Billy Wolf & The Kids Are Here – School is NOW in Session!

Bullying is something that everyone faces at some point. 

At Heavenly Hills Elementary School there is harmony among the students and the teachers, everyone is friendly and supportive. Until Billy Wolf enrolls into the school. He wasn’t the friendliest person, which was okay, but when your unkindness affects even the happiest kid, then it has a way of affecting everyone. From the day he arrived in the school, Billy caused havoc – every time someone tried to talk to him or befriend him, he’d do something mean to them.

He didn’t want their kindness, but their fears instead. 

For a long time, neither a student or teacher could get through to him. Until one day, enough was enough. A quiet boy, Matthew Pigmire, stands up to Billy, and with deep-seated faith, Matthew – and the rest of the student body –  give Billy Wolf something that he’ll never forget!

Bear in mind: bullies often harbor secrets too. 

Wanna Know What Happens Next?

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Roshonda N. Blackmon

Creator of A Blog, A Magazine. It’s JustsumInspiration, Author, Speaker & Encourager


6 thoughts on “Billy Wolf & The Kids Are Here – School is NOW in Session!

  1. Roshanda, are you the author of this book? It looks very interesting….If you are, congratulations and being published. That is fantastic!

    I bet Matthew has some dirt on Billy. 😂


    1. Hey Sis, so tickled by the ending of your comment….lol. (You’ll be surprised, let’s just say he tried to take matters into his own Yes, I’m the author of it and Thanks so much for the accolades. xoxo


      1. Aww! Thanks Sis – I really appreciate it. When you do, will you leave me a review on Amazon after you read it? I hope you like it, it’s a faith-based book so hopefully it’ll spread a positive message. – In my color purple acting voice “You and me us neva part, my ti-dad-da” Lol.

        I appreciate the support Sis, it really means alot. P.S. I have an announcement tomorrow for those that do purchase it – Hopefully I’ll be able to post it here on the blog. Much Love!


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