Honor Thy Mother & Father. A Commandment for Everyone…

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There are several scriptures in the Bible that talks about children obeying their parents, adults included; While it’s a Blessing if we follow this simple, yet profound commandment, one might ask:

                      “What does it truly mean?” & “Does it have an age limit?”



When the bible talks to us about honoring our mother and father, it was referring to us  giving them respect. We may not always like the parents God gave us but that doesn’t mean that they deserve to be disrespected by any means. Our parents were specifically chosen for us as we were chosen for them, honoring your mother and father does not start at age 2 and end at 18. We have to honor them for as long as we both shall live! (It’s sort of like a marriage vow – just the parents edition ; )

For children, this means giving them the respect they deserve, not talking back or rolling your eyes, this means listening to them, even if you don’t agree with what they are mother_scolding_aspergers_sonsaying, this means helping out around the house even before you are asked, this means loving them in spite of them not being able to get you everything that you want, this means doing things “just because” you love them because parents, believe it or not have a hard time too. They struggle with trying to be good role models and teachers to you, with the hopes of  you not going down the wrong path or making the same mistakes they made in life and if I can be honest, they’re praying you turn out to be much better and greater than they did. (Hey, It may not feel like it at times? But, they really do love ya Kid!)

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Parents are not given a booklet of instructions when they leave the hospital with you. Everything that’s taught or said is either by habit, something heard, done or learned from their childhood and their unfortunate mistakes – so forgive them if they don’t always get it right with you. They might be the parent and much older but they are learning too. (Nobody said you’d get a perfect set of parents, Sorry = (

Children Obey your parents in the Lord; for this is “RIGHT” Honor your Father and your Mother at “ALL” times. Exodus 20:12

So, you might be wondering – what about us adults, well we have a responsibility too – Just because we’re grown and out of the house or up from under our parents care doesn’t mean that the honor for them stops, Oh No! There’s no “forget the parents” free pass that’s given to you once you leave. free-passThe respect for them is an ever winding circle that goes on and on and on. We still have to respect them, especially when they tell us how to run our lives! We still have to speak kindly to them, especially when we want to tell them to “bug off” I’M GROWN! We, still have to treat them with the utmost respect – just like we did when we were children and look out for their well-being – especially when they’re down and sick – just like they did for us. (They gave all of their life to support us, those values placed in us, we’ll have to use one day to give back to them) 

Before my mom passed away, you would have thought that I actually lived with her. I was always by her side. Saturdays, when I wanted to spend time to myself, I made it a habit to go and spend time with my mom. Whether it was lotioning and rubbing her swelled feet, combing her hair (in which I wasn’t good at, thank God for ONE girl!) to making sure she had something to eat, running errands, laughing and talking with her to watching something she had recorded on T.V. the week before and saved it just for Saturdays when I was there, so we can watch it together or just watching her sleep. I did my best to honor her, in every way that I could.

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You see?, I had been taking care of my mother through thick and thin – UPS and downs since I was a child – it was easier then because she could get around and do things for herself, but when she got older and her health declined; with God’s strength, I did what I could to be there including moving over a thousand miles away from my home to be close to hers. I did get tired sometimes, but I always referred back to the bible verse above and kept doing my rightful command because that was not only my obligation to her but to God, an obligation that I kept until she took her last breath. (I have not regrets for putting some parts of my life on hold for her and I’ll do it again, if I had the chance)

So, Kids; it’s very detrimental that you honor your mom and dad and no worries if you haven’t been the respectable person to them like you should be – God forgives you and gives us all a chance to start over again, in which if you’re reading this – then that means you got a chance right now, to make all wrongs, RIGHT!!! (Don’t put off tomorrow, what you can do today – for tomorrow is not promised)

Children Obey
This Commandment is for Kids as well as Us Adults…

Honor does not start and end with Mother’s or Father’s Day, but it’s a commandment from God that lasts a lifetime.


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8 thoughts on “Honor Thy Mother & Father. A Commandment for Everyone…

  1. I have to disagree, we can honor our parents the best when we live out our own life well, in spite of their parenting mistakes. A child succeeding where their parents failed is a threat to their parent’s parenting.
    WHY are you obligated to care for your mother? If she was abusive, and every time she set eyes on you she would scream and curse at you. DO you owe her honor? Is a dishonorable person owed honor merely because of shared DNA? Based on a single verse? What about the verse that says to obey your parents? If they tell you to steal something, are they owed obedience? If they abuse you, are they owed time in your life? Even Jesus himself didn’t grant his mother an audience whenever she asked. He saw the importance of making sure his mother was cared for (John and Mary at the foot of the cross), and at the same time not taking precious time to listen to her whenever she wanted to speak to him. Honor is earned, not obligated. If I give my mother time just because I think its an obligation, there is no joy and no real fruit, it is all built on a lie.

    Too many people take a cherry picked verse or two and demand honor or obedience and tolerance of their abuse. Just posted my own thoughts on this topic on my blog. I explained why logically, we are NOT commanded by God to ALWAYS give our parents an ear and help them if they ask.


    1. Thank you Bre for your comment, I appreciate it. But the bible didn’t give specifics on honor, in which means respect. It’ didn’t say, “Only, show honor if your parents are grade A and they deserve it” – it says to honor them, we can’t help the way our parents turned out nor what they were taught in which contributed to them being that way. I just seen the movie “If Could Only Imagine” – I think you should watch that and then come back and tell me your thoughts. My mother used to always say “It’s not what they do to you, but what you do to them” I never understood what she meant by that until I got much older. Basically she meant “Greater is he that’s within you, than he that’s within the World” I work with a lot of people that don’t deserve honor, but I give it to them anyway because it’s not what they do or how they act but how I respond. At the end of my life, I don’t want to be judged by what I didn’t do but what I did do because when I stand before God, it’s only going to be me and the account of “MY” actions, no one else’s. Again, I appreciate your comments and thanks for reading.


  2. Good blog!
    Yes must obey our parents.
    Being a parent is the hardest job kids is not for everybody.

    Parents as well have to listen to their kids when their kid is having problems
    Good blog


    1. Thanks for your feedback and you’re right – we parents are not off the hook because we’re parents, we have a responsibility to our kids as well and you’re right – we have to listen to them and not just think because we’re the parent, we’re always right – because we’re not. I appreciate your comment! xoxo


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