Here Comes the Builder

I was honored to be asked to be a guest blogger for – check out her site. Just wanted to share what was written – Do you know any Builders, could you be one?

Here Comes the Builder

By Roshonda N. Blackmon a.k.a JustsumInspiration


I was talking to a girlfriend recently and she began to talk about most women’s main conversation “MEN” – she began to go on and on about how she wanted someone in her life and how she would just like to go out on a date every once in a while with someone. My conversation back to her was a little different as I began to express how afraid I was of dating; I mean let’s face it, at this point in my life I’m afraid of MEN! PERIOD!!

I guess it’s because I’ve had my share of failed relationships and have experienced un-fulfillment in each one of them. I went on to tell her how, I too would love to be in a decent relationship but for some reason; every relationship I’ve encountered; the men have always came to…

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