarial position at the medical center of the retirement community I was volunteering for.  I received notification that I was one of three final candidates.  We were to each do a paid two-week internship.  I felt SO confident that this was it!  I had the most experience.  I was the only one who had an actual certification in medical secretarial work.


Another strikeout!  I went to talk to the hiring manager afterward and discovered that the two medical secretaries I had been working under lied about my performance so that their friend would be hired (she was one of the final candidates).


I was furious!  What got me was that the one other candidate was a single mother who really needed the money!  I remember thinking, “What kind of lies did they say about her!?”

I had enough after that! I got sick and tired of all the BS I kept getting for having learning difficulties as I had done something wrong!

I have been self-employed in the dog care field for 12 years.  My specialties are walking, feeding and playing.

I am also pursuing a writing career.  My focus is inspirational and humor.

A couple of years ago, I decided to write a memoir about what life really is like with learning difficulties, entitled:

I am not stupid
Amy’s first book available now on Amazon – Click Book for Purchase!

It’s a quote I must have said hundreds of times when I was being rejected and discriminated against.

And it’s true… I’m not.

I have an above average IQ.

I have a life to live and I simply don’t have time to be worried about what others think of me.

I KNOW what they think!

They want me gone.

Out of here!


I’m not going anywhere…

Society may just as well get used to it. 





Amy is a resident of Florida.  Since 2006, she has been self-employed in the dog care field.  In May 2017, she self-published a memoir titled “I Am Not Stupid” which is available through Amazon.  She writes for seethegoodinfo, an inspirational website and the Learning Disabilities Association’s newsletter LD Source.


If you would like to know more about Amy and hear so much more of her powerful story, please click the link above (her book title) and show her some support by purchasing her book. I purchased mine! – Let’s support one another!!




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20 thoughts on “EnSpired: I AM NOT STUPID! By Guest blogger – Amy Temple

      1. Girl, what you talking about. I went looking for anything you had written earlier today and panicked because I thought I had missed something…lol lol. Don’t won’t to miss any of yours. = )


      2. No, no, no….I meant that I had to catch up on yours. I think you wrote 2 more pieces since my birthday that I haven’t been able to read yet. 😞


      3. Hey Sis!

        I knew what you were saying but I was stating that I somehow thought I had missed out of yours, I know you told me you post on Saturdays I believe so I try to look for a new one from you every week. The birthday one caught me by surprise…lol. I thought I had missed one from you because I had went to your site earlier before your post to me to check. No worries gurly….


      4. Yes, Sis, you’re absolutely right. I do post on Saturdays but I had to do a birthday shout out to myself, even though my birthday was on a Thursday, as opposed to a Saturday. 😁

        Yep, you’re right again. I haven’t posted anything since my birthday, which was 2 weeks ago, I’ve been busy catching up with work (took my birthday week off and kind of fell behind).

        The plan is to write today though if I can think of something to write about. I wanna write about how I spent my birthday. What’d you think? Too self-indulgent?


      5. I think ppl would want to know about how you spent your birthday. From reading the comments from your birthday post, it gave ppl a sense that their life should be celebrated in a great way. Because Life is a celebration, right?

        I think how you spent your birthday, in which you told a little in your birthday post but the afterwards feeling, like what did you feel the next day, did something in partcular stand out on your b-day, maybe something you hadn’t noticed before?

        Just thoughts….lol. But I look forward to any post by you because I know it’s going to do a couple of things….

        1, Make me Think
        2. Make me Love on Myself (not in that way…lol)
        3. Make me laugh!
        4. See the world a little differently.

        So, go for it Sis – no matter what you write, people are eager to hear it.


      6. No, Roshonda. I meant that I have to catch up on yours. I think you have posted a few times since my birthday but I haven’t been able to read them yet. I’ll get to them though. 😃


  1. I love this! Amy doesn’t give up and made a career for herself-thus a better work schedule than 8-5 plus mandated overtime (if salaried-no extra pay) for many working folks who hate their jobs. Kudos to you Amy!


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