Who’s Impressed? God Sure Isn’t!!

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Originally posted on Amazing Grace: Would you believe me if I told you from reading the Bible that there are some things that God isn’t impressed about when we pray:? When we treat prayer meetings like if it’s a stage to show off our eloquence? When we act compassionate when others are watching? When we…

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Bye-Bye Malia! Barack Obama sheds Tears after Leaving Malia Obama at Harvard

Whoever said that grown men don’t or shouldn’t cry – were sadly mistaken or must’ve never had to drop their oldest daughter off at school or in this case how about COLLEGE!

Former President, Barack Obama has been known to shed quite a few tears in his 8yr term of office but I’m sure none of those tears could compare to the ones he shed when he dropped Malia Obama, his oldest daughter off at Harvard.

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Obama shed a thug tear after leaving his daughter on campus.

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Guess Who Won the Giveaway!!

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So last Thursday I did a review on the Your Tea Co. – You can view that post here. In the post I talked about the Tea and gave some background information on the company as well as what I ordered and tried, including the TEAFACE scrub in which I received for free. Well at the end of that post I offered a giveaway for a $25 gift card for someone to purchase the tea and try it out for themselves.

I also gave instructions on how to enter the giveaway in which closed on yesterday 9/27 at noon. So without further ado, the winner of that giveaway was: DRUMROLL PLEASE!!!

Mrs. Tracy Woods Crenshaw!!!!!

Tracy Woods Crenshaw
Thanks so much Tracy for entering the contest and reading the blog post! I hope you enjoy your product!

So, maybe you’re bombed because you didn’t win. It’s cool because I got you! When I ordered my tea and because my order was $25 and over, the company sent me this link to share with my friends to get 10% off of their purchase and since I really can use half a hand to add up my “real” friends, I’m going to share this deal with you. Just click on the link below to get your unique code and have a sip of tea and wellness on me!

Click on the link to get 10% off your purchase of Your Tea. http://your-tea.refr.cc/roshondab

Hey! No worries There will be a couple of giveaways next month, so be on the lookout as I’m going to be trying out a couple of yummy things all month long and will give you details on how you can win for trying out some YUMMY too! So stay close to the blog, details coming October 1st!

See ya in the next Post!!

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