Lunch and Soup – 4 Different Ways

I have a couple of questions for ya..

  • Are you on a budget? This girl definitely is!
  • Do you like Soup? Of course I do…(anything dealing with food really…haha)

So, yes…I’m on a very tight budget and I can’t or don’t I should say always have money to go and break a 20 on lunch only to have a couple of dollars left – Yesssss, food establishments make a killing off of our “lunch” dollars because they know 1 of 2 things to be true…

  1. You either left your lunch at home. -or-
  2. You were too lazy to cook.

And let me just say that I have been at the helm of both of those statements. And after going through what seemed like fifty dollars or more a week for lunch; I decided that enough was enough!

In which inspired this post >>>>> Lunch on a Budget for $20 or LESS!

With the cost of food seemingly going up every second it seems, it can be challenging to try and map out meals to bring to lunch everyday. I mean, who really wants to munch on PB&J or slurp up salty Noodles and Oodles. So, while shopping the aisles for lunch choices one day, I decided to get a couple of staple items and mix and match the ingredients for each day of the week – I even had a solution for snacks in between.

I have to be honest with you, shopping for food for lunch can be a little crazy; because you want to eat something different every day of the week and depending on your tastes buds, that can get a bit costly as well. So, listed below are a couple of things I picked up off the shelves and freezer section that lasted me all week and guess what (all of it was well under 20 dollars!!)

Here are my buys for Lunch:  Total Cost: $10.08 
  • Minute Rice – Multi Grain Medley – 2 @ 1.84 each
  • Bag of Mixed Vegetable – 1 @.57 cents
  • Green Giant Steamers Vegetable Medley/Broccoli Cheese – 2 @ 1.18 each
  • Green Giant Harvest Protein Bowl (Vegetarian) Southwest Style – 1 @ 3.47 each
Here are my buys for Snacks:  Total Cost: $8.81
  • Great Value No Sugar Added Pear Cups – 2 @ 1.43 each
  • Great Value No Sugar Added Mandarin Oranges – 1 @ 1.43 each
  • Great Value Dry Roasted & Lightly Salted Almonds – 1 Bag @ 4.52
What I had at Home:   
Sam's Choice Organic Bone Broth Chicken Total Cost: Free
  • Overall Cost: $18.89

So this is how I did it:

First, let me start with snacks. It’s 4 cups of fruit to a carton, so I had two snacks a day. A fruit cup and some almonds. I measured the almonds out according to the serving suggestion and put them in zip lock bags and took them all to work along with my fruit so I wouldn’t have to remember to take it everyday. So there were my snacks for the week. Two cups of fruit and almonds a day.

And then there was lunch. So for lunch, it was pretty easy. 1st Day: I had a cup of rice medley and some steamed veggies. 2nd Day: I had the steamed veggies with some chicken bone broth ( I made it like a soup). 3rd Day: I had the broccoli cheese and rice medley. 4th Day: I had the rice medley and the bone broth. 5th Day: I changed it up and brought in the Green Giant protein bowl, which was very delicious by the way, see below….

Green Giant Harvest Protein Bowl – Southwest Style

So, as you can see – lunch was not only cost efficient but different as I didn’t feel like I was eating the same thing every day……ever felt that way about a salad?? Any-who, the key to making this work is making sure you choose what it is you want to eat for the whole week. For instance, I knew that I wanted veggies – the only thing I needed to do next was find a partner to go with them and once I did….everything else was simple.

Don’t forget to incorporate items you may have at home, so another suggestion I would make is to check your cupboards before you go shopping. That frozen broccoli that’s been in the freezer for a month, could be paired with something delicious.

Think of things that you can use multiple times throughout the week without breaking the bank and going to the store everyday for items to eat (I’m still working on this feat for dinner as I do this currently). Don’t look at me like that, I’m a work in progress – say a prayer for me…lol.

Well, I hope your lunch time can now be an adventurous one. Oh and psssstttt, by the way, don’t be afraid to shop the yellow tags. I got some soup on sale last week at Wal-Mart for $.86 cents that usually run $2.87 cents. Now you may want to hurry and eat it up, because I mean, they put yellow tags on items for a reason, right???? rightttttttt…..but it can also save you loads off your pocket, especially for LUNCH!

Below is one of the creations with the products I purchased up top:



Guess Who Won the Giveaway!!

Image above courtesy of the Social Media Graphic Depository

So last Thursday I did a review on the Your Tea Co. – You can view that post here. In the post I talked about the Tea and gave some background information on the company as well as what I ordered and tried, including the TEAFACE scrub in which I received for free. Well at the end of that post I offered a giveaway for a $25 gift card for someone to purchase the tea and try it out for themselves.

I also gave instructions on how to enter the giveaway in which closed on yesterday 9/27 at noon. So without further ado, the winner of that giveaway was: DRUMROLL PLEASE!!!

Mrs. Tracy Woods Crenshaw!!!!!

Tracy Woods Crenshaw
Thanks so much Tracy for entering the contest and reading the blog post! I hope you enjoy your product!

So, maybe you’re bombed because you didn’t win. It’s cool because I got you! When I ordered my tea and because my order was $25 and over, the company sent me this link to share with my friends to get 10% off of their purchase and since I really can use half a hand to add up my “real” friends, I’m going to share this deal with you. Just click on the link below to get your unique code and have a sip of tea and wellness on me!

Click on the link to get 10% off your purchase of Your Tea.

Hey! No worries There will be a couple of giveaways next month, so be on the lookout as I’m going to be trying out a couple of yummy things all month long and will give you details on how you can win for trying out some YUMMY too! So stay close to the blog, details coming October 1st!

See ya in the next Post!!

Roshonda N. Blackmon – Creator of JustsumInspiration, Author, Speaker & Encourager

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Product Review & Giveaway!: Your Tea Co.

Okay, so anyone that knows me (especially my sisters) know that I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE trying new things. I mean what’s the point of life, if you don’t take a risk and branch out from your comfort zone every now and again or in my case, ALL the time.

I mean, I’ve gotten so bad with it until when a new product comes out; the first thing my sisters ask me is “Have you tried that?” and 9 times out of 10 my answer will always be YES!! Now there are certain things that I won’t try such as squid, octopus or frog legs (I don’t care how much people say they taste like chicken) but everything else?? definitely stands a chance on Roshonda’s “Try This and That” highway. With all of that being said, it’s no wonder the next product I tried had to do with one of my favorite go-to drinks and that is tea. I absolutely love tea, as a matter of fact when our office staff did secret Santa last year, it was one of the items I put on my wish list.

I love trying out different types of teas – especially if they have an extra health benefit linked to them which is what made me fascinated about trying Your Tea. I stumbled upon the tea at my younger sisters house, curious about what was in the pretty pink box; she told me that it was called Tiny Tea, she purchased it awhile back to help detox her system. She said that it was really good and worked like a charm. So, instead of taking what she had; I opted for the tea samples in which came with her box in which she never used. When I say those teas tasted good, I mean they tasted so good…One was entitled “Gypsy Green” the other was “Black Honey Heaven” – OMGoodness! is all that I can say besides:


I had to find out more about this tea company and what I found out and came across was mind-blowing. According to their website Your Tea is a company that creates tea blends for modern health, from ancient wisdom. Based on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Your Tea is also created by TCM Doctors as well, how cool is that!

They have teas that will balance your gut and also assist you with other problematic areas you may suffer from, such as:

  • Energy
  • Sleep
  • Bloating
  • Fertility
  • Sex Drive
  • PMS
  • Weight-loss
  • Healthy Skin
  • Mood and they even have a tea for Men’s Health

Since I’ve always been attracted to things that provide mind, body and health. I decided to take a look around on the site and see what they had to offer and that’s when I came across one of their tea boxes called “The Mini Makeover” 

Mini Makeover

The box contained a little sample of some of their most popular wellness teas such as, the Tiny Tea, Skin Magic, Anti-C and Happy Tea. Each tea provides a benefit that will help your body get out of neutral and into drive. Below is a little something about each of the ones I received:

  1. Tiny Tea – Assists with targeting excess fat, reduces bloating, fluid retention and helps with digestion.
  2. Skin Magic Tea –  Assists with problematic skin, eczema, clearing heat and toxins and also helps with digestion as well.
  3. Anti-C Tea – Reduces fluid retention, reduces toxins, provides protection for your cells to keep them from being damaged, boosts the body’s ability to burn fat.
  4. Happy Tea – Promotes overall well-being, reduces bloating, calms the bowels and supports digestion.

Sounds good right?! As you can see from the description of each, all the teas help promote a healthy digestion in which will cause you to go (you know) much more regularly than every other day or week. If you are experiencing slow bowel movements, then your body just may need a big tea boost to your system. Okay, I know that was very uncomfortable – so, let’s move on – I’m sure you got the drift. Alongside the mini makeover, I also ordered the Choc Nirvana in which is a chocolate tea and let me just say YES, YES, YES – It really does taste like chocolate and when the ingredients contain such coco peels, caramel, chocolate and vanilla flavors – Just add a packet of stevia, sit back and wonder around chocolate heaven!

Your Tea - Choc Nirvana

Since my order was $25.00 or more, I got an extra bonus. They sent me their proclaimed TEAFACE scrub for free.

Your Tea Face

This product is said to gently exfoliate, deeply nourish and revitalize the skin. It helps to heal scars, uneven skin tone and promises to leave you with a glowing complexion; the only thing I will say is that it is real tea granules to your face and while it felt a little funny, it really did leave my face smooth after one try. This is how it looked on my face…

Your Tea Face (me2)Your Tea Face (me)

I drank everything (except for the Happy Tea) within a couple of days and while you really need to order the full set of teas to really experience a huge difference, I feel as though I got off to a healthy start and will be ordering more tea – very soon.  In the meantime, I know you’re saying “Okay, so what about this giveaway already!!” – so, because I love trying new things and love to share what I find to be truly good with my friends, I thought I would share with you (my friends) as well. So, if you would like to try out the Your Tea brand, then all you have to do is follow the instructions below:

  1. Leave a comment below
  2. Follow me on Facebook or
  3. Follow me on Instagram

Disclaimer: You must do number 1 and number 2 or 3 (following me on both sites is not necessary, just one will do) in order to be included in the giveaway!

And that’s it! Once you do, your name will be entered into the giveaway. I’ll be giving one lucky reader a $25.00 gift card to purchase your own Your Tea product. But you must hurry, the deadline to enter is next Wednesday 9/27/17 @ noon. Winner will be announced on Thursday 9/29/17 @ noon via FB, Instagram and the JustsumInspiration site!

Have a Happy Day & Good Luck!!

Your Tea

Psst!, Over Here. Just in case you were wondering –  I am not sponsored nor was I paid to give my opinion of this product. Everything said, is totally my opinion based off of my own personal purchase. I also was not promised or will not get anything in lieu to the giveaway being promoted. Funds for this giveaway are coming out of my own pocket. So, now that that’s all clear….Go Enter!!


Roshonda N. Blackmon – Creator of JustsumInspiration, Author, Speaker & Encourager

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