EnSpired: Hold Up Bridesmaids, This Bouquet is Not For You!!

photo source: bing/bouquet 

If you’re a single or I guess I should say, If you’re a single looking to be married – then getting invited to a wedding is a BIG deal for you. I mean who knows, your soul mate just may be there – or at least that’s the hope, right?

Well, it’s a no brainer that when the bride gets ready to throw that beautiful bouquet she’s been holding on to for dear life all through the ceremony – YOU’RE THE FIRST IN LINE! with seemingly about 10 or more other women hoping that they too, will get their chance to catch it. The bouquet is like a bridal torch, once she throws it – it’s a strong belief that whomever catches it, will surely be the next person to get hitched!

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And while the dream is that maybe that time will be very soon – for one beautiful young bridesmaid; that wish came sooner than she could have imagined.

Bride Amy, pulled the ultimate trick on her bridesmaids when she got ready to toss the “long awaited” bouquet – while the ladies gathered together, each, anxiously awaiting to catch the beautiful flowers and get their dreams into motion….

The bride, whom did a couple of fake tosses as the girls counted up to three – before they could get to four, she turned around and pulled a fast one on them…

No No No

she must’ve said to herself – as she walked up and gave the bouquet to her brother’s girlfriend – you’ll have to watch the clip below to see what happened next!

Sorry, couldn’t get the actual video to post here – but you can still see it below: ðŸ‘‡ðŸ‘‡

Click me, Click me ðŸ‘‰ ðŸ‘‰ https://www.today.com/…/bride-s-bouquet-toss-turns-into-a-beautiful…

So, single ladies – no worries! You should still look forward to catching that beloved bouquet, because you never know what may happen or WHO it may happen too!



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8 thoughts on “EnSpired: Hold Up Bridesmaids, This Bouquet is Not For You!!

  1. Lol I remember i had to go to my best friends wedding an they had the single men do the same thing. When they threw the bouquet, at the men , nobody wanted to catch it lol


    1. LOL LOL LOL – And having been married before? I can’t say I blame them or the women…lol. Forget the bouquet, I’ll be on the dance floor or checking out the food…lol


  2. I think of weddings as the joining of two families, so technically, everyone there is my family now, right? Finding a date at a wedding would be so awkward for me lol!


    1. LOL LOL LOL – If you want them to be, or at least they are until you need something…lol. But girl, they can always be in our head, I have family members now and they don’t know we family…such as Ciara and Gab Union….they my BFF’s, I was in both of their weddings…lol. Girl, weddings are overrated; I don’t know if I would want to date someone from a wedding, you know it’s just that “dreamy” effect I get….finding someone at a wedding would almost be like one of those Hallmark movies, where love just happens for two deserving people and ya-da ya-da – but I’ve heard of several people who have met someone that way and it worked for them. It just seems like nothing that EVER happened to someone else, EVER, EVER, EVER happens to me that way…don’t know….must be something God put in the cards for me…lol lol


      1. I know, having that amazing romcom meeting and having that turn into something meaningful would be beautiful. Not to mention it would make a really cute “how we met” story! I know you’re joking but I get that it can be really discouraging sometimes. I really hope you have your magical moment. Crossing my fingers for when you make Paris happen. Meeting a love interest in the City of Love…Doesn’t get better than that!


      2. Lol! That would definitely be a story worth writing about. I feel that “magical” moment will happen someday….but I know it won’t be right now. It’ll be worth it, when it does happen. I’ll keep you posted for sure. xoxo


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