A couple of weeks ago I got a call that I thought was going to change my life, I had been praying; seeking God and felt like I had gotten my answer…….It was a position at a job that I had left, a position had come open and I was called out of the blue and asked could I apply. They told me that I was chosen because they appreciated my work, I was a team player and thought I would be the best candidate for this position, I was excited and giving God praise that they thought of me that way. I told them that I would apply…….

Let’s rewind a minute: Before I left that job I had worked there for almost 8yrs, I started in one position and ended up in another position that soon led me to work directly with the Director and her assistant – I had some UPS but many, many downs while there, talk about Thorns – I was the rose in the midst of every thorn possible. That job indeed kept me on my knees in prayer and fasting and when I left I promised I would never go back, so when they called me asking me to apply for a job in the financial office – I was a little hesitant because of the promise I made to myself, but I said Well, it’s not for the other department and the environment is a lot different than the department I left…………..so I applied.

They received my application and a week after I applied to the job, they were calling me for an interview – Ok, I said “Great” all the while I was still praying and asking God for guidance through this process, I asked the Lord to let his will be done and if this job was in his will for me then I know he will allow me to get it. Upon the day of going to the job, I was excited and really wanted to look my best – I felt comfortable in knowing that I had built good relationships with the individuals in that department and knew that if they called me for the job, that I indeed was going to get it……..I wanted a change and if that meant going backwards then I was willing to do it at all cost…

As I was driving to the interview, I felt a rush as if I was going in slow motion – the calm mood I had when I was dressing, drastically took a turn for the worse…..I literally forgot where the job was located and what direction I was supposed to go in, I ended up calling a girlfriend of mine to see if she could help me out. I was running late due to this and had to call just to tell them that I was going to be late, when I finally got to the town, my stomach felt weak – As I looked at the road ahead of me and how far things seemed to be moving away instead of close to me, I asked myself a question “Are you sure you want to do this?” I kept on going because I wanted a change – but the more I drove the sicker I became…….I got weary, discomforted and my stomach was turning in knots every second…….I began to look at the  fields and they looked so dry, The town looked barren and everything seemed to have a dark cloud over it …

I kept  going, but before I got to the job I felt the lord say “This is not it” – This is not my plan……..I heard him but I kept going forward, I completed the interview and gave my best effort and put my best foot forward. You see, I felt at that time; that, that was the place for me because I knew these individuals and why would God have them to call me if this was not in his will. But the enemy hears us as well and if we are not careful we will find ourselves going for the first small fish that comes out of the water, we grab it and make a quick run, with the thought that God gave it to us, But God is standing on the pier saying WAIT! There is a bigger fish coming but because we failed to wait, listen and stand still…….we take the first thing that comes to shore..

The bible tells us to stand still and see the salvation of the lord take place (Exodus 14:13) Just know that Gods answers are not always swift (quick), you have to wait and meditate on the still small voice on the inside of you – for it is there that you will hear his voice. A lot of times we will settle for less because we don’t want to wait for MORE…

When the job called me, I was hesitant about picking up the phone because I thought they were going to tell me I had the job,  But when I answered the phone it was the total opposite, they told me that they could not meet the money amount that I had requested (which wasn’t much) and that they would revisit my application but wanted to see whom else they could interview whom would be willing to start at level one. They  said that if they couldn’t find anyone then they would come back to me. I got off that phone and shouted for JOY!! because God had already told me that, that was not his plan so for me that was just confirmation of it……

I said all of that to say “If going backwards  no matter what you are going backwards too, makes you sick or if  it’s not feeling well in your spirit then that’s God telling you “To Stand Still & Wait”  Because that PERSON, PLACE  OR THING is not in his perfect will for you. Trusting God is not only waiting on him to answer but it’s trusting his timing in the process…If you hold on and hold out, I promise you he has something greater in store…….

Gods Best


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