Don’t You Do It, Don’t You Dare Overlook Thanksgiving!

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How Dare the World!!! How Dare You???…. If it’s you, I mean, maybe it’s not 😊. So this post may seem like a little rant but…someone’s got to say it.


I mean, you feel me, right? It’s always been like that. I went into the store the other week here and all I could see was Christmas items, and it was the end of October! I mean, don’t people like Thanksgiving? and what does Thanksgiving ACTUALLY have to say about this? probably nothing….lol…you know how you can get overlooked for soooo long until it doesn’t even faze you anymore. I’m sure that’s truly how Thanksgiving is feeling right now. And don’t get me wrong, I almost gave Thanksgiving the good ole boot myself.

I told a friend of mine as soon as Thanksgiving came in that I was going to BLAST my Christmas tunes, I just LOVEEEEEE Christmas songs and while the air has been very crisp with that fall/wintery smell, YESS…it’s beginning to feel a lot like……THANKSGIVING!!

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Ha!! I bet you thought I was going to say Christmas didn’t you, hahaha…gotcha! 😊

But on a serious note, Have you thought like me? Was your heart pounding like mine for that Nat King Cole tune of The Christmas song? Well, mine was BUT before we can skip to the Lou my darling into Christmas, I feel like WE need to give some reflection and thought on Thanksgiving.

So, let’s take a moment and reflect on what Thanksgiving really is ALLLL about!

Thanksgiving is ALL about the FAM!

Yes, Thanksgiving is all about spending time with beloved or not so much beloved family. You know the nerving uncle who always asks if you have any single friends and he’s in a relationship…(at least that was my life, go figure). Anywho, even with that, Thanksgiving is nothing without family, whether they get on your nerves or not. It’s a time to give thanks to God almighty for them, because as we all know. There are so many people out there who don’t have one and would just love to have a pestering dad, mom, brother or UNCLE to get on their nerves.

Thanksgiving is ALL about the FOOD!
Photo by Craig Adderley from Pexels

I’ll take, “I’m a FOODIE” for $500 Alex! Yessss, I love me some good ole turkey and dressing (I’m from Arkansas so that’s what we call it there 😊) and put some gravy on the side with a little cranberry sauce??? and you had this girl at HELLO! Food has a way of bringing people together, hence the movie “Soul Food?” Put some good food on the table and I don’t care who you like or dislike, Food is one thing that we all can agree on. What’s your favorite holiday meal or food to eat for the holidays?

Thanksgiving is ALL about the SALES!
Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

We can ALL thank Thanksgiving for those HUGE Black Friday sales, take that Christmas, HA! Thanksgiving gives us that and if you’re willing to stand in line for hours, sometimes in the wee hours of the morning, you’ll grab ALL those goodies! If you don’t get run over first. I think in recent years, most stores are closed but open at 6 pm so you can start that black Friday shopping earlier, without getting bruised or a black eye! Yes, unfortunately, people are serious about their sales and that’s why Cyber Monday is POPULAR!!! Which is how I like to shop as I despise crowds. So thank you, Thanksgiving for bringing those sales in early.

Thanksgiving is ALL about Reflection…
Photo by Josiel Miranda from Pexels

It’s been a long year but a very rushed year as well. November came in here like a flash! Most people started new jobs, got married, had babies, started new relationships, businesses, bought homes and etc. This year has also been the opposite for most people, especially those that recently lost loved ones. I think I’ve heard of more people losing husbands, wives, children, grandparents and etc this year. It’s truly a praying and sad time indeed; however – it’s an even better time to reflect. I lost my mother, next week will be 3 yrs. It’s hard, especially around the holidays, so my heart goes out to those that have recently lost or have been estranged from their family for years.

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on the good, the bad and even the ugly things that happened, so we can get better, be braver and figure out how to do things differently the next go round. As far as that loved one is concerned, this is an even more special time to reflect on them. Just remember, as long as their in your heart, mind, and thoughts – they’re not ever truly gone. I know that for sure…

Thanksgiving is ALL about R&R
Photo by Matheus Bertelli from Pexels

It’s good to see family, serve family and have a good time with family and special friends but please make sure you take the time to REST & RELAX! Even if you have to go into a secret/quiet corner to do it. Get that rest, my friend!!

SOOOO, Let’s not DARE forget ALLLLL the wonderful things Thanksgiving has to offer. I mean, I even put off listening to Christmas music until the day after. Use this time to thank God, reflect, smell the air and TOTALLY be grateful for every. single. moment.

Life’s just way too short to rush moments. And while every store in town has its orders to move the months hurriedly along. Let’s just take a break, sip some tea and reflect on this one. I’m sure that’d be Thanksgiving’s orders…if it really had a say in the matter.

While it doesn’t, we do. So let’s not DARE forget it…

Have a Happy, Thankful, Joyous & Reflective Thanksgiving Everyone!


4 thoughts on “Don’t You Do It, Don’t You Dare Overlook Thanksgiving!

  1. As a heathen and an imposter on U.S. soil, I just want you to know that Thanksgiving is all about Black Friday and Cyber Monday! 😂😂😂

    On a serious note, Thanksgiving is about big dinners in my family. However, I really hate when we spend it at someone else’s home. I do reflect on what I’m thankful for, but honestly, I do that all year.

    As for Christmas, like I said, I’m a heathen! But, we still celebrate. Mostly that’s for presents and more food and family time and me gearing up for the new year. I think this Christmas will be special because it’s the last one I’ll be spending in Atlanta and I know Mom will probably want to do something extra, if she doesn’t start weeping about me leaving in the spring.

    New Year’s Eve has always been a girls night thing for us. The men are morning people and we are night owls, so we stay up for the midnight strike!

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    1. Aww! Alexis, seems like you know exactly how to celebrate the occasion and how to do it well. I’m with you, I reflect all year too…I also give presents all year, so I’m really not a “Christmas” celebratory person. I get it and I know the it’s reasons, but I give Thanks to God all year, not just on a particular holiday. I do LOVEEEE the food and looking forward to my sister cooking this year, last year she was displaced because of the storm – so she’s making up for lost times and I’m gonna be there to help her make it all up =)

      Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays are where it’s ATTT! I know your mom’s going to miss you very much, but hey – it’ll just give her someplace to go and visit more often.

      Yeah, I love watching the strike as well on New Year’s Eve. I’ll sometimes get my “sparkling” cider and wait until the clock crows 12!! This year went by like a FLASH! Let’s hope 2020 slows down just a little bit..

      I apologize for the delay in responding, LEX. I’ve been off the grid somewhat – but I know I have some catching up to do, so that will be part of my holiday. I pray you and your family have a WONDERFUL holiday! Eat Good and Enjoy the Fam!!


      1. Do I? Haha! Jamaicans always love a good party, they say!

        My parents came back just in time for Thanksgiving. I had to finish up some work so just had time to throw something together before picking them up. They were grateful though!

        I have actually managed to resist the Black Friday sales so far. Let’s see if I can make it through Cyber Monday. 😅 How have you been holding up?

        Don’t worry. I’m catching up now too. It’s winding down to move time, so I’ve been super busy running around, tying up loose ends and, of course, working to save!

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      2. Hey, Sis – Oh Yes, A good party hon…it’s been a minute since I been to a good one…lol

        I’m glad your parents came in and yes, I’m sure they were happy with whatever you cooked up. Did you make it to past Cyber Monday?, hmm….lol. I’m good, just been taking a social media break here and there, it may get seriously real after the holidays, outside of blogging here and there.

        Oh Yesssssss, the BIG MOVE!!! I’m so happy for you and can’t wait until you post about it, wish I was there to help you move a few boxes, moving is NO JOKE! Praying for ya to have a successful one!


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