I used to LOVE THEM!

We have to be careful about whom we allow ourselves to Idolize and/or worship. In life you have many people that “IDOLIZE” quite a few people, from celebrities to random people whom we feel have more money than us, more fame that us or even more fun than us, we think they’re in a good place and living the “so called” good life in which, they just seem to have it all. Some people have even idolized dead people.

The thing is this, why do we really Idolize a.k.a (make a god) out of someone whom can’t pay our bills, give us good sound advice that will push us forward in life or eventually cause us to go broke and insane. Marilyn-Monroe2 I use to idolize Marilyn Monroe, I wanted every picture, movie or replica that represented her face – I idolized her because to me she was a beautiful woman and in a sense, I aspired to be just like her; then it dawned on me “Why was I idolizing someone that cut her life short”; someone whom under all that beauty and lovely blonde curls, had very low self-esteem and an even harder time coping with her beauty; under all that make-up – She was really sad, she had issues, Issues that no one could fix – Issues that lied to her and told her that she had nothing else to live for – Issues that eventually lead her to a very early grave –

“Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God. Exodus 20:5

I had to recant on whom I was allowing myself to Idolize, Yes – I have issues just like the next person don’t get me wrong, but we have to be careful of the people we idolize and put on our home or office walls and desk – idris-elbaI remember I had a picture of Idris Elba on my work shelf; I had it all dolled up in a beautiful frame, I was pretending he was my husband and wanted people to see it when they walked in. Isn’t he married? I asked myself; doesn’t he have a love interest? And besides, why pretend someone belongs to you when they really don’t. “Did God tell you he was your husband? NOT!! I immediately took him down off my shelf and threw the copied picture in the trash. Do you actually think if I really needed someone to talk too, I could call him up? LOL! Yeah right. So what I’m really saying is this, Unless that person has really stood for something that can and have changed mankind for the better, then why do we choose to idolize them?….

The only person I’m head over heels about is JESUS, because out of everyone else I called myself Idolizing, he’s the REAL DEAL; the man that has done more than enough for mankind, after-all who wouldn’t fall in LOVE with someone whom laid down their life for them and got back up with ALL power. That’s the person I want to be like, If I call JESUS – he answers every time and do you know what else is so special about my encounter with him?…..HE KNOWS WHO I AM! HE KNOWS MY NAME & MY DIGITS! Unlike Idris Elba, whom don’t have the first CLUE as to who I am nor that I’ve obsessed over him….lol.

It’s okay to like someone and think they’re cool – But when it comes down to sharing my personal space and/or my life with them; they really have to be worth it.

idolatry quote


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