ORDER – Not just in Court but in Life..

Order in Court3

When a Judge says “Order in the Court” – it means that everything that is out of line has to come in line with one another, for instance if you’re talking – then you have to stop talking or walking, then you have to stop walking. That Judge wants everything that doesn’t seem right or happen to be going south to align and become arranged logically, comprehensibly and naturally.

Just like the Judge calls “Order” in their courts, God is calling for us to have “Order” in our lives – Most of us are living out of order – because we have failed to yield to these 4 words:

  • PRAY
  • OBEY
  • WAIT

When we don’t follow those words, we shift ourselves and our atmosphere out of line with the life that we so desperately want to live, the life that God had originally created and wanted us to have from the beginning of time. I was riding in my car one day when I began to realize how most of the things that I had prayed and asked God for – didn’t come to past. I began to wonder why this hadn’t happened and/or why that hasn’t happened; it was then that the Lord showed me how OUT OF ORDER my life really was.  There were some things going on in my world that I had went to God in prayer about, but hadn’t asked for his forgiveness for the part that I played in the situation; while I was focused on him fixing the issue, I failed to acknowledge that I was the real culprit behind why the issue or circumstance happened in the first place.


Even before and while we were in our mother’s womb God had already created the life that he wanted us to have (Jeremiah 1:5) just as he did for (Adam & Eve), but they forfeited that “good” life due to them not listening nor obeying the instructions of the Lord. When we fail to Pray, Listen, Obey and Wait we create the life “WE CHOOSE” & “FORFEIT” the life that God had originally created for us. One of my good family members and friend once told us a story of how he and his wife met (and I’m paraphrasing). But he stated that before he met his wife, In his prayer time with God, God had begun to deal with him about cleaning out his tub (yes, his bath tub); he thought that was pretty weird but at the same time – when he got out of the tub, he always left it dirty. So he began to take the Lords advice and clean out his tub. About a couple of weeks later he went into a check cashing place to get some assistance and seen this young lady whom caught his eye; to make a long story short he got her number and they began to talk; in talking with her she revealed a pet peeve of hers that she absolutely could not stand – She hated a dirty Tub!

So what am I trying to say, we can have a desire for something just like my friend had; his desire was to have a wife but before he could get her there were some things in his life that were out of order that he had to get corrected first. Just think if he had not listened and obeyed the voice of God – he probably would not have met his wife. This is how important ORDER is for our life, In order to obtain the riches that God has stored up for us, you have to lead a life of Order but we can’t receive them because most of us are living out of ORDER!

My Pastor told us a story last Sunday about a preacher whom had been praying that God give him a building to have for his church, all the while he was preaching at this church. My Pastor stated that God told him to tell the man that he was not called to be the Pastor of that church and showed him the man and woman whom were to be the leaders of that congregation – The Pastor grew angry and furious because he had a problem with letting that title and power go, he wrestled with what the Pastor told him (to make a long story short) The Pastor after talking with his wife started letting the other man take over as Pastor of that church and do you know when he Let Go and Let God! Two buildings opened up for him and his wife to walk into. Again, what am I trying to say; ORDER is Important.

When we align with the ORDER that God has created; things shift and move on our behalf. Things that you have been praying for, for 5yrs suddenly become available to you. Why? Because your life has been cleaned up and ORDER can now come in and take its rightful place.

Don’t get discouraged, for it’s not too late to have the life God created for you; but it comes at a price – you may have to give up somethings and let some people GO! Because they are not a part of God’s plan for your life.

Today, do an assessment of your life & Decide:

  1. What’s out of Order?
  2. Who’s still hanging around that should have been gone a while ago?
  3. What are you holding on too, expecting it to change or resolve itself and it hasn’t.

When we totally let go of our way, then and only then will we be able to truly see God’s Way! – Seek the Lords face in prayer and whatever he ask of you to change and/or get rid of; DO IT! Let “Order” come full circle in your path today, because the life you so desperately seek and desire is waiting to be given to you.



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