Do you know where you’re Headed?

Pass me not, O gentle Savior,
Hear my humble cry;
While on others Thou art calling,
Do not pass me by.

Savior, Savior,
Hear my humble cry,
While on others Thou art calling,
Do not pass me by.

You know a couple of years ago, I read this story called “The Divine Revelation of Hell” by Mary K. Baxter – the story was supposed to be based on true events in which Mrs. Baxter stated that God took her spirit to hell for 30 days, each night she encountered a different scenario and/or leg of Hell, she stated that God told her he wanted her to warn the world that Hell is not only real but a place in which he doesn’t wants anyone to go.

She began to talk about the different people that were down there; from fornicators, adulterers, whore-mongers, liars, cheaters, individuals whom refused to forgive and many, many more – There were countless people down there that had many opportunities and chances to get it right on earth, but failed at doing so – she said when Jesus would walk by them; they would scream and call out his name, only to be passed by as if they were never heard; YOU SEE? They had every opportunity to forgive, to do the right thing and make the right choices and now they’re in a place where forgiveness doesn’t matter, praying doesn’t matter, wishing and hoping doesn’t matter – nothing matters anymore once you pass through earth on the other side.

If life paused today, what do you think God would say about your life thus far. Would he be pleased? Would he be disappointed? Are you really living Life the way God wants you to now?

As a believer, I believe HELL is real and I also believe that there are many people down there already that wish they had another chance and/or opportunity to do things over again; but it’s too late because they can’t, they will never have the privilege of walking on this side again, If they could; they would be willing to trade places with you right now. At this very moment; you have the ability to shout out, call on the name of Jesus, pray, preach and cry until your eyes won’t bear any more tears while you’re here on earth and God will hear you, come to your aide and help you – Why? because of Grace and Mercy, in simpler terms because you’re ALIVE! But, Hell is the one place where no matter what you say or do, how much you cry and shout or pray, God won’t deliver you from because every attempt to get his attention there, would be in vain.

Where are you headed? What opportunities to serve Christ now are you dismissing, avoiding or not paying attention too.

  • Is God calling you to pray and you’re not 
  • Is he calling you to fast and you’re not.
  • Is he calling you to come out from among the people that mean you no good and keeping you attached to worldly goods and you’re not.

What is God calling you from or asking you to do that you’re not listening too or taking for granted; The song above says “Savior, Do not Pass me By” – there’s a lot of people in HELL today, singing that very song and it’s a shame because that’s exactly what God has done to them; passed them by because they once had a chance and BLEW IT!

But today, you are in a better position than they are, you can cry out to God and he will hear you, you can ask for forgiveness and be forgiven, you can be delivered now from every sickness and addiction, you can pray and be heard; you can fast and it mean something, you can sing and change people’s lives now. No matter what you do in this mortal body today – You can be SET FREE! on this side, whatever your struggle is: GOD IS ABLE TO DELIVER YOU FROM IT ALL NOW!

Serve God today, as the preacher says – while the blood is running warm in your veins, while you have the ability to choose. Is God knocking on the door of your heart today? If so, Let him in; Psalms 95:8 says, The day that you hear my voice, harden not your heart. Because if you should end up on the other side, His voice you will hear no more. You have an opportunity now, use it to your advantage because there are countless others whom wish they did.



DADDY! I want it ALL ~

This past Sunday before I journeyed off to take my usual trip to see my family, I decided to stop in Big Lots; I’m in the process of decorating my bedroom and decided to go with the “Fleur-de-lis a.k.a Paris” theme again, they have so many things out now that relates to Paris; so many of the small and big stores are now carrying things that display the beauty and history of the city. Although my fascination of the country began way before it’s very tragic events, It’s still a “places I must visit”  on my bucket list.

But there’s a specific picture I’m actually looking for, so I decided to stop in there and take a look around before the trip home; while in there, they indeed had quite a few things but didn’t necessarily have what I was looking for – instead of leaving right away, I decided to peruse the rest of the store and see what else they had. I ended up in the back of the store where they had all of this nice furniture, as I began to test out couches and chairs my eyes took notice of this young lady, whom was acting very anxious – I watched as she hurriedly went back and forward from this lady and man in which turned out to be her parents “I just talked to mom and dad” she began to say to the younger guy whom was with them. As I made my way over to look at the beds and dresser sets; her mom told the store clerk that they wanted to purchase this nicely finished 5-drawer dresser. “Sure” he said, if you all would go over to the service desk, I’ll be with you in a minute. He then made his way through these big doors which led to the back of the store.

As her mom, dad and the young guy made their way over to the desk; the young lady began to look over the purchase again – slightly rubbing her hand across the finished look of the dresser, “I love this whole set,” she stated; as she looked over to the matching bed, chest and nightstand to go with it. I love this – “Daddy, I want it All” she said, I want the whole set! Her dad looked at her with pleasure, as if he was just waiting on her to ask. As she walked away and traveled over to the service desk; I could imagine she got everything her heart desired and then some, all because she asked her daddy for it all.

The first thing I thought when I saw this exchange and how pleased her daddy looked; just to give her what she asked for was “I wish I had a daddy to do that for me”…she’s a blessed girl, I thought to myself – But then I realized, while I may not have had a “natural” daddy that could’ve given me everything my heart desired – I have a spiritual daddy whom loves, cherishes and cares for me; and he too is just waiting on me to say “Daddy, I want it All” because he delights in giving us the desires of our heart…….under one condition.i want it all

The bible says “Delight yourself in the LORD; And He will give you the desires of your heart.”

Psalms 37:4 (NASB) 

it also says:

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.

Matthew 7:7

As any parent will tell you, they are apt to give their children anything their hearts desire, while some parents give to their children even in their disobedience – 90% of parents are eager to do more for their children when their kids have proven or shown them that they can be responsible and complete necessary tasks without having to be told or chastised about doing them, this makes a parent feel good; knowing that the items or things they are purchasing for their children have been rightfully earned.

This is the same concept that our Daddy (God) takes with us, while the bible says God is a God of no respecter of person’s as he rains on the just (good) as well as the unjust (not so good) – He delights in his children seeking his face and doing the right things; parents dislike when their children use them just to get what they want only to later disrespect them when their asked to do something. Our Daddy (heavenly father) feels the same way. God doesn’t mind blessing us, but it really makes it so much easier when we’re obedient to him first, because as Chris Tomlin states he’s a “Good, Good Father”  (click link to listen)

I don’t know if the young lady in the store had to do anything good to get what she received and it really doesn’t matter, because my daddy too; is waiting to give me the desires of my heart. Because where I used to only “wish” for parents that had it good enough to give me everything I ever wanted, I learned to be content with my parents and their financial standing because I have a spiritual Father whom, If my ways are pleasing in his sight and I do exactly what he wants me do – I too can say “Daddy, I want It ALL!!” and just like that; If it’s something that won’t harm or hinder me – My daddy too, will look at me with such pleasure in his eyes and give me exactly what I ask for.

Be encouraged and know that from this day forward; while your natural parents may not have been able to give you everything you ever wanted, you have a heavenly father whose standing by in the wings with a pen and pad; ready to write up every request you have. Now that’s A GOOD DADDY!

daddy is a king