The Blessing…………..In Not Settling

Never Settle

Settling…..the one word in life that I have tried to avoid, but for some reason it always seemed to seek me out like a plague. When people told me “I was settling” I immediately jumped on the fence of denial and told them “NO” I wasn’t, this is what I wanted to do and if you call it settling, well then I don’t know what’s wrong with you!!

“Yes, I was Defensive”….

But what I failed to realize at the time was…..they were right…..though my pride refused to allow me the liberty to admit it. I always settled and why was that? I guess because I always had the spirit of “I’m not good enough” so for that reason, I always hopped on the first thing that came my way and rode it out until it fizzled and burned, then I would turn around and jump on the next something or thing that came by again. A waste less life of settling; not realizing the value of who I was, what gifts I had or more importantly what low grade I was giving myself as an individual.

But the settling of life had to come to a stop…..I had to get to the point of thinking and believing that I deserved the best in life, just because life deals you a certain hand, doesn’t mean you have to play it – Ever heard the saying, play your cards wisely? Well that’s what I had to learn to do, Life will throw you all kinds of curve balls, catch phrases and strikes but it’s what you do in that moment that will determine what you will do for the rest of your life.

About two weeks ago, I wrote a blog called “When going backwards makes you sick” – I was talking about a job offered to me by my last employer and how in the beginning I was excited about it, but when the day of the interview came and once I traveled there, I began to get sick….long story short, it wasn’t where God wanted me to be, it wasn’t in his will for me and in the end things didn’t work out with them as I had originally hoped. About 2 weeks after that – I got a call from two other jobs that I had previously applied for, The first job that called me, wanted me to come in for an interview that same day, they weren’t willing to work with me on a set time to come in and everything just seemed rushed… (Even though I was searching for another job and really wanted out of my current department) I had to sit and think about it for a moment before I responded to them, You see; the enemy can present things to us as well, when we say aloud our desires, hopes and dreams he also can send things our way as well…it comes very rushed and it’s packaged really nicely and if we aren’t careful, our emotions of wanting to get out of something or make something happen quickly will lead us to make hurried decisions that will cause us to trip up or overlook the blessing that God is planning to send our way. So, with that being said; I thought about the job offer for a moment and I politely declined.

Feeling a little bummed, I immediately thanked God for the direction he gave me in making that decision…..A day later I got a call from another department, they too wanted me to come in for an interview, unlike the first job, they were willing to accommodate my schedule and were flexible about the time I chose to come in….That was a good sign, I went for the interview but learned that it would come with a stipulation, I would not be making more money because of stipulations regarding my current position title – It was going to be a lateral move, I chalked it up as experience but the Lord reminded me of a situation that I had on a previous job, in which involved a position that I wanted, the position wouldn’t come with more money but the experience that would come with the position was going to place me where I felt like I wanted to be career wise, Even though there wasn’t going to be more money, I took it anyway….a couple of months later they decided to change the job title and with doing that came an increase in pay…..Wow! Just think if I didn’t take it….

So God reminded me of that in considering this job….As I walked into the interview room, I began to consult God and ask him – Lord, if this is in your will for me then I know you will allow me to get it…..for I do not want anything that’s not a part of your will. A couple of days later I got a call saying that I was the candidate of choice for this job…..I was excited, because I felt like this was God’s plan, it just felt right and to put the icing on the cake I was informed that HR’s rules had changed regarding positions, so where I wasn’t going to get an increase in pay at first, the job now came with an increase in pay….the increase that came with this job was the same amount of money that I was asking my previous employer for and where they wouldn’t…God blessed me to get what I had originally asked for plus a little extra…Wont’ he do it!!

I said all of that to say…. SETTLING never produce BLESSINGS…..just think if I had taken that other job….because I had a so called friend to tell me to take it and work my way back up…..But why in the world would I want to do that?……that’s going backwards…God equipped us to move forwards, to look up and not look down.

I have a girlfriend whose son graduated high school a couple of years ago, the first college that picked him up signed him right away, this was a college that his older brother had attended and gained much success – The son was a great athlete and the college was looking forward to signing him and getting him settled in, everyone was excited especially the college because if he was anything like this brother they thought they would be sure to win games, maybe even go the championship. But the son wasn’t happy… his heart he wanted to go to a D1 school (in which would bring a little more exposure to his craft as he had intentions and dreams of maybe one day being picked up by the NFL) not to say that the college that picked him up was bad, but they were the first college offer and the son was not settled with just settling with them. About a week later he got a call about a major university whom wanted him…..Because he was not someone they had drafted, he had to go on as a red shirt…..the son had to work extremely hard to prove himself and push himself harder than the other players, but it was all worth it because the games were going to be televised, the other college was a thing of the past at this point….to make a long story short, the son went on the break many, many records and gained much fame regarding his craft and because he didn’t settle…..that son just signed to an NFL team over the weekend.

He could have stayed at the college his brother attended because they welcomed him with open arms and his big brother went there, but he didn’t allow that pressure to keep him from the dream he really wanted to accomplish and recently achieved.

What are you settling for today, What have you settled for, What are you still settling for….

Settling is nothing but God checking your faith to see if you really trust him enough to bless you to what you really deserve…Most of us have lost many blessings because we chose to settle instead of trust him.

If you are a constant settler then you might want to start looking for another residence to live and leave settling behind, God has so much in store for you – Trust him, I promise you won’t be disappointed – But I don’t have to tell you as you just read it for yourself….




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