EnSpired Tuesday: Want To Live An Awesome Life?…Just Listen To Trent Shelton’s 5 Tips.

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That statement has been made popular by former NFL wide receiver Trent Shelton, whom has become a great influence on and now off the field. Shelton, whose positive impact reaches over 50 million people a day – is making touchdowns with his message of hope, love, transformation and faith through his non-profit christian based organization entitled “Rehab Time” in which he’s both, founder and president.

In 2009, what started out as little YouTube videos to help him better his life – ended up being a pathway for others whom were also wanting to improve their lives as well. Shelton’s transparent approach began to reach millions in views. His official YouTube channel in which is simply “TrentShelton” has over 220K subscribers and still growing.

Trent Shelton4
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While we all will have many bumps, curves, stops and proceed with caution signs in our life, just remember that those signs are meant to slow you down and keep you from moving forward and if you’ve reached what seems like a point of no return in your life, then listen to the tips and wisdom of someone whose been there, done that and is now giving you real life lessons on how you can do it too!

Trent Shelton1
photo courtesy of bing

His latest video below entitled “Five Steps To Help Your Life” shows Shelton at a track field with his son Tristan. In the video Shelton gives his son 5 life changing tips that will help him succeed and lead an awesome life. His message might have been for his son, but is raw approach and tips on the subject matter is for any boy, girl, woman or man. Shelton’s tips will help you jump over those hurdles of defeat and continue to live a life of PURPOSE!

Consider this your “BUMP Forward” to get you out of the trenches and back on the court, the games not over yet!!

If you want to join REHAB NATION! and get continuous motivation and inspiration from Visionary and Motivational Speaker Trent Shelton, then please feel free to follow him on one or all of the Social Sites Below – You Destiny will Thank You!!

Official Page: trentshelton.com

Facebook: LikeTrentShelton

Instagram: trentshelton

YouTube: TrentShelton

Twitter: TrentShelton

Snapchat: rehabtime



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