You said WHAT!?!


There is a story in the Jewish Talmud about a King who sent two jesters on an errand, He wanted to be amused; so he then instructed the first jester “Foolish Simon, go and bring me back the best thing in the world; He then turned to the second jester and said “Silly John, you go and find me the worst thing in the world.

In didn’t take much time, as both clowns were came back suddenly, each waiting to bear their gifts to the King; Foolish Simon, bowed low and grinned – “Behold, King, I bring to you the best thing in the world. “His package contained a tongue.

Silly John, whom also couldn’t wait to share his gift – snickered as he quickly unwrapped his bundle; Behold, King, I bring to you the worst thing in the world. “His package also contained a tongue. The tongue can bring healing to a miserable soul, gladness to a down heart and joy to a drowning spirit; that same tongue can also bring hurt, unwanted sadness, chaos and confusion.

I recently had an encounter where I was feeling so down in the dumps, my mind was all over the place with thoughts, so much so it put a little damper in my spirit – as I was corresponding with someone and appreciating them for giving me some information that I really needed they in turn out of the blue wrote me back and stated how the feeling was mutual and how such a pleasant and helpful person I was to work with – the company is very lucky to have you they stated. The sprinkling of rain that was dropping on my head, immediately stopped and sunshine began to beam there instead. I was humbled, grateful and thankful for the words of encouragement as I really needed them.

When Jesus walked the Earth, No one (not even his enemy) could say that he spoke out of turn or spoke rudely to anyone. Every word that came out of his mouth was uplifting, encouraging, peaceful and full of LOVE! The bible tells us in Ephesians 4:29 about how we shouldn’t allow unwholesome talk to come out of our mouths, but should only speak those things that are going to bring forth encouragement and love. Have you said anything lately the proved to be unwholesome talk? Weather it was to a friend, a spouse, a co-worker or family member; we have to make sure that our words don’t cause harm but good to those that hear us.Tongue Tamer

Some people find it easy to speak negatively than positively, the bible says that out of the heart; the mouth speaks the issues of life, this means that whatever a person has in his heart – you can bet his or her mouth will speak it! I person cannot speak positively if it’s not in their heart to be positive, if they’re heart is cold; rest assured they will speak coldly, but if they’re heart is warm and full of love, the mouth will speak warmth and love.

When we speak kind words – we’re not only uplifting a downed head but also displaying the love of Christ, in which is what he approves of us to do. If we say we are a child of God; then we must not only live the way God wants us to live, but we must also talk the way he wants us to talk – when you accept Christ into your heart and you ask him to come in and reside in your body, you are giving up everything that you would l have done, you are giving up everything you would have once said, you are giving up everything you would l have once had thought, you give up the way you would have walked; PRIOR TO CHRIST! The bible says “Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature, the old things have passed away, behold, new things have come new. (2 Cor. 5:17)

So if you proclaim Christ as your father and the one that lives on the inside of you, then that means that you have given him the key to share a room with you inside your body; and because he’s there you don’t want to act, think or talk the same, if you’re serious about your relationship with him; you want to do everything possible to make sure he keeps residing within you. We don’t want a De-activated God living inside an Activated body. Would you want to go to your banking account and draw out funds that are not there?….The account is active but your funds are depleted; in order to keep an active account, you have to keep money in it otherwise – the bank will be sending you a letter indicating “account closure proceedings”..

When it comes to our words we must also consider not only the word choices we make but the attitude and heart in which they are being said. The next person you talk to could just be the person that needs “your good words” the most.


 Our Daily Prayer:

Dear God, How guilty we are of not using our words wisely, they cut like a sword, harming those we love the most. Remind us to think before we speak and meditate on your word daily, allowing it to take precedence over our many “bad” word choices. Allow your word to flourish within us so that our words would pour forth as an overflow of your heart. Bless and fill us with discernment in our many word choices.

In Jesus Name, I pray. Amen..


Stuck in the small Pond


Just the other week, I was browsing the internet at home looking for other jobs; I do this from time to time, just to see what’s out there. As I was browsing; I began to look within the area in which I am already residing. A couple of things stood out, but really not worth the time of me updating a resume and references, as I closed out from looking there – It dawned on me; Why are you looking for a job where you’re already at, when you can do and have so much more?….I guess I really never thought of it that way!

I always play the safe route when it comes to jobs because if I can be honest, I have become really comfortable with where I am at; I’ve built relationships and networks, people either know me or of me and it’ll be easier to transition within my circle and plus I know the systems and don’t have to worry about learning anything extra or new; even though this isn’t the dream job I’ve always desired or my passion – I find it easier just swimming around in the same pond because I’m either unmotivated or lazy to go after what I really want because it will involve me to CHANGE!

How many times do we swim around within the same small pond, doing the exact same thing as everyone else and going on about life wishing and hoping to jump over into the bigger pond of opportunity but too afraid to let go of what you’ve felt like you have built. The small pond makes us think about the bills, our age, our limitations, past experiences or simply not having a degree; these issues keep us bound within the small pond – which makes us not willing to take a chance in a bigger arena.


The bible says in 2 Timothy 1:7 – For God has not given us the spirit of FEAR, but of POWER, LOVE & a SOUND MIND! So that means that if we’re living, walking and believing in Christ – although we might hesitate, FEAR should not be a part of our thought processes especially if we are to move from the small pond into the deep.

As I clicked off the website within my area, I begin to put in names for jobs that I really would love to have – the wave of excitement that came over me, just by looking through all the prospects was overwhelming; call it crazy but a sense of JOY & PEACE rushed through my body like an electric force. Wow! I thought to myself, if I got that pumped up just by looking at the prospect of something; it’s amazing how or what I would do if I actually tested the waters and applied.

The only thing that stops us from moving forward is ourselves; no one’s holding us hostage, no one’s got us tied up and no one is controlling our mind; If we could really have an out of body experience with ourselves and spend a day just watching our own actions, thought processes, motives and the people we hang out with (because that plays a big part in our moving forward as well); What notes would you take, what wrong thought patterns would you try to correct about yourself, who would the real culprit be in holding you back; take out a mirror and look into it, who do you see?…..Because the only person I see holding you back is YOU!woman-looking-in-mirror

If you’re in the small pond because you feel and/or think you won’t obtain success if you move forward, then listen; while most people view success as a “materialized” word – true success is looking back over your life and seeing that you had the courage to take the necessary steps to get out of the small pond and jump over into the big sea; do you know how many people have stayed within their small pond, all because they were too afraid to TRY?!?

So what’s keeping you stuck in your own small pond today?; maybe it’s a relationship and you’re staying in it because you feel you can’t either do any better or you’ve invested so much time into it; until you don’t have the energy or the strength to jump elsewhere.  Maybe your small pond is a job – no matter how much you do, how much you sacrifice and how much of yourself you put to the side to get the job done; you seem to never get promoted or recognized for your efforts, you’re afraid to leave because you’ve invested so much time perfecting the job until you’ve lost focus on taking those talents elsewhere to another job that will  not only recognize your efforts but promote you as well.

Whatever “your” small pond might be from this point forward – begin to realize your potential, realize your greatness and invest in your worth because life is way too short to stay stuck in the small pond of life.