JustsumInspiration’s Guest Blogger Series presents: Hurting People, Hurt People. By Ashley Moss

In the words of Joyce Meyers, “Hurting people – Hurt people.” The fact of the matter is hurting people who hurt other people may not even realize that they’re hurting others, or do it purposefully. In an effort to protect themselves, they end up hurting others. In my experience, the idea of hurting people hurting others has proven to be a real thing in my life many times. I myself used to be so accustomed to heartache and pain that when new people tried to enter my life, I would push them away because I was afraid of being hurt and rejected.

Fear of Rejection can cause hurt people to  hurt others or push them away.

God has worked in my life and heart, and helped me get to the point where I can embrace new people in my life with open arms; without the fear of being afraid of getting hurt. My best friend of nearly ten years used to be the same way as well because of past experiences. The beginning of our friendship was rocky, because every time our friendship would grow deeper on a personal level, she would pull and push me away for weeks; sometimes months. This period was frustrating, but eventually we got through it and she learned to trust my loyalty to the friendship and my care for her. So, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise when God spoke to me about a year ago now, and told me to assist him in healing another person’s heart. However, it did. Though I’ve been in situations before where hurting people hurt others, it’s not easier around this time with the new friend that God told me to help.

Patience and understanding is the key. Yet, on days when I feel like giving up on encouraging this new friend and trying to show them the love of Christ so that they too can help someone else, I remember an inspirational passage. The inspirational passage is

“If you try to help others, they may push you away. If you try to love them, they may reject that love. Pray for, bless, and love them anyway.”

And that’s exactly what I plan to do! I didn’t give up on myself or my best friend, and I’m not giving up on my new friend either. Because I’m a risk-taker and was once a hurting person that hurt others unintentionally, I won’t EVER stop trying to help mend broken hearts and I WON’T ever stop encouraging others to be the best versions of themselves. God often uses people to bless others. He can use me for whatever and however He wants to for the rest of my life…because I’ll never stop encouraging others. It’s my gift to the world.


Ashley Moss

Ashley Moss is the author of “Lessons I’ve Learned: A collection of Inspirational and Love Poetry” which is a downloadable e-book. Ashley loves writing and is going to school now to obtain her master’s degree in creative writing. She currently runs a blog called “Pockets full of Love” in which she posts encouraging and thought provoking messages the 15th of every month. For more information on Ashley and how to obtain her poetry e-book, you can visit her on Facebook, her blog “Pockets full of Love” or her “Ashley Moss Authors website here.

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