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Catfish with red potatoes and snow peas: catfish fillet: clean fillet, salt in flour contact, FRY in hot canola oil Emperor pepper, tomatoes: Cook both vegetables in olive oil, season: salt, pepper, sugar cucumber salad: Peel cucumber – plane with a little salt and sugar mix in a colander to drain let, with pepper, cream, dill flavor and make side dish: Red Potatoes (who knows this potato) dessert: cottage cheese cream: […]

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What Are You Waiting For?…Your Time Is Now!!!

I hope this video inspires you to stop waiting for that “perfect” moment to happen or take place because in reality – there are no “perfect” moments and there never will be. All moments, time, dreams and goals start with you my friend.

Don’t wait for it to happen – You have to get out there and MAKE IT HAPPEN!! You have the ability, so therefore you have no excuses!

Be Encouraged!


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