Trust in the Lord2

Last week I found myself bombarded by a lot of decisions that were brought to my attention, Things like my job for instance which has been a roller-coaster since I came aboard almost 2yrs ago and being presented with another job that sounded so good given my present working conditions. I was torn and didn’t exactly know what to do; should I take it? I mean after all it would be a great move, better conditions as far commuting is concerned and I wouldn’t have to pay to park in which does not guarantee that you will get a parking space (still don’t understand that one). While the conditions looked great I found myself wanting to discuss this move and/or decision with friends, family and so forth – just to get an idea of what I wanted to do.

I have to admit I thought about God but then I really didn’t want to know what his plan for that situation would be because mainly I myself wanted to leave my current situation, but I had to refer to the scripture that says Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto thine own understanding, in all they ways acknowledge him and he will direct thy paths. (Prov 3:5-6), This is what God wants us to do in uncertain situations, to Trust in him – What I failed to realize is that God wants us to communicate with him first about the decisions that we have to make for our lives.

The bible says, Trust in the Lord with ALL you heart, meaning you have to know that he has your best interest at heart, Trusting in God is like trusting in a friend, boyfriend, family member and so forth, the same trust you put into those individuals whom can and will only give you “THIER” opinion about how you should handle the situation, putting trust in God is not him giving you just his opinion but his exact details for your situation.

Not leaning to your own understanding is simply not going by your own words and advice or judgment, this is also so easy to do but without guidance from God, our own decisions can lead us into the wrong situation or circumstance that’s not meant for us to go into, we think we know what’s best…..but in reality only God knows what’s better.

Acknowledging God in all our ways is asking his input for our everyday life… what we should wear, to what we should eat, to where we should go and even to which direction we should take. God longs to be in relationship with us, he calls us his friends (John 15:14-15), so if he thinks of us as his friends then why not let him become apart of your every decision.

I ended up not calling anyone about the decision of the job first until I talked to my first friend and that was God, I realized that while all of my arrows were pointing in the direction that I felt it should go, talking with God and asking him to work out those areas or decisions that I was  pondering on according to his will made me feel easy about discussing the issue with others in which as I told them its in Gods hand and let his will be done. See I know that my thoughts are not his thoughts and neither are my ways his ways……That’s why its best to Trust in the Lord…..he always knows best.

While I wait for his answer about the job, I take pleasure in knowing that his timing is not always my timing and when the time is right he will give me the answer I need when I least expect it.

So Today and Forward, Trust God with your every decision and by decision I mean give him your heart.



The Ingredient to SUCCESS….


When you think of the word SUCCESS, the first things that may come to mind are:

  • Money
  • Nice Car
  • Good Job
  • Successful in Business, endeavors..
  • Everything going the way you would potentially like.

We associate success as achievements in our life that we either should have accomplished by now or something that we mean to accomplish sometime in our life. But what if SUCCESS had to start with you being successful first, a lot of times we want things to happen when we want them to happen and if you’re like me you just may feel like if those things don’t happen by a certain age or stage in your life that maybe you are not deemed to be successful. Success can happen for everyone and it doesn’t matter what income bracket you are in, what job you may have, what car you may drive and so forth. But Success starts with you and what you make success out to be weather Good or Bad.

About 2 weeks ago I found myself complaining about my own life’s unsuccess and immediately began to get depressed because Success had not come my way in the way that I felt like it should have come, I began to think about my life and how it turned out, so many talents and potentials that have gone down the drain due to either failed relationships, pushing things to the back burner, kids, taking care of family and so many other things. Then God spoke to me and said “Things have not happened for you because I had not yet made my environment successful” WHAT?? Really?? God you are so funny, I began to think do you see EVERYTHING!! that I went through so far in life?? I was in denial because he was right, even though things came up and yes I stepped back 20 feet and another 50 feet and another 10 feet, loosing my way back to the front of the line I never achieved a successful environment.

So once I pondered about it this is what I believe God was saying:

Don’t expect SUCCESS to happen on your terms, SUCCESS happens when you become successful within your own situation, then the mountains will move and things will begin to work out on your behalf. Want another job? become successful on the one you’re at, come in on time – complete the necessary assignments, get your area prepared for your transition and by all means Change your attitude. Want a new house? Keep the house that you have clean, plant flowers, make up your bed every morning and so forth. We have to appreciate where we are first, if we want God to take us higher.

WOW! I realized that the first and most important ingredient to Success is becoming successful in your own area, I have to admit, I had not done that – just as the investment blog stated last week, I was always looking for success to find me because I deserved it…….But I didn’t really deserve it, again; I was being lazy and not pro-active in my own situation. So, if you want success; “YOU” have to make sure that your environment is first successful, then and only then will more success find you, while you are making your environment conducive to success just remember that you have to be consistent as well, because they work hand in hand with one another. At this time I am trying to clean up my area and make it more successful, I have no idea what may come afterwards but I am  going to work  really hard to change it around, no excuses, no back of the line I go – I’m moving forward and while it may not be easy, I won’t stop until  it’s accomplished.

So you want Success, Introduce your environment to success today; you won’t regret it.




You know I used to be a strong believer that INVESTMENT always came from the source or individual that took the time to listen or believe in your future, endeavor and/or project. So for a long time I always had the great idea of starting something but sat patiently (sometimes) awaiting on God to move on someone’s heart or come mightily in someone’s dream to give them the answer of investing in “ME” and then this individual would come to me and with this big check for $10,000 and say “God told me to INVEST in you because you had a dream and/or ambition and my life would be set………..WRONG!!! Sometimes I visit fantasy land way too often, so you have to forgive me for my wayward thinking.

Once I decided that I wanted to start a blog, the first thing I thought about was – A blog cost money, yes it’s free but if you want the added necessities to go with it to make it pop, you have to come off of a little cash (not much); so even though I felt like God was leading me to create a BLOG, the idea was great – but when I started seeing dollar signs; I immediately regressed to Oh my bills, I have this to pay and that to pay….I won’t be able to do this right now and that idea would have went locked into a closet with all of my other ideas, dreams and ambitions that I tucked away because of “I got bills to pay, I’m a single mom so I cannot afford it, I will get it done later. All of which is procrastination…

The Lord immediately spoke to my spirit and said “You are your first investment” If you don’t invest in yourself first what is that really saying about your business venture, goals, dreams and etc. I felt like someone literally hit me in the stomach – because it was true, I never invested in myself – I lazily always looked to others to do it for me all the while my dreams were being flushed down the toilet all because I did not believe in myself first. Well when I got that dose of reality, I paid what I needed to pay and here I am constructing my very first blog website. I have to say I feel so excited and accomplished – I literally felt like a door of fresh air had opened up and those once dormant  possibilities, have now become endless, this was my very first step to actually believing in myself and letting Roshonda know that she can do anything she puts her mind too.

You are your first investment, investing in yourself first is the first thing you should do when you are thinking about starting a business or even a blog, if you don’t believe in yourself first – don’t count on anyone else to believe in you either. You will hit bumps in the road as nothing is “perfect” or smooth sailing, but if God brought it too you, then he will see you through it.  You have countless people everyday whom believe in their visions and dreams so much so until a few have even quit their day jobs, now things as stated may not go as they had planned but it’s the fact that they took the first step in “BELIEVING” Remember your first investment is YOU! and we leave everything else to GOD….If you make one step, I’m a firm believer he will make TWO and more. It all starts with you…..