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I promise you’ll love this blogger, she’s an inspiration to many. Having battled anorexia for quite some time, Blogger Caralyn let’s us know that there really is Beauty Beyond Bones. With over 31,000 followers and recently receiving the award for the “Top 25 Eating Disorder Blog” she’s not your fly by night blogger whom just puts things out in the universe for you to pick up the pieces but she’s the real deal to not only show you how to live whole after a debilitating illness but how to be free through Jesus Christ. Caralyn always shares her most intimate thoughts, adventures, travels or life lessons with her audience. She consistently breaks down her own walls and in the end, she’ll leave you good, valuable knowledge to break down your walls too.

In this particular blog post below, she shares her mom’s near death experience after suffering a stroke last December.

Visit her site – Wanna know how she got to almost 32,000 followers? Know someone that is battling anorexia? Well follow the link below as she has some special goodies that can help you with both. Trust Me, You won’t be disappointed!!

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EnSpired: NFL Star “Deshaun Watson” Donates his first Paycheck to help Harvey Victims!

Raise your hands of how many people you know would give up not their second, third or fourth but their “FIRST” paycheck to help someone in need. I can’t say I know anybody like that although one day I would hope to do the same thing that NFL Rookie Deshaun Watson did.

As you know or may have heard and seen, the U.S. has gotten slammed this season by hurricane after hurricane; while Hurricane’s Harvey, Irma and Maria came in like a raging bull they have destroyed the lives of millions of people. At this time people are still without power, homes, water and family as it also took the lives of many in it’s devastating rage. We’ve heard and seen where many people have jumped on board to help many victims affected by their aftermaths, so it wasn’t a surprise to hear about Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson helping out just as everyone else had done…

BUT there’s a twist…

The rookie QB had just received his first paycheck from the NFL! and while he could have thought of millions of things to do with that lump sum. The Texan QB decided to do something even greater, he donated it to local Hurricane Harvey victims instead and in case you’re wondering? (YES, HE GAVE UP THE WHOLE CHA-CHING!!) – How Cool and Awesome is that! Way to Go DESHAUN!!

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This budding NFL star helped his co-workers out when they needed it most.

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