8 Blogging Time Wasters, Could One Be You? – By Kristie Hill

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blogging time wasters

Are you new to blogging or have you been blogging for quite some time and feel as though you’re not getting the results you dreamed of? Well, my friend – you may be making some time wasting mistakes!

Kristi Hill is not only a blogger but she helps other bloggers in creating an online presence to help them get their blog from “blah” to “WHAM!” – she has helped many, many bloggers achieve success. If you visit her page (Kristie Hill.com) she has everything from A-Z to help you achieve your goals of having the next best blog.

Recently, Kristi reached out to her subscribers to get their input on a very important question. “What are some things you did as a new blogger that were a total waste of time and/or didn’t help to grow your blog?” as you can imagine, the responses were so overwhelming, she decided to compile as much of it up as she could into a blog post entitled: ⬇️⬇️


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In the post you’ll read various responses from bloggers all around the world, (including me!) of some of the biggest time wasters they experienced when they first started blogging – while this post was initially meant to be a source to help new bloggers, there was a plethora of information from seasoned bloggers whom still find themselves wasting a good amount of time on unnecessary things that did nothing to improve their blog.

I thought it was a good read and that maybe it could also help some of us new and not so new bloggers. Please read the post and and while you’re at it, follow Kristi as well; you won’t be disappointed! – If you’ve gotten side-tracked or distracted with your blogging and want to stop wasting time – this is the post to read to get you back on track!

I’m humbled as my response was one of the ones in which she picked to feature in her post. You can check that out here – my response is featured in Time Waster #3: The Comparison Trap. 

So, Let’s Get to It! Time’s a Ticking…

time ticking

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#Sunday’s Thought: My Time vs. HIS Time

Okay, so first let me start off by saying – this is definitely not a post to make anyone feel bad about their current “God” status because we all have fallen, made mistakes, still trying to get it together and so forth, however; there might be a couple of tips within the post that could help you pencil God in on your daily schedule….so, let’s go….

Now I know it sounds funny to say “We have to pencil God In” – because in reality I guess we really shouldn’t have to do that or feel as though that’s an awkward comment to say about the “creator of the universe” but unless you’re totally unplugged from the world and the things that are going on in it, then finding a time to pencil God into your busy day, doesn’t sound so bad at all. Let’s face it, we’re all busy and have a ton of things going on as well as a whole bunch of appointments to keep in mind that we all have to make it too.

Sometimes life for me can get so busy with the everyday mundane until all I can do most days is give God a quick “Thank you Lord” in the morning while rushing out the door or going down the highway to work or gym class. I always propose to spend time with him at night, but by the time I get home from a long day – cook, clean, sign a bunch of papers from school, entertain my kids conversations and check homework it’s already 9pm! I get in the bed with every intention on at least reading a scripture but always get stung by that sleep bug…..every….single….time…

Girl sleep with bible

Soon, something had to give – It’s not like I don’t realize how important God is in my life and yes, I do love him but….I just couldn’t find the right time in the day to spend the most valuable time with him, outside of going to sleep or having any and every other busy thing to get in the way. I never had a problem with making time with friends whom wanted to do lunch or even going to the gym; I even make time every week to have a fun night with my two kids, so what was missing and how come I couldn’t seem to find the time to do this with God? That’s when I suddenly had an epiphany….I need to put God on a schedule just as I do everything else….I have to be honest though, I really never liked doing that because I always felt like God wouldn’t value my time because it almost felt like I was “giving” him a specific time with every other busy thing in my life but I knew that if I wanted to get that time in with him, I had to come up with a solution to get it done.

So, listed below are a couple of tips that I use to get that valuable time In:


1. Set A Good Time:

Set a time aside for God when you’re energetic and energized. This totally depends on the time of day, some people are morning people and some are night owls – choose which time of day works best for you and stick with it. My time of day is the early morning hours (4:30am – 6:30am) because that’s when I know I can give God my best.

2. Have An Agenda

Plan your work and work your plan! You want to have a set system when you go into God’s presence, I’ll elaborate…You wouldn’t enter a boardroom to give a presentation off the top of your head and you sure wouldn’t go into it unprepared, it’s the same way with God, knowing what you’re going to do is great, in other words – will the first 15min be prayer? 15min of worship and the last 30 minutes will be for reading/studying? The last thing you want to do is sit there and pray, only to fall asleep.

3. Don’t Be Selfish – Pick A Topic

Trust me, God already knows your need, desires and wants and yes, it’s good to share those things with him but you don’t want your whole time to be about YOU! Think of the many things that are going on in the world today, pick a topic to pray for and focus on it, you don’t want to get overwhelmed with all the concerns of the world. God may lead you to pray for the sick children and their parents whom are in the hospital at this time, so allow that to be your prayer focus. You might have a different topic the following day.

4. Turn Off all Devices

In this tech savvy world, I know that’s a difficult thing to do in most cases but hey, look at it this way – if you were eating dinner with one of your favorite celebrities and it was a once-in-a lifetime opportunity that you were only going to get once; would you be on the phone talking, tweeting or so forth? Just as we give our time and attention to people we feel like have value, that’s the same attitude we must have for God. I once told my Sunday School class that Jesus was actually the first celebrity to grace the earth = )

5. Start Small and Work Up!

I think the number one thing that trips people up is the fact that they feel like they have to spend an hour to 15 hours with God; let me tell you – it doesn’t take all that and it’s not necessary. Think of the widow woman in the bible (Mark 12:41-44) that only had two cents to give to God, while every rich person came around and was giving out of their wealth, she gave what she had – which was from the heart. Her two cents became more valuable than those that put in much. It’s okay, you may not can do an hour or two and don’t be intimidated by people whom tell you that, that’s what they do – Do you and do it from the heart because that’s what God judges anyway…the more time you spend with God, the more you’ll enjoy it and increase your own time.

To Sum it Up! Whatever you do, you want to make sure you give God your best YOU which is your offering to him…did you know that the book of Malachi was about this very thing?, For years I always thought Malachi was about tithes and offering because the only scripture I ever heard and read from Malachi was (bring your tithes and offering into the store house) in which is a preachers delight message…wink, wink..lol…

While in church one day my pastor made it known that Malachi was more than about tithes and offering it was about people and their dealings with God and their “not so good” sacrifices they presented to God – Malachi 1:6-14. These people were presenting anything on the altar to God – from blind animals, to ones that were crippled and diseased – I mean, would you fix a bad dinner for a royal and expect them to eat it? I think not, we would go out of our way to make sure they get the best of the best, even if it cost us our last…why? because as a people we are more eager to please people we don’t know and don’t have our best interest at heart as opposed to someone who does and that is God.

Do you set time aside for God, When you go before his presence, are you putting your best you on the altar before him? If not, then say this simple prayer…

God, forgive me for not giving you a part of my day. You deserve more than the scraps of my life. You deserve more than the crumbs that I throw at you. You deserve ALL of me. My mind, body, spirit but mostly MY TIME belong to you! Help me to give place to you before I give that time and space to anyone else. Amen


Because, You Make Time For The Things You Love ❤️❤️


Roshonda N. Blackmon – Creator of A Blog, A Magazine. It’s JustsumInspiration, Author, Speaker & Encourager

What Are You Waiting For?…Your Time Is Now!!!

I hope this video inspires you to stop waiting for that “perfect” moment to happen or take place because in reality – there are no “perfect” moments and there never will be. All moments, time, dreams and goals start with you my friend.

Don’t wait for it to happen – You have to get out there and MAKE IT HAPPEN!! You have the ability, so therefore you have no excuses!

Be Encouraged!


Roshonda N. Blackmon – Creator of JustsumInspiration, Author, Speaker & Encourager

Let’s Live Well, Laugh Loud & Love Hard!

Sunday’s Thought: You Betta Get Your Time Back!!!

If you don’t know Devon Franklin by name or the fact that he’s an award-winning Hollywood producer, best-selling author, preacher and motivational speaker – Oh and the fact that he’s produced several movie’s such as “Miracles From Heaven”, “Heaven is for Real,” and was named as Beliefnet‘s “Most Influential Christians under 40”

Devon Franklin
Devon Franklin – Image Courtesy of Bing

Well, if you’re still clueless – then you might have seen his face with this gorgeous young lady, mega actress Mrs.  Meagan Good – in which he married in 2012.

meagan good
Meagan Good – Image courtesy of Bing

Together they both co-wrote the New York Times bestseller “The Wait.” in which chronicles their story of finding love, remaining celibate until marriage and offers inspiration for couples and/or singles going through the same thing. Their story was one of those whimsical fairy tales that you seem to only hear about in movies; although theirs was the real deal. Now, while I love this couple – this post isn’t about them in particular, but how my life literally changed overnight listening to Devon Franklin’s message of “Reclaiming My Time” in which he spoke about at The Potters house – ONECHURCH LA, where Pastor Toure’ Roberts and first lady/Evangelist Sarah Jakes-Roberts (daughter of mega pastor Bishop T.D. Jakes) are the pastor and co-pastor.

Don’t get me wrong I’m always talking about time and how we should maximize every moment given to us; but the message that I heard on last week from Devon, was like a big rush of wind that went in and out of my body. Because of that message, I am now getting up at 5:45am in exercise and prayer. Can I get a AMEN!!!


Of course, I’m not one that likes to keep good things to herself – so, I had to share this message with my audience and hope that once you hear it and get your burst of wind; that you in turn, turn around and share it with your friends, family, co-workers or anyone that you know whom could use a message such as this. I pray it blesses you to not only look at the time that you are wasting but to get UP!, BE PRO-ACTIVE! & DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!

We’ve all been the slave of giving too much of our time away to unnecessary people and relationships or spending too much time on senseless things; let this be your wake-up call to quit hitting SNOOZE! and do what God has equipped you to do, because……..TIME! IS PRECIOUS & TICKING!!

Enjoy this message – For more information on Devon Franklin, you can click on his name above to find out about and pre-order a copy of his forthcoming new book entitled The Hollywood Commandments” – A Spiritual Guide to Secular Success. You can also follow him on various social media outlets to check out what he’s doing next and trust me, you’ll want to become an avid follower when you do…

Check out the powerful video below and make it a point after today to “GET YOUR TIME BACK!!”

Roshonda N. Blackmon – Creator of JustsumInspiration, Author, Speaker & Encourager

Let’s Live Well, Laugh Loud & Love Hard!

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Sunday’s Thought: Let Me Introduce You to My Friend “TIME”

clock_000000When I was 20 years old; my mom told me that my aunt Sally and my uncle Edward and his family were coming to visit us. It was during the summer of 1999 and I had just gotten a job working at a local nursing home in town. I was ecstatic that my aunt was coming, but I knew I had to work and didn’t really foresee a way to get off of work. I was a little afraid to ask for the day off due to a couple of girls getting “let-go” the week prior. The boss was really watching and monitoring everyone’s time and I didn’t want to be on the next one on the chopping block.

My aunt was really special to me. When my mother got pregnant with me when she was 16, it was my aunt that convinced my uncle Edward to allow her to have me. It was my aunt that kept me until I was two years old; allowing my mother to finish school and receive her High School Diploma. It was my aunt that worked scrubbing floors and washing windows to make ends meat for myself and her. I loved her so much, she had a son but he was grown and out of the house, she never had anymore children until she kept me, in which she treated like her prized possession. Mama would tell me that she would see my aunt on Sunday mornings, walking in 5 inch heels, carrying me on her left hip with her purse, bible and other items on her right. She said my hair was twisted up in knots (my aunt didn’t have girls, so she didn’t know how to do hair) but she did the best she could. She would walk 3 miles every Sunday from her house to church and back home again. So when I heard that she was coming, it broke my heart that I wouldn’t get the opportunity to see her. “Tell her, I love her and I’ll see her next time” I told my mom as I hurried out the house and went to work.

Work was long and got crazier and I never got the oppotunity to go and visit aunt Sally, but was looking forward to seeing her the summer of 2000. But that day never came; my mom received a call telling her that my aunt had been in the hospital for 2 weeks and we needed to come right away. We traveled over an hour to get to Little Rock, Arkansas. Once we got there, my mom was exhausted and re-assured us that we would go in the morning to visit aunt Sally. However; I was looking to hitch a ride from anyone that day who was going that way. The next morning as we were getting ready for church, I just happened to look out the window and seen my aunt’s son, it looked as if he was being consoled by his wife. As he came into the house, my heart dropped. He told us that my aunt had passed away in the wee hours of the morning. My moms scream is something that I had never forgotten…..I was inconsolable.

Why couldn’t we go the day before? Why didn’t I take off work that summer before? It was then that I realized that as time ticks away each day, we have to make the most of every opportunity. We fuss, curse and abuse time but we don’t stop to think about the gifts that it gives or provides to us daily. If we fail to take advantage of it, then it’s not time’s fault. It’s ours…clock_000000

Yesterday, I seen two co-workers that I hadn’t seen in a long time. As we hugged and embraced one another, one asked about my children. Her face was shocked when I told her my daughter was going to the 8th grade and my son the 5th. I asked her about her girls and she told me that they were doing well and that they now were 26yrs old now. OMGosh!!! Really?? I remember her talking of them getting ready for prom, I remember when they graduated high school and starting their first year of college….now they are four years from being 30. The other co-worker shared that her daughter was a senior in college this year, it seems like it was just yesterday when she was leaving work to go to her high school and watch her play basketball. Where does the time go?

Time shows us everyday that it keeps on moving – whether we want it to or not, it’s the only thing that never stands still. Time is the most underappreciated word in the dictionary, a word that’s always there with us but we seem to never realize it’s true worth until it’s too late. I don’t know how you’ve been spending your time lately, but I’m here to tell you to enjoy the small moments and cherish everything around you. Take a little longer to hold a hand, a little longer to view a smile, take time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do, a moment to visit someone, take time to spend with your best friend or a parent because time shouldn’t be wasted and the best-est gift you can give to anyone.

Sunday’s Thought: You can always change your life but You can’t change Time. Use it Wisely…


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