Monthly Series: An Attitude Of Gratitude -Challenge #1

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So, as promised today is the first day of our Monthly series – Attitude of Gratitude. Just in case you missed the November Vibes post, Every Monday and Wednesday for the month of November, I will be posting questions in regards to being grateful. I will answer these questions myself but my hope is that you will answer them too and leave those answers in the comment section.

Some questions may have us digging a little deeper within ourselves to answer them, but in the end – my hope is that you will feel more empowered and begin to see yourself and even your life differently and not just for the month of November – but for every month of the year. You can choose to start a journal if you want but this challenge as you may say, is not just about us writing things out and leaving it in a little book to store it away and go back to it when we’re reflecting on our life but the challenge is to show it, so as an extra bonus after every question regarding yourself will be a question in which will relate to the world around you, it’ll be called “Our End of the Day Question” – you don’t have to write about it here, but it’ll be something that you’ll just ask yourself everyday at the end of your day. While writing out what we’re “grateful” for is half the battle, showing gratitude for and towards others is the KEY!

So, let’s do both – reflecting and showing….(by the way, the passage above will be in every challenge post to start off, however; a new question will be at the bottom of each post).

Today's Challenge Question is.... (8)What are you grateful for today (My response):

Today, I am grateful for life – health and strength. Life to be able to see another day and start over with a clean slate, no matter what yesterday looked like. I’m grateful for having a new day to do things things over. A new day to squash goals, be a better mom and co-worker, a new day to continue to walk and work in my purpose. I’m grateful for my health, it could be a whole lot worse as I was diagnosed as being pre-diabetic – I’m grateful for having a mind to want to take care of my health and do the right things to make sure I’m in the best shape possible. I’m grateful for strength, to be be able to move past hurts, disappointments and failed relationships. It’s not always easy – but I’m grateful to God for not allowing me to succumb to my issues but for giving me the power and strength to bull-dozer through them.

Now It's Your Turn– Comment Below –

Your End of the Day Question:

How did you make others feel today, did you display your best attitude?


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