Sunday’s Thought: The Plan Pusher

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As I was lying in my bed early Tuesday morning – I began to talk to God about a couple of things. As I laid there, my mind went to the many things that I’ve come up with in regards to the plans that I have for my life. I mean we all have plans, dreams and things that we would like to accomplish but what if those plans don’t align with the plans that God has for us. Most times in my life, when it’s come to the small details concerning my present and future – I’d draw my own blueprint for how I want my life to be orchestrated, not one time consulting God about his thoughts towards my “so-called” ideas.

man pushing rock
How many of “your” plans do you push off on God.

I recently experienced a situation in which my blueprints were all mapped out and I was all geared up into moving forward to start the building process, but no matter which way I tried to go with making those blueprints work; it just didn’t seem to come together in the way “I” wanted them. I mean, I erased and re-wrote them every which way – still, nothing made sense and every mark made seemed to take me right back to square one. As I laid in bed contemplating, it was then that it fell in my spirit “We have to be careful about pushing our plans onto God” – It was obvious the blueprint that I had so diligently put together wasn’t working because it wasn’t what God had intended for me to do or have.

No matter what plans we may have for our lives, we have to realize that in the end – God has the last say and if it’s not apart of his will, then it will not be apart of your life unless you PUSH it to be, in which in that case whatever misfortune you experience from that PUSH, will be on you – not him. The bible says “The blessings of God maketh rich and add no sorrow.” Prov 10:22. We have to have faith and trust the blueprints that God has already drawn out for us, we have to believe God and know that whatever HIS PLANS are, they’ll work out for our good and best interest in the end. Gods plans won’t keep us up at night wondering how we’re going to pay for it and his decisions for our lives will not make us worse off but better in the end.

So, put your blueprints or any orchestrated things you have for your life aside and ask God to give you the blueprints/plans he has for your life. You’ll be very surprised about the layout because FATHER DEFINITELY KNOWS BEST!


Lord, bless me to pay attention so that I’m not pushing my plans and/or blueprints for my life onto yours and forgive me, if I’ve not stayed still long enough to hear the plans you have for my life. I’m listening now God, It’s your will – not my wants.


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Sunday’s Thought: Okay, So Why Are You Still There?

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Long ago, I had a job that I hated – for most of you I bet you’re saying “Join the club, Girl,” while this job was a dream come true in the beginning; the longer I stayed there the crazier, wackier and more dysfunctional it had become. I found myself hating to get up in the morning to take the long commute to get there, most days I cried before I got out of the car to enter the building – Yes, it was just that bad. I mean, I was (in my opinion) a good worker, I did my job and caught on quickly to any new tasks that were given to me, but no matter what I seemed to do, I still wasn’t liked or favored by upper management. They were the type of boss that showed favoritism to the people that didn’t do their jobs, they took glory in the gossipers whom sat in the corner and talked about everyone else; I mean, they joined them and talked about people too including the ones that were doing the gossiping; but here I was, trying to put out good work and still couldn’t get ahead with them, everything I did was wrong and even if it was right – they would always find a piece of the puzzle that just wasn’t put in securely.

I couldn’t win for always loosing – but I persevered on and kept doing what I was supposed to do. Suddenly one day the job that I had always wanted came up for grabs – thinking that I would be first choice for this job (since I was working closely with the person that was already doing it) I put in my application – to my surprise, quite a few people put in their applications as well for the same job – which was ridiculous to me because why would they do that and they hadn’t lifted a finger in the job that I was currently doing; but I kept my hopes up – when it came time for me to have my interview, I was excited – I was asked questions about the job that I had already known but……things turned when I was asked, “So, how much time are you willing to put into this position because it’s a lot more work than what you are doing now.” I stated – “I’m going to give it 100%.” 100%?, they asked. “I mean – you can’t commit 100% to anything, you’ll burn out.” Suddenly, I began to think about my current job and how I submitted this big report, a report that had all these mathematical numbers to it which involved budgets and accounting – no one had submitted that report and passed it error free, not even the predecessor that was once in that job – but, I had done it with flying colors – THE FIRST TIME! then I was asked the question, “Are you married?” by another interviewer, a friend of the boss in whom they felt like was knowledgeable about the job. I said No, and they both looked at each other like it was a crime to be a single mother and have a demanding job. All in all when the interview was over, they said decisions would be made tomorrow and that was it.

Tomorrow came and I was asked to come into the office, I was told later that a deputy was called in (just in case I got upset, in which is so out of my character but that was the way the authority figure was in that job – they would make hasty decisions and then call security, because they loved drama) once I sat down – I was told that I didn’t get the job and that they were sorry, they found someone else more qualified. I took a deep breath and said “Ok, is that all?” They said yes and I got up from my seat and walked out. I was told later that they were nervous because they didn’t know what I was going to do – but I had no intentions of doing anything. That was one incident out of many, many, many more incidents that happened while I was there but I continued to stay, in hopes that maybe they would see me differently and see that I really was a good worker, I worked with people whom came in the door one day and watched them take the job that I so desired, seems like the next – but I kept a good attitude through it all. So, you might say – well why did you stay? And my answer for that is “I wanted to see that authority figure fail” I wanted to see them get what they deserved because they had not only mistreated me but many other people in the process – everyone was tired of it, but no one had the power or the guts to stand up to them. I wanted God to allow me to stay so I can see them get payback for every wrong thing that they had done……what I failed to realize was this famous scripture “Vengeance is mine saith the Lord, I will repay” Romans 12:19 KJV you see, while I was sitting and waiting on them to “get theirs” I was  holding my own self back from moving forwards. Suddenly, years had passed by and I was still holding on to seeing them get their “revenge”

Staying there to see the “action” unfold had literally kept me in bondage – I had applied for other jobs and had good leads but didn’t take them, I just couldn’t let go. We can’t make someone pay for the things or the wrong doing that they’ve inflicted on us, we truly have to leave that to God. I felt the urge from God to move many times, but I had grown so accustomed to what my mind wanted to do – I ignored his voice. When God says move, we have to move or we’ll waste unnecessary energy and time in the dry place and not our new place which is flowing with milk, honey and less headaches.

I don’t know what place you’re in right now or what situation you’re facing that may be causing you to stay in the same place but let me tell you  – God left a long time ago and if you want the “new” blessings he has for you – then you have to leave the place that’s got you stuck. God can’t and won’t bless us if we continue to stay in the same situation, especially when he has provided a way of escape for us to get out.

After years of being waste deep in swamp land, I finally put my faith into action; I brought some boxes to work, went into my office and began to take my things off the walls and box them up; I then told the lord that I was finally ready to move on. While it hurt me deeply to leave, I knew that it was the best move and I have to say, while moving forward has had it’s ups and downs – God has given me more than what I had before and has put me in places and in front of people that I wouldn’t have met or experienced had I had stayed in that dry place. And when I finally left?, God did exactly what he wanted to do, Vengeance really was his, I just had to get out of his way and let him pick up the tab.


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Sunday’s Thoughts: What is The Meaning of Life?


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I recently had someone to ask me out of the blue. “Hey, Roshonda – What is the Meaning of Life? and honestly, I was mute….Okay, so I’m the type of person where I can’t answer questions like that off of a whim, I mean it works for some people but for me, I’m a thinker, so I have to think about the question being asked, ponder on it for about 10min and get back to you. It’s sort of like the instances when people say something to you and you give them the first answer that pops off in your head but later on you think….Wow, I should have said this or that. But when the moment is gone, it’s gone and I knew I didn’t have 10min to ponder on a response so I asked them, “What do you think the meaning of your life is?”

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You see, life in itself has so many different meanings and it’s easy to look at life and try to compile a list of meanings based on what life throws our way. It’s not our job to try to figure out the meaning of life but, what the meaning of life is and how does it pertain to our current life – “US” and not someone else. So the question we should ask is – What is the meaning of my life? It’s easy to look at someone else’s life and determine what their meaning is. Whether it’s by what they do, say or act, we know what their life could mean. But the most important question of the day is … What does my life mean? God gave us life, but he didn’t just give us life to just exist, he gave us life to live it fully and on purpose. Life has no meaning whatsoever if you’re only existing. Are you walking in your purpose? Are you living out the things that God wants you to do?

We were all put on this earth to fulfill our main job and that’s our purpose. Outside of your regular 7am-3pm, 8am-5pm or 9am-5pm we have another job that we’re supposed to fulfill and that’s our purpose. Life was not just created for us to be born, go to school, fulfill our career goals, get married, have children, work hard, enjoy the pleasures of the above, get old and die. Our lives were created to do so much more and be greater than where we are; you’ll be surprised at the people whom feel as though getting married, is their main purpose in life but once that’s done, then what??? Life can seem meaningless if that’s all you feel you were put on earth to do. There has to be much more, right?

There’s a quote that says:

“Life has no meaning, each of us has meaning and we bring it to life. It’s a waste to be asking the question when you are the answer.” Joseph Campbell

So, from this day forward – don’t ask the question, what’s the meaning of life, instead look inside yourself and ask God what is the meaning of MY LIFE! Because it’s then and only then will you discover what the true question to that riddle really means but just in case you still haven’t figured it out? Let me give you a little hint – The answer is YOU.

The meaning of life

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It’s My Man Monday! Hey Guys, You’ve got Mail…

I have a message for the man who’s struggling with knowing not only who he is but whose he is today. The man whom doesn’t quite see himself as good enough, the man who has given it his all but still seems to come up short, no matter how much he tries.

I have a message for the man who is troubled because of a failed relationship or marriage and can’t seem to forgive himself because of it. The man whose a great father to his kids but is under appreciated for it. The man who isn’t a great father, but desires in his heart to be. The man who feels he can’t get a good job because of his past mistakes. The man whom can’t seem to kick the habit, any habit. The man who feels trapped in his own body but afraid to tell people his issues because he’s afraid he’d be shunned.

No matter what man issue you have today, whether it’s something that was written here or you have your own unique circumstance. I want you to know that God loves you no matter what you have done and no matter where you may be right now in this so called world called “LIFE” – God sees and he knows and I want you to know that he cares for you.

Do you know that God created you in his own image?, that means that you look like your father and when he created you, he created you to be BOLD, to be GREAT and to be ONE OF A KIND! and that you are, so don’t feel sorry for yourself because maybe you’re not where you feel like you should be right now, maybe you feel as though you made so many mistakes that God wouldn’t want to have anything to do with you and I hate to tell you, but you’re sadly mistaken.

Just as the father embraced the prodigal son (Luke 15: 11-32) when he was far off. The son, walking in shame was getting prepared to become a servant in his fathers home because he felt embarrassed by the wild lifestyle he lived and awfully bad about the portion of money he took from his father to support that lifestyle but when the money ran out and the friends disappeared, he was left with nothing. He took a job working for a farmer whom had him to feed his pigs – the prodigal son was so despaired and hungry, until the food he was feeding the pigs began to look mighty good to him, soon he began to reminisce about the servants in his fathers house and how good they ate. He then decided to go back home and ask his father to become one of them. But the father wouldn’t have it, he embraced his son, kissed him and threw a big party for him because the son he thought was lost and feared for dead, was alive and home again. This was surely not the behavior the son expected his father to give him for the bad decisions or the wrong things he had done but just as that father embraced his lost son, so your father is waiting to embrace, love and bring restoration to your life, he doesn’t even remember what you done or the path you chose to take, he’s just glad that you came back to him. And while you’re being restored, the angels are having a massive party on your behalf.

No matter how far we’ve gone out – God is able to restore us again! Take courage my friend and don’t give up – but look up! and see your father in the distance, hands raised awaiting for you to come and lay in his arms of forgiveness, mercy and grace.

May the video above bless you and put a fresh wind into your journey and let you know how AWESOME you truly are!

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Women, not to worry – I have something for you on Wednesday!! Stay Tuned…

To The Victims & Families of Las Vegas…

Praying hands

Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven, give us this day our daily bread and forgive us of our debts as we forgive our debtors, lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil for thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory forever.



I wanted to start with the Lord’s Prayer because it’s a montage as to what we should pray in times of despair, need, understanding and forgiveness. I can’t say that I understand what you are going through because I don’t and I can say that I have empathy for what you have experienced, but I can’t even begin to say that; because there’s nothing in the world that you can say about something so tragic in which you’ve experienced and/or have gone through within the last couple of days.

It hurts to constantly see things of this nature being committed within our world, it’s also hard to believe that we’ve had 50yrs of mass shootings, taking out over 949 people including innocent children and teenagers. As you watch the news you can’t help but to think “Really?, Again?” – And each time gets harder and harder as the number of precious lives whom had so much to live for, so many things to accomplish and so many goals to reach, be taken out without warning or notice. In times like this it almost makes you feel like going in the house and not ever coming out again…but, then that gives the culprits the upper hand in having control and dictating how we should live our lives and we cannot, shall not, live this life in FEAR!

As you try to piece life back together as you know it, I pray that your heart heals daily and that your thoughts are overshadowed by good memories and thoughts of the countless people that put their life on the line to stop and grab someone to safety, either by pulling them or driving them; there were people that made sure no one (as much as they could help it) was left behind; in which despite tragedy, shows the strength and courage of our country . I’m a firm believer and it’s my motto that every negative situation has a positive one, it might be very hard to find at first but it’s always there. And believe it or not there is a positive in this tragedy.

A lot of times we don’t understand why people choose to be evil and mean or even why they do bad things and it makes us sad when you hear someone has done something that was wrong or mean to someone or to people that did nothing to them, But God is in control even of people, God created people to be good and very good and everything he created was a Blessing but it’s the road that people choose to take in life that can either lead them to be good or bad – it’s their choice and sometimes their choices are not good.

But don’t be discouraged, for in the midst of chaos and despair, know that God loves you and has a plan for you, there’s a scripture in Jeremiah that states:

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)

This scripture has helped me through some really tough times and it just lets me know that no matter what, God has my back and through my tragedies and many disappointments he still has plans for me no matter what has happened or what I may have done, God has a future for me and I know he has a plan and a future for you in the midst of all you’ve gone through and while you may be shakened, I know you’re going to be okay.

My prayers and daily thoughts are with you. Be Blessed and know that God and a whole nation of good people with you, supporting you and praying for you during this time.




Roshonda N. Blackmon – Creator of JustsumInspiration, Author, Speaker & Encourager

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