These Topics are About to Be On & Popping Like Bubblegum!..POP!!

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Hey Ya’ll

Okay, so I got quite a few topic suggestions for the month of May. You really came through for me and the topics are very good as well as fun. If you could remember – about a week or two ago, I was asking for a little boost this month with getting some topics because my brain after last week was heading into FREEZEVILLE and I was somewhat scared about it! (Like totally, I really was )

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I really try to be consistent with posting every Tuesday and Thursday but felt as though I had reached the end of my rope with topics, but thanks to you – my ship has been rescued and I’m now set to SAIL the seas! POP!! POP!!! Guess Who’s HOTTT!! Again!


Okay, so maybe I’m a little too overly cheesed about the topics I received (don’t mind me), however; this post serves as a heads UP! of topics to come – I got quite a few, as some submitted more than one topic in which will spill over into June! (YAY! ME!!)

Here’s what you can look forward to in the next couple of weeks. Check this out 



  1. My Favorite Childhood Memory – Submitted by blogger Understand546
  2. My Opinion of Online Dating – Submitted also by Understand546
  3. Tips on Ways to Have Fun with Both Family and Friends – Submitted by IG follower M. Butler
  4. Life Trials Exist but So Does Hope – Submitted by blogger Rejoicing in Hope 
  5. 5 Things Not To Say When Someone Is Grieving – Submitted by FB follower Tracy C.
  6. How To Keep Going, When You’re Loosing Steam- Submitted by FB follower Tracy C.

Well, there you have it – These were topics submitted by bloggers, facebookers and Instagrammers. So, I appreciate each of you for your topics – I pray I do them justice and hope that they help you or help you get to know more about me. ðŸ˜

Mark Your Calendars! “The Naked Truth” is Here – Come check us out!

And no worries, if you didn’t submit a topic and would like to throw one at me – please do so. (Sorry, I don’t do topics concerning politics) but everything else is welcome!

You can look forward to reading one of these topics (so hard which one to choose to do first!!) beginning next Thursday, 05/24/2018.

Until Then, BUBBLEGUM POP……..I’M OUT!!!….

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14 thoughts on “These Topics are About to Be On & Popping Like Bubblegum!..POP!!

  1. Hey there! I wrote a blog post recently entitled “I’d Rather Talk About My Sex Life,” where I discussed my hesitation with sharing my salary with others. It’s so severe that I’d rather talk about what I do in the bedroom than what’s written on my paycheck. It spurred a friendly debate in my comments section and opened my eyes to an alternative side of the issue. I believe that income should be shared in order to reduce the income inequality gap. I would love to hear your thoughts on the issue: whether you believe it should be shared and how to share it.


    1. Hi! Okay, I seen that post when I was on your blog. I will definitely give it a read and share my comments. Thanks for asking me. It’ll definitely be before the end of the day or the week. Got a lot going on but I’ll read it for sure.


    1. I know right? but after loosing my mom – I can tell you….I have a couple of them that I know drove me crazy..


  2. I’m ready! I have a topic request: dating as a Christian. I feel like there are very people who talk about this in a way that I can relate to. I think there’s a lot of conversation about celibacy, but not that much else. For example, it’s really important for me to find someone who loves God, and it’s kind of tricky. Where do I meet a guy like that? How will I find that out? What kind of conversations do we need to have about faith, and when should we have that conversation? I was concerned that I wouldn’t find anyone whose Christian faith really mattered to them, especially since EVERYONE seems to describe themselves as “spiritual but not religious” these days. I was pleasantly surprised to find more apparently practicing Christians than I expected, but it’s just weird when you meet people off a dating app and you have no idea whether you’re on the same page. Religion isn’t exactly a first date topic, either…I really don’t want to get all deep in my feelings for someone only to find out that Jesus isn’t that important to them at this point in their lives.


    1. Hey Sis! This is a very good topic and I do feel as though it needs to be addressed. I feel you on everything you’re saying and I’ve been there more times than I’d like to admit. I gotcha and will definitely do a topic on this. I pray whatever the Lord gives me to say, will help you in your journey. Oh and P.S. I have a short story coming out on Sunday – it’s a two part – thanks to you, I’ll be posting short stories at the end of each month until I run out, don’t know how many I have – probably not that many, but anywho… spoke and I’m delivering!!! Love you much and Hope you have a Fantastic Day!! xoxo


      1. Woohoo! So excited, I love your stories! I think it’s awesome that I was able to encourage you. I was just speaking my mind, but it just goes to show that you never know how your words are going to impact people! Sending the love right back at you ❤


      1. Just read that post! you’re such an inspiration – if I could go back to my early to mid twenties and have your mindset…my, my….what a change, what a change.


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