EnSpired: The Love Story of Edith & Eddie

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Whoever said or believe that love doesn’t exist, must not have met Edith Hill, 96 and Eddie Harrison, 95 who met each other while playing the lottery.

Edith and Eddie attending church together – photo courtesy of bing

It was love at first “lotto” when Edith, took out time to talk to Eddie whom was sitting outside the store. They became inseparable ever since, the sweet couple got married to each other at the ages of  95 and 96. The special love, devotion and humble spirit towards one anther is one for the books I must say. Their story is hope that love can be found at any age.

While Edith and Eddies endearing love story made the Guinness book of records as being the oldest interracial couple ever married; everyone wasn’t so pleased about their unbreakable bond nor union and that’s Edith’s daughter Patricia, whom has been fighting Edith’s other daughter Rebecca Wright to get full custody of her mother and take her out of the house in which she has lived for over 30 years (10 of which with Eddie) and drag her to Florida with her and her husband in whom Edith states is abusive and gave her a hard time when she stayed there previously.

This story, while beautiful, took a drastic turn…..in which will make you angry, sad , disgusted and just downright upset over the outcome. Edith and Eddie is a short documentary produced by Laura Checkoway, the short film was nominated for an Oscar at this year’s 2018 Oscar awards.

Enjoy the documentary below (29 minutes) and please leave your comments in the comment section as i would love to hear your thoughts on this one.

Oh and by the way – (spoiler alert) – please grab your tissues, you’re going to need them! 

box of tissues


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5 thoughts on “EnSpired: The Love Story of Edith & Eddie

  1. Girl, I thought they were going to let her come back too….you right, I’m a sucker for a happy ending, I was on the edge of my seat…lol. And just to think, the lawyer got his remains…so sad, hopefully while she ruined their lives – she got the heart to do the right thing; just hate it had to end that way.


    1. Hey Natsaysblog! Yes, you’re right. At their ages, I think it should’ve been decided in their favor, I mean – let their last days be their blessed days. I was sooooo upset, when they got separated but a part of me knew felt as though Edith would not be coming back…I just hate that for Eddie, in the end – he suffered the most. Thanks for reading and watching! xoxo


      1. Yea they shouldn’t have separated them cause it’s so rare for people of their age to fall in love and wanting to be together, we all like to spend our lives with the one we love. Since it was a movie I thought Eddie was going to come back when Edith collapsed lol you know we all like happy ending, his death really shocked and pain me the playwriter really tried I mean the movie is all bout reality. You welcome

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