The Moment I Grew Up & Started Putting My Foot Down.

Okay, let’s get honest here…

Being a grown-up can REALLY suck!

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I’m saying that in jest but it can. I have been an official grown-up for nearly 22 years and at times I have wished that I can just run into one of my parents’ arms and stay there forever enjoying the protection. It just feels so good!

But any wise person would tell you permanently staying in that position isn’t possible. After a brief consoling period both of my parents would say “Welcome to adulthood”. And that folks is it in a nutshell…

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If you’re 20 or older, welcome to adulthood! It’s going to be quite the bumpy ride so grab a hold of something and hang on tight! as it’s not going to get any easier as you get older either. I was raised in the typical middle class lifestyle. Mom and Dad are truly the best parents anyone could ever ask for. I have truly been blessed.

As those of you who have read my previous blogs may know, I have a learning disability and have dealt with my fair share of discrimination and rejection. I have wasted way too much time trying to understand why having learning disability can be considered such a black mark but it is. However, I’ve learned to just keep plowing through.

One of the most memorable experiences I’ve had as an adult was coming to the realization when it’s time to let something go. As I’ve mentioned previously, I have been self-employed in the dog care field for the past 12 years.

I’ve been tested on numerous occasions in reference to “letting go”. I remember I had this one client in the beginning of my career, who was VERY particular. They had a Boston Terrier who was older and they hired me to care for her.

It was the easiest job! She wasn’t a picky dog unlike her owners! Quite frankly, these two could have learned a lot from her! Unfortunately she passed away last June and to be perfectly honest -as much as I missed her. I was happy not to be working for her owners anymore…..but that happy thought was short-lived.

A few months later, they got another Boston Terrier – 3 months old.

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To make a very long story short, I was pretty much in charge of caring for him while they worked and did whatever else they wanted to do. One time they left him with me for a full 4 hours!! Did I mention that this was on the first day? The hours were brutal and quite frankly, ridiculous! as this charade went on for quite some time..

It would’ve been different if they were my only clients, but they weren’t. I had other clients who also needed my attention. It was then that I decided that enough was enough. Finally, I put my foot down and explained to them that their “rigorous” schedule could not continue. An agreement was finally made by all parties.

The Epiphany of me putting my foot down came when I realized that this puppy was becoming too much for me to handle on my own. It all started when he and I
were walking around the retirement community, when he go loose somehow
and boy did he GO WILD! I’m still recovering from very sore legs after chasing him!

There I was, a 40-something year old woman, trying to run after a 7 month old puppy. Oh my poor legs! After that day, I came to a very hurtful conclusion “I cannot take care of puppies anymore, at least not on my own. It would be a completely different story if I were 10, 15 or even 20 years younger but unfortunately, that boat has sailed on into the abyss.

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So, basically the moral of the story is, I’ve gotten older and there’s just some things that I can’t do anymore like taking care of a hyper-active puppy. It doesn’t suck to confess that I am older. I mean, it is what it is.

On that note, getting older also means getting wiser. I’ve learned that I must put my foot down more and not agree and say YES to everything. In fact, none of us should. You are the only one in control… well, up to a point. God has the final say in all things.

The best advice I can give at this moment is to listen to your gut. It won’t steer you wrong. I should have listened to my gut when I first saw that puppy…

Don’t be afraid to stand your ground and if someone doesn’t like it…

Tell them GOOD-BYE!


Amy is a resident of Florida.  Since 2006, she has been self-employed in the dog care field.  In May 2017, she self-published a memoir titled “I Am Not Stupid” which is available through Amazon.  She writes for seethegoodinfo, an inspirational website and the Learning Disabilities Association’s newsletter LD Source.

Amy is a resident of Florida.  Since 2006, she has been self-employed in the dog care field.  In May 2017, she self-published a memoir titled “I Am Not Stupid” which is available through Amazon.  She writes for seethegoodinfo, an inspirational website and the Learning Disabilities Association’s newsletter LD Source.


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